THR Seeking Gluteus Maximus Tendon Transfer Advice

Hi @Mojo333 thank you and yeah you are right to re name the thread thank you . I fractured my left neck of femur October 2020 and had a DHS and compression screw inserted. After 14 months non union was concluded and I was told the fracture had collapsed and I would need a THR. This was successfully done Feb 25th 2022 but unfortunately the trochanter was fractured as previously described. I can’t find any information on recovery following this intraoperative fracture. Thank you for your support @CricketHip it is appreciated
I am 8 week post op and have been slowly recovering. However this weekend I have a new pain in my thigh just below my incision which radiates down the knee. The pain becomes worse if I touch it and I couldn’t possibly lie on it. It is a burning pain which can catch me off guard as a sharp pain if I twist in a certain way. I just wondered if anyone had experienced this? Is it part of the healing process? My trochanter was fractured during my replacement so not sure if this has anything to do with it. Any advice appreciated.
I’m sorry you have developed a new pain. I haven’t had a hip replacement, I had a partial knee, so I’m not very familiar with the hip recovery. I do know with knees, we can have pain here, there, and everywhere, that pops up from time to time and can’t always pinpoint what caused it. Have you done anything different recently? Had an overactive day? Started a new exercise? Sometimes we move in a weird way in our sleep that our new joint doesn’t like. If not, it‘s possible that its part of the recovery. If it continues I would call the surgeon and let him/her know.

By the way, I merged your newest thread with your original recovery thread, as we prefer that members in recovery have only one thread.

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Best wishes on your continuing recovery! :flwrysmile:
I’m not an expert, just a fellow THR on the recovery road, but I’m wondering if you somehow irritated a nerve, that might explain the radiation. If icing and rest and elevation don’t improve matters within a day or two, no reason for you to suffer, call your surgeon’s office. Hope it resolves quickly for you.
Thanks @Jockette for adding to previous thread (I am not very good with technology!). I have probably overdone it a bit if I’m honest but was just worried with it being a new/ different pain not the standard aches we get used to living with! I will ice and rest and give it a couple of days to see if any improvement. Thanks @Sohowarrior for your advice- much appreciated.
It seems crazy to say I found this post. I was searching for cerclage wire breaks and found this lovely forum.
I had a revision in April of last year. My surgeon broke my femur, as I was told was expected, to remove the 2018 hip. I am not faulting the original break but I did post earlier about the poor cabling. I had a cable, but the greater trochanter fracture fragment dislocated around June. I think it was poor wiring.

I had another surgeon fix it in August and I was non weight bearing for weeks and weeks. Recently the August repair failed. The cable broke and the greater trochanter fragment dislocated and is considered non union. Not sure what we are going to go about it but I can add my advice.

DO NOT DO AGRESSIVE physical therapy that includes abduction. I think this is why my fragment dislocated. I was doing aggressive PT in March- months after the August revision and I think this is when the fragment dislocated. I am kicking myself I did not stick to water walking. In addition, as the cable repair heals, it goes through stages of pain that I found were manageable with various different drugs at different times and always having a heating pad in the chair where i sit that is snug up against my incision. I went from narcotics, stepping down to Tylenol and Aleeve and then adding two weeks of muscle relaxers and then finally gabapentin. I learned after the April surgery that my recovery had stages. I was doing pretty well until the dislocation. Not sure if this helps but good luck. I posted pictures of my poor leg now. The broken cable does not show but the non union shows.


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Hi all, 13 weeks post surgery and slowly recovering but taking a long time to gain strength back my muscles must be so weak after such a long time on crutches! So can’t wait to get rid of them! Has anyone else struggled with hip pain on the opposite leg to the operated one? I’m presuming it’s because I’ve spent so long overcompensating with it. Also I’m still unable to lie on my operated side is this normal? And last question does anyone else suffer from aching/ restless leg? It’s driving me mad and keeping me awake approx. 3/4 full nights a week- literally all night! Any experiences/ advice appreciated ☺️
While you do have some healing under your belt, a lot more progress will be made over the next several months. THR recovery can take a full year and even longer for some.
Has anyone else struggled with hip pain on the opposite leg to the operated one? I’m presuming it’s because I’ve spent so long overcompensating with it
This is a logical possibility. I’m wondering if you’ve had your right hip x-rayed lately?

As far as not being able to lie on your side. Is it painful to do so? You may want to try to do it for short periods of time if it’s not painful, then gradually increase the amount of time you’re able to do so. I’ll leave a article on side sleeping -

As for the restless legs, consider Magnesium.
Magnesium supports the following:
Bone health
Healthy blood sugar
Cardiovascular health
Muscle relaxation and nerves
Promotes healthy sleep (falling asleep and staying asleep)

An article on Magnesium -

Hope this helps. A great week to you!
Thank you for your quick reply and kind advice. At least I have some reading for what look likes another sleepless night ahead! This forum really is a life saver
Could I please change my thread to gluteus medius detachment. I have seen my surgeon this evening following an MRI scan. During my THR my greater trochanter was fractured and fixed with wires. This was on 25th feb and I’m still having to use crutches. This evening I was told the MRI showed that my medius was detached and I would need further surgery. I have blood tests and an appointment with surgeon again next week. Has anyone heard of this before? I haven’t a clue what to expect?! any advice appreciated. I am fed up after 18 months of surgery and recovery
Thread title changed. I’m sorry things have gone so badly for you, I’d be fed up, too. :console2:In fact, I am a bit fed up myself, as my partial knee replacement has not gone well.
Thank you for doing that. Sorry to hear you are struggling too. In what way has it not gone well? We are all here to support each other x
It has just never felt right. 2 second opinions found nothing to fix, therefore, “there’s no problem.” Thankfully even though it’s not good, it’s manageable. Thanks for your support!
Will the same surgeon be performing the additional surgery? If I was facing this situation I think I would seek a second opinion from someone with no connection to your current surgeon.

Please let me know if you would like a recommendation. I'll need your current surgeon's name and the hospital where he/she is based.
Good afternoon- I have just had MRI result confirmation that the gluteus minimis has detached from the greater trochanter. Has anyone had surgery to fix this before? All the info online is for the gluteus medius. Any help would be very much appreciated.
I am sorry you're facing surgery again, a surgery I'm unable to comment on with any knowledge.
I do agree that a second opinion would be wise, before scheduling or committing to your current OS. I wish you the best and hope you'll share your journey with us allowing us to support you along the way. We'll be here!
Lots of comfort to you. :console2:
So sorry to read this, that's a lot to have to go through in such a short period of time. I also had a fracture after initial replacement, it was found about 4 weeks after the surgery on X-ray. Light weight bearing for 4 weeks and slow but sure it did heal on it's own and yesterday I got news it's all healed and my new bone growth looks great.
I have not much to add other than I'm here to listen. Everyone here is supportive and I hope you find answers you need and are in search of.
I wish you the best, please let us know the outcome.
Put gluteus minimus in the search at top right....
there are several past members who discuss their issues with this tendon...
Thank you for your kind replies- it really does help. I saw my surgeon last night and he is going to do an open muscle reattachment and removal of cerclage wires from a previous fracture. I’m hoping 3rd time lucky with surgery! He told me yesterday it would be around 8 weeks. Has anyone had this surgery?
I’ve not had the same but just had my 5th surgery on my hip. Most recently my greater trochanter broke and is resisting healing. So I’ve been in ‘recovery’ it seems like forever. Prepare for your next post op with things you like. I took up tablet jigsaw puzzles and color by number of national parks I’ve been to. Anything to keep your spirits up. Good luck!

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