TKR Scared but I made it!!!

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I use the Voltaren gel and find it does Not have any oder to it.
Shopping is done, house is decorated, last of the cookies will be tonight(so hubby can help), and now I can sit back and rest until Santa gets here.

He stopped by the beginnng of the month and brought us a new big screen TV and stand, so we could enjoy it, sooner rather than later.
A friend is going to give me some of the voltaren gel to try, will let you all know how it does.... doctor said it was ok to use it with celebrex, but just to be careful.. altho the GEL does not get absorbed in the blood stream YA?
No! It must be counted as part of your daily intake of NSAIDs. And it's metabolised just the same as any other drug.
Doc (GP) said in her prescription 4g applied to lower extremity 4 times a day, not to exceed 16g per day. So Voltaren PILLS come in 50 mg and 100 mg, and NSAID like Advil are 200 mg, so,
1000 mg = 1 gram, and you are not suppose to take more that 4000 mg of advil, doesn't make sense to me... HELP
Doesn't make sense to me either. You best ask her to explain it.
You are not suppose to take more than 4000mg of tylenol in 24 hrs. I was always told not to take more than 1200 to 1800 mg of advil in 24 hrs. The voltaren gel should come with a card that shows you how much gel to squeeze out of the tube to rub on your knee. You can look up the gel online and it will tell you all about it. But, it is always best to do what your Dr. tells you and not go by what others think!!!!!
OK, so not more than 1800 advil mg in one day.
1000 mg = 1 gram
16 grams of voltaren 1% gel a day.
I take ONE celebrex which is 200 mg a day
Guess I need to ask the doctor about this one, to explain it to me. Very confusing...
May I suggest you read the leaflet that comes with the gel? Or with the tablets?
Enjoy the responses... thanks..
Going to PT, she is now having me do some balance stuff, says to prepare me for uneven terrain, altho I don't hike!!! haaaa

Tonight making tacos for dinner, and playing bridge with friends. Going out xmas eve for chinese, always open, nice to know!!!

Going to try and ride the bike outside again, suppose to warm up, getting re-eval today from PT, new insurance coming my way... "medicare"!!!
Natalie, you find uneven ground everywhere - even where it's meant to be level! I took a tumble in my garden earlier this year and tore a major muscle in my shoulder which I am still trying to recover from. :wink1:
Went to PT, she re-evaluated me, and determined I still needed more PT so that I meet my goal of being able to ride my bike outside. My extension was 0 and my flexion (ROM) was 105 by myself and 114 with her help... so I am getting there... rode the recumbant, still hurts when i make those revolutions, especially in my hip flexor muscle/quad (which she says runs from the knee up to the hip flexor).. they continue to have me do stretching all which ways, and strengthening the quad muscles.
I do not get real sore after they get done with me, which is good, I did not take a celebrex today, but did take 2 advil about 2 pm (PT was at 10 AM).


I have not heard from you in a long time. Glad to hear that one of my "recovery buddies" is doing ok and making progress.

Here we go again - I have an appointment with my OS on January 6, probably to schedule my LTKR for sometime in March. Want to go through it with me again? You were so helpful the first time. :friends:

Just wanted to say hi and wish you a Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year) and a very happy New Year.
Recovery, yes Jim, I am coming along... almost 5 months post op, hard to believe. Still having issues with discomfort, throbbing like pain in the hip flexor area and quad muscle and IT band muscles from time to time... still going to PT, altho I am thinking of doing the UK way and just continuing on my own.
Good luck with the OTHER knee, I am just not ready to go thru this again any time soon. I am hoping that the SYNVISC ONE shot that I will get in January for my left knee will continue to help it. I have had 3 in it so far, every six months.

Merry Christmas (whatever holiday)... Hanukah here, and Happy New Year..

Keep in touch
Anyone have trouble with the hip flexor muscle? From knee up the thigh, to the hip flexor? the PT determined, after I explained where my pain was now, that is the problem, wants me to ICE the hip flexor area, several times a day... this recovery sure is turning out to be NOT what I expected... also continued pain in the 7:00 area of the knee, with tingling, numbing sensation down from there towards my ankle (not that far, half way)... seems as I read, no one has experienced this stuff... I am 5 months out now.
I seem to be commenting on myself, oh well, anyway, just thought I would update... PT has been stretching the flexor muscle, and it seems to be helping along with my riding the recumbant bike 15 minutes a day. I continue to do the stretches that they taught me, and am hoping that my RIGHT knee holds out until January 18, when I get another Synvisc One shot, it's not good, but hoping it helps, I have had 3 before and they have always helped.
Happy New Year
Well done, Natalie! Hope 2012 is going to be a really terrific New Year for you. :thumb:
I did it, I got back on my bike this afternoon and rode it for 10 minutes outside. all by myself... it hurt a bit when I first started pedaling, but had it in lowest gear, and rode around the block for 10 minutes time. It felt good, hurt a wee bit, but proved to myself that I can do it. Tomorrow I will ride a bit longer. Little by little I will work up to my 1/2 hour that i used to do before the TKR.
I am going to let the PT people know that I am quitting as of Wednesday, I think I have attained what I set out to do, get back on my bike. There is no reason to continue PT, I know the stretching exercises to do, I still have the pain or discomfort in the hip flexor, and knee (the steel band feeling), and hoping these will go away in time. I continue to take the advil, a few times a day 2 of them, sometimes followed by Tylenol... but it's becoming less of an occurance...
Happy New Year
Natalie, are you icing the knee after your bike rides? It could help prevent some swelling. I think your ROM will just magically increase when there is less stress on the knee. :wink1:

Good Luck with the changes, I think it will make your knee happy. Remember patience, patience, patience ! You are almost to 5 months and that was my "magic month", hope it is yours too. Continue the gentile stretches, ice and elevate and rest. It all will come together!:thumb:
Thanks Mimi, I do not ice after bike ride, but should have, will do so tomorrow after the ride. I am going to go 15 tomorrow, did 10 today.
I hope I am making the right decision, and quitting PT, yes, it's almost 5 months, Jan 4 marks the day.
I hope that month 6 will be ,my magic month of no more pain, so tired of pain... up the thigh and the knee at 7:30 and the steel band under it...

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