Revision THR Second times a charm?

Joined the ODIC today. Not terribly bad but icing and resting most of the rest of the day.
Uh oh, what did you do, if you don’t mind sharing? Or just too much activity for one day?
Hopefully you feel better tomorrow!
Welcome to the club, I'm sure Max enjoyed it even if you are a little sore.
I'm dog sitting this weekend, "Ernie" will be here until Monday, kind of looks like Benji, very quiet little dog.
It's a special day....Happy One Month Anniversary!
May your day be blue skies, sunshine, what a day to take a walk in the park.
Remember that song...or are you too young? That will be todays ear worm for me now.
I hope your day is a good one, Sockeyewille!
Hi @Sockeyewillie - I saw your question about a weird internal rotation, and wanted to offer another potential option for what that might be - your femur isn't in its final position yet, and it tends to pull the leg inward (in my experience, anyway). I think it's from the twist the surgeon does to dislocate the joint during surgery. Keep walking and building up your strength in your glutes and quads, and it starts to migrate to its "correct" position over time. I'm 8 weeks into healing and it's still working on getting to its ideal location, but I've had noticeable improvement over the last two weeks. Stay the course; it sounds like you're doing great.
Week 5 report. Everything has been going well. I’ve been walking quite a bit. My gait is good, endurance is increasing. The rotation of my operative leg seems normal. I did pivot on it mistakenly yesterday and felt a sharp pain on the front of my thigh. I’m hoping it was muscle and tissue. I immediately iced for the rest of the day and rested. This morning I rose with pain that reminded me of the type I experienced that led to revision. Before today I woke up every morning without any pain or resistance in my operative leg. It wouldn’t last long but was encouraging. I’ll have to see how the day goes. Irrational fear probably but I can’t help it.
I did pivot on it mistakenly yesterday and felt a sharp pain on the front of my thigh. I’m hoping it was muscle and tissue. I immediately iced for the rest of the day and rested. This morning I rose with pain that reminded me of the type I experienced that led to revision.
But, you did misstep yesterday, and likely aggravated, healing soft tissue.
I'm certain it is unnerving to have a flashback of the sensations that led to your revision, but it's likely with more rest and ice those unpleasant thoughts will abate right along with any discomfort or pain in relation to the pivot.

Wishing you peace of mind today along with some R&R. At less than five weeks post op there is still a lot of healing happening under the surface from the trauma of the surgery. It doesn't take much to cause discomfort or pain it seems. Please don't lose sight of that.
Probably over did it today. I got some icing in but also found a freebie on Facebook marketplace that I couldn’t pass up. Drove a half hour and loaded it myself. Large item. Then did some grocery shopping at Walmart on the way home. Offloaded the pickup then walked the dog before packing my thigh in ice. That was a lot for the end of week 5. Ooops.
Yes, that was a lot. I know I couldn’t have handled all of that at one month post op and I feel I had a decent recovery. You may have landed yourself in the ODIC.
For me, 30-40 mins in the car was still miserable at one month out due to the inability to stretch and change position. Loading a large item alone, nope…wouldn’t have attempted that. Grocery shopping, yes. Then, walking the dog…no.
Hopefully ice and a good nights sleep will help immensely. :fingersx: Let us know how you’re doing tomorrow.
So, I’ve taken easy today and been in the recliner icing and resting as much as possible. I also decided to bump my Celebrex back up to 2 per day. Called the Osteopath office and had them call in an additional prescription. I took Max for his evening walk and got the chicken eggs. The lovely Pennie jo has reinjured her back so I have to take care of the chickens and dogs. I’m feeling a bit better but still feeling pain that is eerily reminiscent of the pain I was experiencing before revision. It’s not insufferable but is concerning. I can distinguish the difference between muscle/tissue and bone. I’ll just keep on keepin on.
Well, I hope another day or two of rest and taking it easy has both you and wife, Pennie, feeling better.
I'm sorry you have to deal with "what if" thoughts. Hopefully this is fleeting and all is well soon.
At least Max is a happy camper today I'm betting. :dogwalk:
I've had a few of those scenario "what ifs" back in the early days of recovery.
And happy to report all was fine just healing in progress.
Try and take it easy for a few more days and do what is necessary but nothing too crazy.
Stay well.
As I begin week 6 of recovery discouragement has begun to take hold. I have my 6 week follow up with my OS on Friday and expect to be released to work or at best extended for another two weeks. By week three I felt significantly better than my first surgery and I dare say better than I feel now. The pain residing in my femur area persistently reminds me of the same pain that precipitated the need for the revision that has brought me to this point. While I continue to heal the tissue and muscle from the surgery, and I can note that progress, the pain that is so worrisome to me is the bone pain that is clearly emanating from my femur. I really couldn’t take it much easier than I have been for the past weekend. I fear that the simple pivot error I made last week has loosened my implant. I wonder if it will be something I’ll just have to learn to live with. Do other THR patients have pain that persists and they learn to live with?
Aww, I am so sorry you’re worried. There is nothing worse than that feeling of hanging in limbo over something. Consider calling your surgeons office to see if they can squeeze you in early, or at least talk to a member of his care team and they may provide the reassurance you need.

I will add that taking a misstep, just as overdoing it with activity can take longer than a couple days. You weren’t around when BoneSmart’s Nurse Emeritus, Josephine, with 50+ yrs of experience in Orthopedics was here, but she reminded members often that incidents of pain that can be traced to over activity, or in your case, a misstep, can take weeks to recover from. I understand you recognize it as a familiar feeling, but I hope with more rest, icing and meds as needed it eases and you get the all clear from your surgeon. :fingersx:
We’re here for you, Sockeyewillie. :console2:and we care. :prayer:
Fear? I'm alive and well with a little hip pain, goes along with some of the other pains I have. I don't have the horrid hip joint ache that used to keep me up at night which I had for 50 years.
Fear not afraid. It’s a way of expressing my worry and hope for a pain free existence.
6 week check up with Dr Morewood yesterday. It was the first time I’ve seen him since the revision operation. He said we talked post op but I think I was still ga ga. Anyway, he said it went very well, easier than it could have been. He said the implant was easy to remove. It was why he went with the modular restoration implant. He believed the implant was moving around the whole time. I’m doing great. Did 5 hours of yard work, catching up, weed whacking, raking, wheel barrow. Fired up the tractor and moved some loam. Graded the driveway. Had some chicken coop work to catch up on also. Let the girls do some free ranging while I did some pest deterrent work. If the weather permits I’ll get the coop cleaned tomorrow and freshened up for the ladies. I’m back in now showered, fed, and icing. My Dr agreed to keep me home from work for another month, which I might feel a bit guilty about if I have too many more days like today.

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