TKR Sarah Jane's Summer Journey and Fall Frolic

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Sounds like a successful day out and you managed the steep terrian well. Glad you took your hiking poles. I take a hiking stick ( carved from local trees) when I take our dog out. Although, DH has pretty much taken over that job since he is terrified that Murphy will bolt after a squirrel dragging me down the mtn with him! :loll:

I was kidding about your rain boots! Absolutely sensible and necessary! I have several pair of Clarks Muckers that are my standby for winter. (We have the Clarks factory return store near us and I get them for nearly nothing! )
I haven't worn a heel of any height since we moved from ATL and I left the work world of suits and heels!

I hope your day is wonderful! Can't wait to read all about the restaurant! There is a Greek restsaurant near my dermatologist in ATL and it is always a treat to eat there. Of course, I smell quite garlicky when I go for the up close appt! :wink: I'm heading off to brunch with my friend who is transplanted nere from LA! Talk about culture shock!
Will be thinking about your fun day head and wish you well!
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Thanks, Helen. BTW, I was editing the prior comment just now and somehow ended up deleting it entirely. So I wrote something else. You're not going crazy or misremembering what was there. And don't worry. I knew you were kidding. Have a great lunch.
I am very full and very happy, @Thesoutherncook. Everyone was really enthusiastic about the day. The cathedral is stunning, the tour guides wonderful, and the food good, honest, and fresh taverna food. I ordered avgolemon, o soup (lemon-egg-chicken-rice soup) and Greek tabouli (wonderfully fresh with loads and loads of parsley), custard in filo cup, and Greek coffee. We shared hummus, roasted vegetables, and olives. I had a taste of the beef kabob -- it was superb. The weather was very pleasant, sunny, and warm enough to dine outside on their patio.

Tomorrow is my knee's four month anniversary. It was fine today -- no complaints, no drama, no cobweb and broom interpretive dancing I'm getting to the point we're I'm really glad to have had it done. Thanks to Bonesmart, I had realistic expectations about the pace of my recovery, and feel like I'm right on track.

It's been a busy couple of days. All this running around -- I'm off to take a nap!
Wow, @SarahJane I don't read threads for a few days and I come back to find that you've been doing one woman circus acts in a kaftan! Glad to hear that the knee survived it's meeting with the floor. I would have been a basket case if that had been me. I would be calling for ambulance men and burly firemen to carry me to hospital. A few years ago when I was living on my own I slipped getting out of the shower. I knocked myself out and fractured my collar bone. I managed to crawl to the phone and called an ambulance. Well the burly firemen came too, and I was clothed only in my towel. Luckily a female ambulance attendant arrived and helped me get dressed.

It sounds as if you enjoyed the rest of your week. The Greek food sounds yummy! I love Greek food.

Stay safe my dear!
Since it may be a muscle issue, should I take any OTC pain relief, or should I just grin and bear it?
Of course you should! Never ever grin and bear pain! However, I never found oral meds helpful, I was much better using a TENS machine. And you can get a Theraband here. 4-5 metres would probably be good and a red one is probably best.
You are emotionally ahead of me. I still can't say I'm glad I did it yet. My husband keeps telling me I am much better than before surgery, but I still must have some post-traumatic stress syndrome occurring. Good for you for getting past the trauma.:cheers:
Thanks for the link, @Josephine. I'm not sure how much I should be mentioning the shoulder issue here -- it is somewhat a result of my having the TKR surgery, since I was not 100% in the balance and reflexes department when I took that stumble. Tripping hazards *are* a danger for all of us here. I'm inclined to keep on mentioning it when relevant, but I'm open to suggestions here or by private message about whether it takes the thread too much off topic.

Speaking of falling, @KarriB, we're getting strong, winds here in Los Angeles. Not to the point of blowing patio furniture all around, but close. Hope you're feeling better.

@hawk2go, I've always been afraid to make avgolemono soup myself, because I was worried I'd curdle the egg when adding it to the broth. Maybe you could share your recipe and hints on making it?

