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Mar 21, 2022
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Hi, I am new to this forum. I am 45 and have had a LTHR following a fractured hip from a fall. I have been on crutches for 18months but just wondered what the standard time/ norm is from your experiences following a replacement. Thank you Sarah.
Hi :wave: Sarah.
Love your username:) :-) (:

I believe that it really does help your body to heal when we can try to stay positive.

Can you clarify (as I read your post on another thread):
Did you have left THR last month, February 25th?
Did you have a previous repair done due to your fall and then went on to a replacement...hence the 18 months on crutches?
Hi Sarah, welcome! You have found a great site.

18 months is an awfully long time to be on crutches. No wonder you are looking forward to getting rid of them.

For me, Day 60 after THR (ie nearly 8 weeks) was the first time I did all my walking inside my home without crutches. Coincidentally, it was exactly the same for both hips, 3 years apart. I still used at least one crutch outside for a few weeks more. And at the moment I have had to go back to using both crutches indoors, nearly 11 weeks after my second THR, having overdone it last week.

But I am slower than most. I found this upsetting the first time round. In fact, I was so annoyed by the NHS Hip Replacement Recovery web page which then said “Generally, you should be able to stop using your crutches within four to six weeks and feel more or less normal after three months, by which time you should be able to perform all your normal activities” that I asked them what evidence they had for saying that. Not much, it turned out, and they changed their website so it is much vaguer now, and recognises that every recovery is different.

But I think from the various postings on here that a lot of members would be able to stop using crutches by 6 weeks. You have the benefit of being younger than most hippies, but I don’t know whether the time you already had on crutches would make it slower for you.

I think also there would be general agreement that it is better to keep using the crutches and have good style, than get rid of them and limp.

I hope you have had and will continue to have an excellent recovery.
Thank you so much. I am beginning to realise that everyone’s recovery is so different and I’m sure the past 18month will have some impact. I am at the physio on Thursday so will ask their advice too. It’s so hard not grasp onto each milestone isn’t it! I can’t wait to get back to work and also back to driving it’s been such a long time off. If you don’t mind me asking did you recover with no limp? It’s something that’s really bothering me as I haven’t been able to walk for so long. Thank you so much for your reply it is so good to speak to someone that understands
@Mojo333 hi there! Yeah I fractured it in a slip and had it pinned and plated however although showing initial signs of healing the fracture was non union and collapsed on itself with the pins loosening. I had a planned replacement which was brought forward due to pain. Hence the 18months on crutches, no driving and off of work . Hopefully this recovery is much better and quicker!
I am not sure if it is something we are ok to discuss on here but I wondered if anyone could tell me how long before it is safe to have sex? Due to my fracture happening 18months ago it has been a long time and although my husband has been understanding it is something we are obviously wanting to get back on track but without damaging/ slowing down my recovery. I am frightened of my hip dislocating or it hurting. Any advice would be appreciated but I also understand if it’s something people dont want to talk about.
Hi and Welcome!

Please give us your surgery dates so we can make a signature for you. :flwrysmile:

In answer to your question about sex, here is an article from the Bonesmart Library:
@Jockette my replacement was on 25th February- thank you for the welcome and the articles, much appreciated.
Hi! :wave: You have had a rough time with your hip! I am so sorry!
If you go up to the tool bar and to the right you can click on the Library link and search there for posts in regards to sex after joint replacement.
Here's one of them that I thought was reassuring:

This one is more detailed and might be what you need to read,, my surgeon had a print out of something similar in my patient pamphlet.

I hope this helps.
Gracious, you have had a tough time with that hip.
Yeah I fractured it in a slip and had it pinned and plated however although showing initial signs of healing the fracture was non union and collapsed on itself with the pins loosening
We will add your THR date, and if you can share the month and year of your pinning surgery...we will include that too.
I'm sure the past year and a half have been a struggle, but with a slow and steady approach, you now have a good hip to get on to a healthy life.
After years of limping about, it took some time to get my gait smooth again, but now no one has any idea I am double bionic.
I wasn’t aware of any limp by a few months after Hip 1. Walking felt totally natural. I probably overdid it - I was doing 13000 steps minimum every day, lots of hills, and my arthritic second hip began to play up.

It took a while, but probably at about the 18 months mark I began forgetting that I ever had a hip replacement. Which means that I didn’t have any thoughts of the possibility of dislocation, which is also an indirect answer to your second question! But you are much younger than me, so I think normal life will return much sooner for you.
You know what my handouts I got for my hip replacement said to wait 6 weeks from the day of surgery. I will be honest, I don't think I would have been able to do anything before that. Some of us also got literally diagrams of what positions were considered safe and which ones were not until you are considered healed enough to resume life back to normal(usually it's around the 3 months mark). If you want to see what I got, let me know and I can dig it up and either send you a PM or post it here if the mods don't think it's too much.
Thanks @PolarIce - there’s so much info to wade through you don’t know what to believe! That’s what I like about this forum. You can discuss things with people that have experienced them not just read about things . If you can send that would be great and private message is fine although I do think there will be people who want to know but are frightened to ask!
I agree with you. We are so lucky to have so many great resources here and the experience of so many people to help answer questions and keep everyone motivated. I was talking to another staff member, and it looks like the handout I was given, is the same one that was posted already in an earlier post.
Hi there,
I noticed you had a question on another thread and thought I’d take it over here so that if you get any responses you‘ll know where they are for future reference.

You asked -
“Has anyone had their greater trochanter fractured during hip replacement surgery?”

I will tell you that there have been members that have experienced this. If you type “greater trochanter fracture” into the SEARCH at the top of the page, all of the threads that mentioned it will show up. Hope this helps!
Have a great evening and rest of the week. :)
Anyone had a fracture during hip replacement surgery? If so did it hinder your recovery? Here mine has been fixed with cerclage wires. Any advice would be appreciated as I am 5 weeks post op and unable to walk without 2 crutches and pain! DD8663CE-5D76-40BD-B27E-43F0FA957C27.jpeg
Hi, I’m sorry you’re dealing with pain. I hope it eases soon.
I’m guessing you probably missed my post above your latest. There are members on BoneSmart that experienced a fracture during their THR and have cerclage wires. I can’t think of anyone active here currently, but if I do, I’ll let you know.

Your best bet is to type “greater trochanter fracture” in the Search bar at the top of the page and all threads where the topic was mentioned will pop up. Try it, I’m sure you’ll find similarities with others while reading through threads. Wishing you all the best as you continue healing.
:hi: @I'vegotthis!
I think I will change your recovery thread's title so that may be you can get some more input about your concerns.
Let us know if you prefer another title.

I fractured it in a slip and had it pinned and plated however although showing initial signs of healing the fracture was non union and collapsed on itself with the pins loosening. I had a planned replacement which was brought forward due to pain. Hence the 18months on crutches
I don't mean to bug you about your original surgery where you had your pinning/plating.

But please can you can give us the month/yr ....then it can be added to your signature and provides a better picture of your hip recovery journey.

I can only imagine that after a failed pinning...and subsequent THR, that trying to stay patient with the weight baring restrictions and wanting to see signs that this hip is on its way back to Well, has to be frustrating.
As Layla, said... we have had members in the past who have recovered well after a similar scenario, so the Search she suggested will take you to their recovery stories.
Sharing your recovery story when you feel like sharing...may help someone else in the Future.
I do hope this week is a good week.
I have nothing extra to add except to offer you my support and reassurances that things will heal and get better.
Your body has had an eventful year and most likely will take more time than usual to bounce back.

I hope the search feature that Layla explained to you helps.

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