Revision THR Second times a charm?

Day 14: final in home PT visit today. It went very well. A few more exercises added to strengthen the gluteal muscles. I have my first follow up with my OS tomorrow. I will probably go to weekly posts after that. It’s felt good sharing my daily reports but with everything going as well as it has dailies don’t feel as necessary.
Good luck tomorrow! I hope you'll share the good news of your follow up visit before you cut back here.
Glad things are going well for you, Sockeyewillie!
Day 15: Follow up today. Unfortunately my OS was not able to be at today’s appointment. Had X-rays and met with the PA. He looked at my incision, asked a few questions, and showed me the images. I forgot my phone so I didn’t get to snap a photo of my new femoral post which I wanted to share on this post. It was interesting to see it and compare it to my earlier one. It is a Stryker Restoration Modular stem (20 mm x 115 mm). Proximal body size 21 mm, +10. Size 36 ceramic head ball, +7.5 . Also, in the copy of the hospital’s operating report, What I feel is the important quote is “ the stem was not grossly loose, but there was an abundant amount of scar tissue around the proximal portion, consistent with minimal bony in growth on the proximal body. “. My next appointment is in 4 weeks.
I cancelled outpatient PT and will continue to do the at home program developed with my home PT. Walking, resting and icing. I’m happy with my surgery, my recovery, and the results so far. I’m thankful for this site, the feedback and information that has greatly contributed to what I believe will be a much better outcome than my first experience.
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@Sockeyewillie Thanks very much for your kind words regarding BoneSmart! Glad we could support you through this journey!
Day 18: I thought I wouldn’t be posting again for a while. It has been an interesting weekend. With the change in the weather here in the Northeast from the 90’s last week to the 50’s this weekend and being housebound due to rain, I have let my recovery get the best of me. The swelling around my incision has been irritating me and my exercises while low impact have increased my pain levels. I suspect that has increased my anxiety and my stubbornness to be off pain medication has exacerbated the entire situation. The lovely Pennie-jo has threatened me with more pain if I didn’t stop trying to tough my way through and to acknowledge both the pain and anxiety. I took some pain meds before sleep last night and certainly had a better night albeit weird and groggy. I’m starting the day with ice and elevation after breakfast and will try to repeat several times throughout the day today.
@Sockeyewillie Oh dear - you are only days into this process and already trying to tough it out. Please do yourself and your family a favour and take the meds, ice and elevate. When you start forgetting doses is the sign you are ready to start weaning off the medication.

Or ask your family doctor or surgeon for something that doesn't make you feel groggy.
Oh, I’ve been icing and elevating the entire time. I hadn’t need pain meds. I just think the weather and workouts got the best of me. I had also put my cane away but that’s back out.
Hope today was better, sockeyewillie, and tomorrow...golden! :)
Much better day today, thank you. Elevation, ice, and rest has been the recipe. I took a break from any of the exercises and just walked. Mostly inside as the weather has been crappy. Small walk in the driveway when the sun poked out.
Second times a charm?

The dreaded twists and turns of Recovery:oyvey:
I got frustrated many times during my recovery when things seemed to be going sideways...
Good strategy for babying your leg a bit....
Hope today is a good day.
Tanvat said in another post: “ Repeated, excessive forces - that is, anything much more than easy walking - in early weeks may impede secure bone ingrowth and harm long-term stability in the femoral stem, thus increasing revision risk down the line.”
I wondered about this statement. With my initial THR I was not wise to Bonesmart. I only discovered it after things were not going well with my long term recovery. While my OS says PT likely had nothing to do with my need for revision, he also instructed me to stop PT after several weeks of visits.
I certainly have approached this recovery different. This is week three and the only weight bearing exercises I have done have been balance and walking. And I’m even a bit cautious about the balancing exercise. Everything else has been done while lying down other than some IT stretches.
My question remains, Can the ingrowth of bone to the femoral post be debilitated by weight bearing exercises?
3 Weeks post op update: Things seem to be going well. I’m comfortably walking without a cane. Energy level is still low. I’m exhausted by the end of the day. I no longer need pain meds. I am still taking baby aspirin and Celebrex as prescribed by my Dr. I am icing several times per day. Especially after walks or exercise. Still experiencing a fair amount of swelling. I saw a post by Mr Fun asking for people to continue their progress updates and I felt moved. Thank you all.
@Sockeyewillie Yes the low energy bit does hang around for a longer time than one would think. The amount of healing that needs to be done following major surgery is much more than just healing the incision. And healing takes lots of energy. I remember having "nap attacks" for over 7 months after my BTHR. But eventually the healing is done and your energy will return to your normal range.

It does sound like you are doing well and making progress :cheers2:
I saw a post by Mr Fun asking for people to continue their progress updates and I felt moved.
This is appreciated, so we thank you! It can be inspiring and encouraging to those following behind. Especially those experiencing their first joint replacement. I read a lot of recovery threads as I was awaiting my THR, trying to figure our when I'd be able to do this, or that. Big ones I wondered about, ditching the walker, then the cane, then driving again! When? When? When? I see you're hitting those milestones. Keep up the great work and keep sharing progress for as long as you're willing.
Have a great weekend!
I loved my naps! Yes, sleep heals many things and our bodies need it.
I feel as a part of bonesmart community that helped me so much during those first several months of recovery that I try and check out the site each day and give support and encouragement to any new "hippies." I know for sure I would not have recovered as well w/o all of the generous contributors here that take time out of their busy lives to post.
Eternally grateful! :SUNsmile:
Slept whenever I needed to in those early days. Often more during the day than at night but that’s what Netflix, Bonesmart or a good book are for. :heehee:
Question: What is the source of the occasional “clunky” feeling I get while walking?
Clunking is a result of the tissues around the new joint not having firmed up around it yet. This will ease as soft tissues heal and reengage with the new joint.

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