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My guess would be increased activity over the weekend has contributed to some of your aches and pains. When I overdo I just take a break and all is right with the world once again. You are doing great!
It really is the little things:loveshwr:
Walked to the local park this afternoon to see my granddaughter who was there with my OH. She was a bit bemused to see me there. I haven’t been there with her since last summer (and was in tears on the way home because of the pain). At 18 months old she can do so much more than the last time I was there (and so can I).
Coming up to 2 calendar months on Sunday. Just got back in from a walk around the city centre and a visit to the cathedral and the knifeangel (a touring sculpture made with knives used in crimes and knives collected through amnesty - it’s quite a powerful statement and when it’s in your city there are lots of workshops in schools and youth clubs about the effects of knife crime). Walked just over 2 miles without a rest. Tired now and recovering at home with a cold beer.
Today’s milestone is my first time driving. No real problems although I can imagine I won’t be up to long distances for a while. Just being able to do short distances will give me a bit more independence and allow my OH a bit more freedom.
Oh, that first time driving again is the best! I was more eager to get behind the wheel post-op than I was as a 16-yr-old! Enjoy! :hog:
So happy to hear you are doing so well @Gloucestergal65
I looked up the sculpture:flabber:.. Wow, very powerful indeed...

Getting some confidence and independence back is such a brilliant part of the recovery process.
Lots of great times yet to come.:driver:
And a new milestone today - walking asymmetry according to my iPhone was 52%, it’s been in the high 80s and 90s ever since the operation so I’m hoping it’s a sign that I’m gaining strength and limping less. Still using two sticks outside.
Well the sculpture is definitely thought provoking.
Sounds like you had a pretty active day and fared well.
Driving now also, good for you! Remember heel-toe walking when you're limping, it really does help.
Happy Two Month Anniversary and a great week to you!
Another drive today, about 30minutes and more comfortable than last time. My OH was with me and he drove back although actually I don’t think I would have had a problem. One thing that I hadn’t considered was the size of the parking spaces. If I’d been on my own I would have had to wait for the person who parked next to me to reappear since I couldn’t have squeezed into the driver’s seat of though the space. So Top Tip - park at the end of a row!
Managed a bit of light pruning in the garden, not too much bending and later walked to a friend’s house just using one stick. I did it but I’m not really ready to give up on the second stick just yet.
I also bought some slip on shoes so I can be independent from my OH. I get to try them for 6 weeks around the house so hopefully they’ll work. That and the sock putter-on thingy that I am about to order. All good moves towards independence.
I also sat in the cinema for the best part of 3 hours without any ill effects a few days ago.
My neighbour dropped off some flowers this evening - she said she’d seen me in passing and I looked to be in pain and she felt sorry for me. I haven’t been when I’ve been out walking, just concentrating, so I need to improve my facial features for the world so they can see I’m ok.
Quieter day today - I woke up feeling a bit achy so I thought I’d take it easy. Seems to have worked. So easy to get carried away and overdo it.
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What a marvellous invention the sock aid is! Wish I’d got one weeks ago. The new Skechers are working out well too. My OH can leave me home alone and I can completely fend for myself. The cat will have to get used to eating on the table but he goes outside for anything else so no scooping needed. Yay!
I’m feeling quite anxious this evening although I’ve generally been taking it a bit easier the last few days. I’ve had some new pain/discomfort yesterday and today - like small, sharp needle like stabs in various places - through my sit bone, the outside upper thigh below the incision and just now my upper inner thigh. All on the operated leg. I’m hoping these are just the normal zaps and zingers of nerves waking up as I’ve seen others reporting. Just that they’re new and I’m in week 10 and my anxiety levels which were reducing have now rocketed again. I have a physio appointment at the hospital on Monday so I can ask when I go in. I probably just need some reassurance.
@Gloucestergal65 These zingers (as we call them) are very normal. Nerves and soft tissues "waking up" from all the trauma. Please don't stress about this. Ice and elevate if you are very uncomfortable.

At only 10 weeks out it is still very early days. There will be lots of aches and pains. Worry not!
Sorry you were feeling anxious. New, but strange sensations after you feel things slowly returning to normal can be alarming, but you're certainly not alone in experiencing what you described above.
While healing you may experience sensations of tingling, pins and needles, itching, burning and even the feeling of a minor electrical shock. These are usually good signs that the nerves are spontaneously firing through the regeneration process. So...please don't worry. Have a nice rest of the weekend and a good PT session on Monday!

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