TKR Sarah Jane's Summer Journey and Fall Frolic

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Good to hear from you! Hope your computer will be back in action soon.
I just got a new cell phone and a new laptop. I have the Geek Squad coming to my home office Monday to upgrade my desktop and sync all three. So I now have 5 devices (2 cell phones, 2 laptops, and a desktop) with none of them set up to where they need to be. So I am working from all of them depending on what I need to do, not sure what is making me crazier--the holidays or my technology jungle.
@SarahJane .... if you're having trouble logging on, you can send us an email the Contact Us link and ask that your password be reset. If you do that, we can check your account to be sure it's functioning fine. Usually it is something simple like a password problem when you can't access BoneSmart but everything else on your computer is working fine.
I did miss you, @SarahJane. I hope you get the dreaded machine fixed. I would lend you my sonic screwdriver to fix it, but, alas, it is only plastic and although it makes some neat noises and lights up, it is useless for computer fixing. We have all become so reliant on technology that when it fails us we wonder how we ever managed before. I would not have met such an awesome group of TKR survivors and by 'met,' I of course mean via cyberspace, although a meet up of fellow bonesmarties would be awesome! I am an avid Facebook user and now have people back in my life whom I had thought were lost to me forever. When you emigrate you leave a lot of folks behind but I am able to connect with old friends and family in ways I would not have believed possible 20 years ago when I came to Canada.

Come back to us soon my dear friend and let us know what you have been up to. If you are not able to connect much then let me wish you all the very best of the season now. Merry Christmas and happy new year when it comes!

May everything be bright and wonderful for you in the next couple of weeks, and continuing into 2016 and far beyond! Let's hope that we will never have another year like 2015 has been :)
@SaraJane I can't find my page either. I have been very busy trying to raise the pups and my back and knee keep acting up. Ruger is up to 3.2 pounds and going to a home with a very nice lady with MS as a companion dog. Training has already started. I gave him for free even though she offered $2.000 for him. He is a fast learner and I will miss him. Paige will stay with me also as a service dog. She is getting big at. 3.7 pounds. I have been back and forth to the doctor and it seems I will always have chronic pain in my back. I still have to take stairs one at a time and my knee knows when it will rain or cool weather. Merry Christmas to all and may 2016 will be great for everyone. Xxx
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