Revision THR Second times a charm?

Day 3-9:30 am. Better nights sleep last night. Pain is managed well. Home health nurse is making their first visit in about an hour. Conflicted about it because I think we are doing well so far and I anticipate them wanting me to do more than I believe I should at this time. My Prevena therapy unit/wound dressing went into fault about an hour ago but seems to have come back out of it and is functioning normally now. I think I had my ice pack positioned in a way that may have compromised the seal. I moved the ice and used my finger to work around the edges of the seal and it came back into it. I’m starting to back off the opioids and more Tylenol. I didn’t account for how much I’d miss walking my boy Max every morning. That’s all for now.
Awww, I know we miss our furbabies so much! But I bet in a few weeks you will be able to take him for a short spin around the neighborhood.
Just remember you have a voice in your own recovery and how you envision it. Don't do anything you don't feel is in your best interest. This is your recovery, not home health nurse.
Not to say that the nurse is a bad thing, just know you are steering this ship.
I wish you a happy day.
Thanks. I definitely would like them to look at my wound dressing if nothing else.
Just finished up with the home health physical therapist. I think she was impressed with my recovery so far. She reinforced the few exercises I’ve already been doing. Ankle pumps, thighs, and glutes. I’m really feeling good. Probably going to stop opioids and see if I can manage with Tylenol and tramadol.
@Sockeyewillie -- it's really important to control your pain during the first few weeks of recovery to promote healing. Please read this article about why:

Day 3 is much too soon to wean off the opioids. This is not the time for heroics. Please give your body a chance to recover from the trauma of surgery first!
I’m finding that ice, Tylenol, and tramadol are managing the pain quite well. Tramadol doesn’t cause any constipation issues either so that’s a bonus. I’m not throwing my opioids away. They’re available if I can’t keep a handle on it. Currently it’s been 18 hours since I’ve had any and my pain is a 2-3 and my mobility is increasing.
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Day 4: 7:30 am- slept through the night only waking up once to pee, took 2 Tylenol and freshened my ice pack @ 2 am. Things are progressing much better than I remember the last time. Probably the weight loss. Feels like a tylenol only day. Icing has made all the difference in my opinion. Might be swapping the walker out for a cane today.
You're doing well, Sockeyewillie!
Great on the meds, sleep. Feels early to ditch the cane, but there have been those that have transitioned within days of surgery, they are few and far between though for sure.
Be careful and stay safe. Have a great Monday!
I did realize that's what you meant, but responded incorrectly, sorry. My sentiment is the same. Not trying to discourage you as they maintain it's strong enough to walk on from day one, but many feel weak, unsteady and that's where the safety of the walker comes in. I think I was day 11-12 when I began transitioning. Some are earlier, some are later and since this isn't your first rodeo, I trust you know your own limitations and what you're doing.
Good luck!
Day 4: 4:00 pm. Great day. Had my Celebrex, Cefadroxil, and baby aspirin at 9 am, 2nd dose of Tylenol at 12 noon, rolling on just that so far today. Using both the walker and cane around the house. Progress is markedly different than 3 years ago on the initial THR. Looking forward to tomorrows progress. I understand my results may not be what everyone else experiences but it feels good to share a good story.
Day 4: 9 pm. Worked it pretty good today. Feeling it. Luckily it’s time for the lazy boy and puck drop for game 3. Rest.
Easy does it @Sockeyewillie ! Very early days for you. Please allow that hip to heal. Plenty of time to work it when it has recovered from that revision.
Day 5: Good morning. Great nights sleep. Feeling well, up moving around and have a home PT visit in a couple of hours. Realizing how much my weight loss has had on my recovery this time around. BBBE.
Day 5: Good afternoon. Met with PT in home today. Great visit. She walked me through some basic exercises, reviewed my medications and checked my prevena vacuum bandage. Completely off the opioids and barely using Tylenol. The Celebrex twice a day seems to handle everything. It is only sore after a workout. I hope to get outside tomorrow before it rains but we’ll just have to wait and see….
Sounds like you're doing well! @Sockeyewillie
Hope you get outdoors today to soak in some fresh air and sunshine. :SUNsmile::walking:
Have a good one!
Day 6: Another good nights sleep. But, it only came after I tried to sleep in my bed for a while. Laying flat on my back was unbearable. I gave it a shot but wound up back downstairs in my lazy boy and back on hydrocodone just to get the pain down enough to get quickly to sleep. We’ll have to see how today goes and medicate accordingly. The PT exercises probably contributed to some of my discomfort so I’ll take that into account today. Looking forward to the Prevena vacuum bandage releasing tomorrow. I won’t miss lugging this pump around.
Day 7: Prevena bandage release day! Should happen around noon. It’s hard to believe a week has already passed. Back to using prescription pain meds for pain relief at bedtime. The exercises get the better of me. I’ve also been switching back and forth between the walker and the cane depending upon my stability needs or my destination inside the house. Feeling pretty good about my progress and overall well being.
Your hip, your pain but for me the taking pain meds to get through exercise pain didn't make sense. I honestly think I did permanent damage to myself doing too much too soon with my left.
I’m doing very little exercise. It just PT at home. Light stretching of the glutes,calves, and abductors. I’m not using them to get through the exercises. I’m using them to relieve the pain of a days worth of recovery.

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