Revision THR Second times a charm?

It sounds like great news then, Sockeyewille. Very encouraging! I am happy you're feeling uplifted after your visit and glad they devoted that much time to you. As it should be. I hope the next month on the steroids and cane bring perfect healing for you. Please keep us posted.
I hope you have a nice weekend. :SUNsmile:
Hi Sockeyewillie.
Stopping by to say hi and see how it's going for you.
I hope you had a good week.
@Layla. Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately I’m not feeling any better about my situation. The return to the cane has, while keeping weight off my hip, created all kinds of muscle soreness. My gait has suffered and just as soon as I do anything such as bump my toe or heal it sends searing pain into my femur. It feels much like the implant is pistoning. I didn’t feel like the steroid pack gave me any results. The Celebrex does bring me some relief in the mornings. I’m taking ancestral supplements of beef liver and bone & marrow. At this very moment my thigh is wrapped in a poultice of comfrey root. Anything and everything. It’s back to work next week so that ought to be interesting.
I am so sorry. Between the pain, uncertainty and your upcoming return to work,'s a lot.
My heart goes out to you. I need to look up some of the remedies you mentioned, sounds intriguing.
If you care to share, let us know how your return to work is going after a few days. I hope its not too strenuous, physically or mentally. Please keep us posted, we're here for support always.
My return to work should be fine. My HR has offered everything from new chair or stool to a standing desk. I can work whatever hours are comfortable for me. I have a couple of projects that will kee me busy at my desk and I’ll avoid any field work until I’m more comfortable. I hope I can get back to at least where I was before the revision because I expect we’ll be going in for a revision again time will tell.
@Layla. Pennie says that the comfrey root is referred to as bone set. Ancestral Supplements is the brand. The products I’m using were referred by one of their consultants. I’m taking Grassfed Bone and Marrow as well as Grassfed Beef Liver.
I expect we’ll be going in for a revision
Maybe, but maybe not. :praying:
Good to hear work won't be too hard on you. That's a blessing in all of this pain and uncertainty.
I hope you enjoy the day! The extreme heat has left my neck of the woods for a couple of days. Going to get out and breathe in some fresh air.
Pennie says that the comfrey root is referred to as bone set. Ancestral Supplements is the brand. The products I’m using were referred by one of their consultants. I’m taking Grassfed Bone and Marrow as well as Grassfed Beef Liver.
Interesting. I love reading about this kind of stuff. There is so much to learn about natural remedies instead of a pill for this, a pill for out liver and kidneys etc!! Ugh!
"The comfrey leaves and roots contain powerful cell-regenerative properties, meaning it helps your cells repair and create new bone or tissue." So cool!

I know natural remedies aren't for everyone, but I find a lot of them fascinating. I grew up with a grandma that was very into natural remedies and healing. Her daughter, my mom, is also, but nothing like my dear old gran was.

I like also that it was called "knit bone".

I drank Bone Broth every day for the first month or so after my THR. Not sure if it helped, but I'd like to think that it did. I hope things start improving for you.
Hi Sockeyewillie,
How was the past week for you, any change? Hopefully so, for the better. :fingersx:
@Layla I've been married to my cane, taking my Celebrex every morning, taking my supplements, knitbone poultices every other day. No improvement.
Hi Sockeyewillie,
I am afraid to ask...How are things? Any improvement?
@Layla. I am reserved. I have my follow up with my surgeon this Friday afternoon. I have been married to my cane for just short of four weeks and I feel like it has helped but I have lost all confidence without it. I’m sure my surgeon will say we should give it more time. I have stuck to our home treatment, cane, Celebrex, ancestral supplements and comfrey poultices regularly. I’m discouraged, disappointed, and depressed.
Ugh! It makes me sad as I try to imagine your feelings of uncertainty and discouragement. While what you’re guessing may be the advice you receive, and possibly with good reason, it will likely only feel like an extension of all you’ve been dealing with mentally and physically. Hopefully your surgeon can offer some reassurance in how this may still turn around. I know this is no comfort, but I’m really sorry you are having this experience. Please let us know how the appointment goes if you feel like sharing that information. If not, I understand.
Hoping for the best.
@Layla. The appt went as I expected. The X-ray showed no new sign of movement. Dr offered surgery if I wanted, which I don’t. He supported my choice to wait and see if time heals. He also suggested I get a second opinion. I don’t see any value in that. So I’ll let you know sometime later how it’s going. For now I’m going to leave the forum. Thanks for all your support.
Aww, I am really sorry to see you go, but I understand. I am also sorry for the news, but won't give up hope that this will turn out right, some way, some how. Please let us know if you decide to seek a second opinion, agree to surgery or if time heals all. We'll be here for support and we do care.
I wish you only the best. Take good care.

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