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Revision THR Second times a charm?

Such a wonderful update, Sockeyewillie!
Those that followed your thread, whether they ever commented, or not, will be happy to read this news.
It is encouraging that after more time you're doing so well.
I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve experienced any pain. Probably it will come back sometime after I post reply
:no-fin: No, no, no...now none of that! :wink:
You're on the right path and I'll bet that's where you'll stay.
May it only get better! Thanks for sharing the good news.
Stopped by because I recalled you were going to update again at some point.
I see now that it will be on your one year anniversary. I hope we hear from you in a couple weeks and all is still well, or even better since you last posted. :fingersx:

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