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From another person with spine stuff and leg differential- I am so much better with the specialized custom made inserts- not cheap about 550 dolars but that's not a biggish deal. Seems like my spinal stuff is working out too. Its been since 2/7/22 but things are much better with conservative treatment...
Our surgery dates are almost the same!
Yes, hoping orthotics for my shoe are the answer.
So glad you were able to see this new doctor and loved reading your accounts of his care and concern.
You are on the right track now, sounds like!
Enjoy your Texas visit. I'm guessing that you will feel better now that you've ceased the work activities. At least enough to enjoy the family time.
Interestingly, I have a grandson graduating and headed to Colorado next week! How did they grow up so quickly??
Congrats on your graduate! I have no clue where the time went but it flew, my other grand daughter will celebrate her 21st birthday while we are there as well, I still have video of her first birthday!
She is at University of Washington in Seattle, coming home for her birthday and her sister's graduation.
The new graduate will be going to school in Oregon in the fall.
I have 6 grandkids total, youngest will be 8 on 6/5.
Enjoy your time in Colorado, my Texas clan vacation in Colorado every July to escape the heat of Texas!
I'm feeling much better, my back and legs still a little sore but manageable. The 6 days we will spend in Texas will do me a world of good, nice and warm and my son has a pool so that's where I will be!
Returned from Texas last Monday after celebrating one grand daughter's 21st birthday and my 18 year old grand daughter's graduation. We had some scary news the day we arrived. My 18 year old grand daughter collapsed in school day before we arrived. Was rushed to ER, doctor ordered blood work and she had two pulmonary embolisms! She was transferred to hospital in Ft. Worth into ICU and had to have two stents inserted to dissolve the clots. She remained in ICU until Thursday and either my son or daughter in law stayed with here. She was released late Thursday after ultrasound to be sure clots were broken up, and returned to doctor early on Friday and he cleared her to attend graduation. Very scary stuff. She will be on blood thinners for next 3 months.
So trip was very nice after that excitement.
Onto my MRI, had that last Thursday for my back. Yesterday met with spine doctor to go over results. Spinal stenosis which very common for someone my age given line of work I've been in for many years. I am going to pain clinic there for some shots in my back and that relief should last about 3 months, certainly hope so, some days I'm pain free and others not so much. However, he said radiologist saw small fracture in my pelvis. And they want MRI now of pelvis next week. Good luck getting my insurance to approve that they gave the doctor's office hard time for the one I had last week! But we will see, have no clue how I could have fracture in pelvis, certainly couldn't be from original fall that cracked my hip????
I'm so impressed with Brigham. You have appt you go right in, see doctor and away you go, same with Xray and MRI, they are right on the ball. My hip feels great once I get rid of the back pain I'll be my old self again, note the term "old." LOL!
we will travel late July into August for two weeks and sure would like to be pain free.
What a scare for your family! Sounds like your granddaughter is well into a good recovery though, whew!
I hope the injections help your back. Then what? A fracture in your pelvis? Hopefully the MRI gets approved so you can get a complete diagnosis, so you can get the best treatments for whatever it is that's going on!
Boy...that's a scary story. Thankfully your granddaughter is okay.
I am sorry you're dealing with the pain of the spinal stenosis. Hopefully the injection brings speedy relief.
Stay in touch and let us know what you learn about your pelvis. Late July and early August will be here before you know it and you need to be living in comfort for an enjoyable time.
@myglasshalffull oh my goodness, how scary! Glad that it sounds like your granddaughter is on the road to recovery. It was awesome that they cleared her to walk for graduation, that's a big deal that she wouldn't have wanted to miss.

I was in basic training with some ladies that had fractured pelvic bones. Theirs more than likely came from the strenuous exercise, long marches and excessive weight we carried.

The hospital there was trying to figure out what they were doing to us as there were something like 5 girls in the entire company (approx 150 women). Have found over the years that its a common complaint/injury of women in the military. They still haven't figured out we are physically very different from males. I know I have been told that my pelvis is out of whack. Didn't realize that was a medical term but its what a physical therapist told me and has since been backed up by xray. Have no idea how.
Oh my stars!
So glad your granddaughter is ok...
I'm sorry you are now finding out about a fracture...might it have been missed on original accident Xrays...then missed on subsequent hip Xrays?
It was MRI that "revealed" a "possible" fracture so radiologist wants to do just pelvic MRI. I have no pain so really not sure what if anything they would do for it????
I'm going for the shots for my back on June 20th, other than my back I feel totally fine.
I also have bone scan sometime this month, gosh I feel like an old lady going for all these tests! I know I'm 71 but feel 50!!! I'm betting I have osteoporosis that's probably why every time I have smallest accident something breaks. When I fractured my ankle I literally slipped on two carpeted stairs, it was very strange and ankle broke in 3 places!
Maybe pelvis thing is "old" injury??? We will see, my insurance might give them a hard time approving it so I'll just see what the office says when they call and lmk.
Quick update. I canceled appointment for pain injections for my back, last week to 10 days I'm totally back to normal, figured no sense getting injections if not needed and for right now I'm doing fine.
I'm back to day to day routine with no pain in my back. Did a lot of stretching and seemed to help as well as ice/heat rotation.
My pelvis is just fine too, I couldn't believe it's over $4,000 for MRI!!! Holy smoke!
Mentally I'm done with doctors for rest of the summer, just want to enjoy the good weather, and nice walks with the dogs. I'm dog sitting this weekend.
Good morning,
Quick post here to update you all.
We just returned from two weeks in the Virgin Islands, we've been going twice a year for 20 years now. We started dating 20 years ago this September and we "discovered" St John together so it's "our" place! We never married, we both have been married before and never felt the need to marry, we are committed and my guy is the best! He's got me through this surgery, he's so patient and helpful.
I just want to tell anyone just starting out on this journey it does get better. This vacation I hiked up sides of mountains, it's a very hilly terrain and had no problem walking on soft sandy beaches and swimming. Many days just floating the day away in the aqua blue warm waters. I think that salt water really helps your body as well. No aches and pains!
I've had a few setbacks along the way but I really try and listen to my body. Today I'm doing housework, changed sheets, clean some stuff out of my closet. But I've already set aside a "rest" period for later today to watch couple of shows I recorded. Guilty pleasure for sure.
I check in here almost everyday and I hope I can "give back" as much as I've received from all the wonderful folks here.
I just want to tell anyone just starting out on this journey it does get better. This vacation I hiked up sides of mountains, it's a very hilly terrain and had no problem walking on soft sandy beaches and swimming.
Thank you for sharing this update. You are definitely giving back by sharing your story. And, I'm sure you are giving hope and inspiration to many of our hippies in the early days of recovery.
@myglasshalffull what an awesome update! Sounds like your trip was wonderful! I always appreciate your input on your recovery as well as sharing with others.

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