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@Rebelguy you’re not alone. I’ve been on a 3 year journey of post horse fall, work incident & deteriorated left hip. Finally got a hip on May 10, 2022 but had to get a 2 stage hip op due to suspected infection of my own hip joint. Did 6 weeks IV antibiotics and sending hip went in Oct 13, 2022. I’m a touch older than you, 47, but super active my whole life. It’s been quite the experience. Now they say they found same bacteria as first round and extended my antibiotics this round. I wanted to reach out in regards to PT. I had both surgeries at The Mayo Clinic and had very little pain first round & second. Think I took pain pills for 3 days & Tylenol for 2 more. Swelling was far worse on first round, ice & incrediwear products helped immensely. Mayo recommended zero PT. Sent me home with a book of basic exercises & I mean basic. Walking first 6 weeks, increase 10% a day as tolerated. In total 5 exercises, non done on a floor. Sitting or standing exercises only. Less is more in their opinion. Prior to surgeries I had PT for the hip issue & they way overdid it. I would also be cautious about stationary bike before 6 weeks. You will gain walking strength everyday & be amazed how you progress. It’s a hard pill to swallow at a younger age to not be mobile! Hang in there. Honestly I’d ditch the PT but just my opinion.
@Packy2 Welcome to Bonesmart!

Your post above is very helpfu, especially sharing how the Mayo Clinic feels about formal PT after a hip replacement.

Here's a link to Starting a new thread and posting so the Bonesmart members can get to know you better, in a recovery thread of your own. Best wishes as you continue to recover. :flwrysmile:
Hey everyone,

I haven't posted in a while. I am exactly 3 weeks out today and wanted to give an update and some observations from my recovery.

My recovery progressed very fast which made me very excited. At about the two week mark, I have noticed each day almost feels the same now. Very incremental increases. It is going to be a long process to get back to feeling as I did before.

One thing that has given me more struggles than anything so far has been the lack of any text/email/phone call from many people who I thought were friends. This feels very selfish on my part too. I have multiple people who I have worked with for over 4 years. They have seen how this has negatively impacted my life and I have been telling them about my upcoming surgery. It has been such a struggle seeing all of these same people not say a word to me for 3 weeks. I wonder if anyone else has dealt with this.

Also similar to my previous paragraph is another struggle where in the first couple weeks, people that did take an interest in my surgery and recovery have since moved on. Not really anyone checks in anymore and I realize that it is now myself and my new hip. I have to figure this out on my own.

I don't want to sound like people owe me anything. I just want to emphasize that this recovery is not only physical (which I feel like I am excelling at) but also mental (which I am struggling).

I would love to hear anyone that has any similar experiences.

Always, I appreciate anyone reading and/or taking an interest in what I have to say.

I can totally relate to this. My workplace hasn’t contacted me at all. Considering they’re NHS too it’s really very uncaring.
They weren’t very supportive before my op and made no allowances for the pain I was in so I shouldn’t be surprised.
Some ‘friends’ haven’t contacted me at all whilst other friends I’ve only recently made have been there for me.
I’m lucky I’ve got my family here. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to see anyone this week as they’ve all been ill but normally they’d be around.
It’s given me time to think anyway. There’ll be big changes after this and upsetting as it has been I know who my true friends are.
The one big decision is I’m not going back to my workplace.
New hip, new life for me.
Just wanted to update 5 weeks post op.

Doing well. Went to the gym yesterday and rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes (got Doc approval). Didn't raise the resistance level like I used to but it was NICE finally getting some cardio. I actually sweat a bit for the first time in a month. :)

Only hiccups in recovery are weird parts of my body aching or being sore for 1-2 days and then going away. First my opposite knee from my operated hip. Then it was my lower back. Suddenly my neck has hurt a bit. I am guessing as my body adjusts to the new way I move these things will happen.

Overall, I am doing GREAT. I love my new hip. Cannot wait for my other one in December.

@Rebelguy, isn’t it bizarre how your opposite knee or ankle or shoulder hurts after this surgery? I’m going through it with the shoulders and knees. It's like pain whack-a-mole — you knock one down and another one pops up Someplace else. You are doing amazingly at just 5 weeks post off. One Of the benefits of benefits of being a young sprout among us, ahem, Elders. :loll:
Happy Two Month Anniversary, Ryan!
Not long now until your Right THR. You're a brave one, they'd have to drug and drag me to get back in there this soon, but the benefit is you'll have two shiny new hips and a fantastic New Year once you get beyond the initial early healing.
All the best to you!
A little over 2 months post LTHR. My recovery has gone very well. I now am going to the gym and riding stationary bike for 30 minutes a day and doing a little upper body lifting. I pretty much have no pain at all in my new hip other than there are a couple parts of the outside of my thigh that sting a bit if I push on it. This has slowly started to fade and my doctor said it was normal after the anterior approach.

My wife gave birth to our second son on November 7th. Everything went well other than we arrived at the hospital at 6 am and baby didn't come until after 9 pm. There was a LOT of standing involved and I still have 1 bad hip. RTHR is two weeks from today.

I am definitely beginning to get a little anxiety about the next surgery. This first one has gone so well. Could I really get this lucky again??? I am sure it will all work out and I will be so happy once it is over.

Overall, still doing great and I would advise anyone struggling with hip pain to get the surgery. Unless something else strange happens, I'm guessing my next post will be a day or two after my next surgery.

Until then....
Congrats on the birth of your second child!
I am definitely beginning to get a little anxiety about the next surgery. This first one has gone so well. Could I really get this lucky again???
Yes, your next recovery may go just as well, or even better now that you know the ropes. Not too long of a wait to go now. You'll be busy with the new baby and the next couple weeks will fly by I am guessing.
We will look forward to hearing from you once you're post op again. Wishing you only the best!
Many congratulations on the birth of your son.
Crikey you’ve got your hands full at the moment.
Wishing you all the best for your op and a good recovery.
Oh, I feel like my recovery would've went much better when I was grounded to my rest nest if I could've held and stared at a Sweet little infant:roseshwr:
Congrats @Rebelguy
Only one weekend left between you and your new hip! I hope you're ready to get on with it.
Your new baby boy is a month old already! You'll have a real live teddy bear to snuggle with while healing.
Wishing you an uneventful surgery and easy recovery! :)
What a big year for you, two new hips and a sweet new baby! I bet you'll do just fine with the second THR, you already know what to expect.

Hi Everyone,

I survived hip surgery #2 (Anterior RTHR). Currently resting overnight in the hospital. This one definitely hurts a bit more than the left. I think my right hip was just more alive still than my left.

They had me up and walking already twice today. Very stiff. Even my right knee has some pain.

All of this is to be expected so I think things are going well. My wife rents a recliner for me to recover in. I hope i am in that chair tomorrow night. :).

Til then…
@Rebelguy Welcome again to the recovery process! Yes knees do get wrenched about sometimes during hip replacement. It will sort it self out.

Glad you are all done...
It will be good to get home so you can get more comfy:ice:
Congrats! Best wishes you're in that comfy chair tonight sniffing your sweet lil guys head. Stay in touch!
Ahhhh, recliner chair goals. that was mine main one, too. I hope your pain is well controlled and you are able to sleep a bit. I enjoyed watching reruns of shows that were helpful in getting me to doze off and on a bit... a lovely feeling. Or was it the drugs?

Glad to see your update here, now onto a complete recovery!
Congrats on being double bionic!

They often grab the knee to manipulate the hip.

All sounds normal. One tiny step at a time
I’m so glad that’s over for you and every day now is one step closer to normality. I hope you have a good recovery.

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