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Second one done :) whew!!!

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@ponyannie Welcome to bonesmart! Hubby never had a cpm. Some doctors use them some don't! I'm glad your pain stopped!
p.s. the reason the pain suddenly stopped was because my exercising pulled the stitch and it popped, releasing it! @knees, I think fears are very normal. They actually gave me valium for a while in addition to the percoset. Maybe your doctor could help you with that. I have been taking doc-o-lace for regularity to offset the constipating effects of the percoset. A new problem though---after both surgeries, I had a UTI which I think is due to the catheter. Now that the most current one is cleared up, I am having continency issues, which I never have in my life. Anyone else having problems with that?
@ponyannie UTI happen to women with catheters more than it should. Wonder if the continence issues is from the spinal if you had one, don't recall any one on here mentioning that they had it!

@knees How are you doing today?
Hi ponyannie! You are doing great! I had my tkr July 7th and my rom is just 91. My last tkr in oct was slow with rom too but it comes eventually :) @tiredwife hi there! I'm doing ok. I actually had a uti also and just finished cipro. I think I was in such bad shape for years that it's taking a long time to get these knees to straighten and bend. And I havent been active in years so muscles are weak. But I'm looking forward to a good new life :) Ps @tiredwife you such an encourager on this forum. Thank you for always responding to people's post :)
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