Everyone's recovery is different,@Wanttobebiking, just as my life experience and degree of pre-surgery exercise regime (or lack thereof following years of slow degeneration) differs from yours. Here's a hug to help you with that post-traumatic stress. {{{{{{{{Wanttobebiking}}}}}}}}}
Thanks, Sarah Jane. My non-TKR knee is really sore, but I have an appt for euflexa shots to begin tomorrow morning, so I'm hoping that helps. We had a day of temps in the 60s! Unheard of in Pittsburgh in November, I guess the winds brought the warm temps.
@hawk2go, I've always been afraid to make avgolemono soup myself, because I was worried I'd curdle the egg when adding it to the broth.
Most of the recipes are similar, sometimes changing the amount of lemon. Find one, make it once, alter to your taste. I usually make my own chicken broth in big batches that I freeze and use for various recipes. The secret to not curdling the egg is to temper it a bit with the hot broth before adding it to the soup pot (and don't bring the pot back to a boil).
but I'm open to suggestions here or by private message about whether it takes the thread too much off topic.
Well, the point is that this is your thread so you can take it anywhere you want to! It's non-OPs who aren't allowed to take a thread off topic. (op=opening poster)
@SarahJane Im so sorry to hear about your fall and shoulder injury!! I hope it feels better soon. It doesn't seem to slow you down a bit.
Thanks for your kind thoughts, @newlybionic. The shoulder is getting better -- I still experience some pain with certain movements, and it gets achy and all-complainy after too much use -- but steering the car is going much, much better, and I'm no longer madly scheming to invent a device which would allow me to fasten my seatbelt without pain and discomfort on reaching for it and putting the metal thingy into the thing-a-ma-bob on the car's floor *behind* the driver's seat. Bet you're impressed with my command of automotive safety terminology!

For those of you who are following my culinary adventures, tonight I went out with a friend for Thai food. Lard Na (thick rice noodles with light, slightly sweet/slightly savory-soy sauce, accompanied by chicken and perfectly cooked to a tender al dente pieces of broccoli) and an excellent yellow curry with pork, julienned bamboo shoots and other veggies, and a single serving of rice to share. Full and happy tummy.

I am going through a period of energy drain, though, which has resulted in me falling asleep in the late afternoon on Monday and sleeping in way late Tuesday morning. It can happen to us even when we're at the the 3 1/2 month point. I've been pretty exhausted for the last hour, and want to get to sleep earlier tonight. My cat has taken to waking me up at night, which isn't conducive to a full night's rest. She infuriatingly pretends that she doesn't understand English, and continues to stonewall me whenever I try to point out to her the mutually beneficial benefits of daytime lap-sitting and snuggling. Cats!
That energy drain at 3 months is why a phased return to work is so helpful. I went back part time at 3 months and came home in the afternoons to nap and ice. Good to hear you're getting out though and enjoying yourself!
Sarah Jane, I was about to message you if no update this morning. I've missed hearing from you!:flwrysmile: Oh, how I envy you the vast variety of culinary choices! Our variety is ruled by whatever comes out of MY kitchen!
That shoulder is on its own time schedule for healing. Don't push it. The energy drain is too real. I've had a bout of it in the past week along with depression. Thankfully they both dissipated as quickly as they appeared.
Cats do rule the house, don't they? I had a cat until my ( then ) teenage son threatened to put it on the BBQ! She went to live with a nice, quiet family without children! Our 12 yr old schnauzer :doggie:, Murphy, has still not adjusted to the time change, so we are up at 6 am every day! Ugh!!! Although, I have to admit, I'm getting a lot a complished with an early start. By 4pm, I'm done!!
I just wonder how I got through the early days since I worked from week 2 forward. I was on Oxy or Percocet for around 6 weeks, if I recall (wonderful that I can't accurately recall) and I just stopped taking Tramadol 2 weeks ago. I made some pretty potent decisions, not even sure how I did but thanked my team and uppers for the support during my "drug addled brain" daze/days. And yes, I continued to get paid.:rotfl:
Week twenty. Was able to do some pre-Black Friday shopping at Target and Ross and two other stores without any complaints. Well, except that Target didn't have what I was looking for.

Wishing everyone in the states a happy Thanksgiving and the rest of you a very happy Thursday.
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