TKR Sarah Jane's Summer Journey and Fall Frolic

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So many of you gave eloquent and heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving posts. I'm definitely grateful for Bonesmart,and for the friendship, support and guidance I've found here. Money's tight for me, but I do intend to make a donation before the end of the year.

I'm ashamed to say, and annoyed at myself for not being a bit more careful, but I ended up annoying my knee Friday night, and it's still slightly swollen and definitely cranky today, despite some icing and one ibuprophen.

I think that it was my wearing a pair of boots with a heel 1/2 inch higher than the footware I've been wearing -- and walking a few blocks uphill in them -- that was the culprit. Simple things, the most simple things, things I've come to see as normal. Combined. ---> a spot of trouble.

Still, I'm grateful that the feeling in my knee is just mildly annoying and that the swelling's going down.
It's the same for me. My knee lets me know when I'm doing too much. I tried to remember how I was in July when this all began. What a strange trip it's been! I'm glad you're able to get the swelling down and the ibuprofen helps.
Definitely a change in shoes/heel can cause pain. Even now, two years out when I use a new shoe or orthotic due to plantar fasciitis my TKR acts up. If I continue wearing it the knees can take a few days to settle down. I have worn a 1 1/2 to 2 inch heel, but just a few times for special occasions and they are always a wedge heel.
Even though it hurts a bit, I think it is good to put mildly different kinds of stress on the knee. I think it makes it stronger. But there is a price to pay! I hope the next time, those heels won't cause you so much problems.
I was wondering if people were able to go back to heels after TKR! It has been so long since I wore them. I hope your swelling goes down and you have a comfortable day today.
I am still in my sneakers or athletic walkers. I tried wearing a very comfy shoe with a 1 inch heel and paid for it for the next few days. In addition to the left knee replacement, I got a plate in my right ankle this year. The combo did not like the shoes at all.
I wore a 1 inch heel to go out to dinner earlier this month. I had to walk a long way from the parking lot. When we were leaving I was very happy when my son-in-law asked me if I wanted him to get the car.
I'm usually in sneakers, even to teach and wore wedge heels for a wedding and Open House at school.
Oh, my! Isn't it amazing the things we haven't thought about that this TKR is affectd by or affects? I've had to discard several pair of shoes that were worn with my old gait pattern. Like Karri, I'm wearing sneakers most of the time. Sneakers and custom orthotics. Thankfully, where I live, fashion is not an issue! :wink:

I've almost finished my Christmas shopping.... From the comfort of my recliner! We did get to Costco Sunday before coming home and I walked it rather than riding in the cart as last time! Baby steps!! We ARE making progress!
I'm lucky as sneakers are my work shoes. Since I'm still a tomboy at heart I wear sneakers almost all the time. I even have winter sneakers fro LL Bean!! Their warm, waterproof and have deeper grooves on the bottoms like snow tires!
I am also in the orthotics and sneakers most of the time and than think soled sandals. I am afraid to try dress shoes and no reason to at the moment:)

I have also been doing a lot of my shopping on line (great sales lately). I am doing OK at the grocery store as long as I have a cart to hold on to. Tried Costco last week and made it half way..too crowded for comfort.
Hi everyone!

I'm really @SarahJane, but I'm not able to log in under that name. (@mods, don't worry about this at the moment; I'll let you know if it continues to be a problem in 2016.)

My laptop has been misbehaving, and I haven't have internet access for a while. A friend who knows more about computers than I do did some PC exploratory surgery, and thinks it might be the battery. He took the battery and the proprietary AC cord to his house to look into prices for replacements.

I just wanted to let folks know why I haven't been around. I hope you weren't worried @Thesoutherncook, or fretting @zauberflöte, or missing me @cairistiona60, or so many other wonderful people. And puppies! @Pescara, I'm looking forward to seeing puppy pictures once I get the whole computer thing straightened out.

I don't expect to be around the site very much at all until my PC problem is resolved. So let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, warm (for Northern Hemisphere Bonesmarties) or comfortably cool (for Bonesmarties down under) and happy holiday season, and a joyous new year. May all of us who choose to waltz or dance or think hopeful thoughts and resolve only -- and not-too-many -- achievable goals for 2016.

Missing you all and sending healing hugs and TLC from California.

Have a great season SarahJane. See you on the other side (of your computer surgery).:heehee:
I'm glad you're doing well. My laptop is also out to lunch! I use my phone usually. Take care.
Technolgy! Can't live with it, can't live without it! Happy Christmas!
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