THR RTHR Recovery - UK - 65 year old woman

A week away from nine months.
Aching everywhere except my hip from Acqua aerobics yesterday - a two week gap wasn’t a good idea!
I can walk without a stick but I still have a slight limp so I’ll carry on using it for the time being. I can even sleep on the operated side at last.
I am still not very comfortable getting down in the floor and up again but I’m sure with practice this will come. And my knees complain a bit but not enough to send me to my GP. My stamina isn’t what it was either but I am now officially an OAP. How did that happen?
Off to Northumbria later this week for a seaside holiday with friends. Not looking forward to the 6 hour drive but we aren’t in a hurry so we can take as many breaks for stretching as we need.
@Gloucestergal65 Even into my first year I noticed small things that got better: I could finally get up off the floor (not the most graceful, but able! :heehee:) I found myself moving in ways I hadn't been able to in the years leading up to my THR. As your confidence in your hip gets re-established, so will your more natural movements. It really is very gratifying.

Yes! Take lots of breaks and move during your drive. Your new hip will appreciate it and I think you'll have fewer aches, pains, and stiffness because of it. Enjoy your holiday!
You will get there, I can now get down on my hands and knees to wash the floor. Maybe not that exciting of a project but I'm happy I can do it. Then you have to get back up, of course!
I go hang on to something and pull myself up, replacement leg first.
Not very attractive but I manage to get up just fine.
Enjoy your holiday!
Coming up to 9 months. Northumbria is beautiful and the weather has been glorious today. Walked 3.3 miles along the coast from Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle and back. Good to be by the sea with good friends, our cottage is overlooking the harbour. Met a woman on holiday in a neighbouring cottage who had her hip replaced three months ago. She isn’t using a stick. I will try not to be discouraged and carry on with the stick in the hope of eventually getting rid of the limp.
Had a lovely day out on Lindisfarne today. Walked more than 10,000 steps for the first time since November 2019 so definitely onwards and upwards. Now I just need to lose the last vestiges of the limp. :spin:
Lovely pics, thanks for sharing!
Good for you on the steps! Such an accomplishment, Gloucester gal.
Now I just need to lose the last vestiges of the limp. :spin:
Heel-toe, heel-toe and watch that limp, go, go, go! :walking:
Just arrived home after an 8 hour journey with a short stop in the middle. Luckily I wasn’t driving although I was ‘on call’ if needed. A bit stiff but a glass of wine is helping.
I didn’t manage quite as many steps in the other days and managed to fall down some rather high coast footpath steps built by a very tall man I should think.
Anyway, that and walking on uneven coastal footpaths and scrambling over rocks (not) makes me realise that although I can walk further on the flat, there is still a way to go.
Onwards and upwards.
Signed off by the physio today although she’s happy for me to see her again if I feel I need to. The advantages of being a private patient in the UK. My glutes and hamstrings are both working together quite well so she feels it is only a matter of time before I get rid of the tiny limp. More of a slight hitch. Walking more without a stick but on longer and/or rougher walks I still use it. The tiny limp becomes more pronounced when I get tired. Still a slight tender area near the incision but I only notice it when I poke around looking for it or when my granddaughter accidentally kicks me at the site. The hip feels strong and works well but it doesn’t quite feel the same as the natural one. Perhaps it never will. Just need to get my exercise regime re-organised. A week away, a load of class time changes, very wet and windy weather have all contributed to a lower step count and a lot less exercise. Overall life is good.
Good luck everyone. It’s a journey that’s for sure and this site definitely helps make that a smoother one. Thank you everyone. :dancy:
Just as everything seemed to be going really well I see to have caught Covid again. Same symptoms as last time, a year ago, when it led to the operation being postponed. Runny nose, headache, sore throat, aching limbs, fever, lack of appetite, hacking cough, unable to sleep at night, drifting in and out of sleep during the day. I haven’t done a test yet so it isn’t confirmed but all I want to do is stay in bed and rest. :bawl:
Oh no :blackcloud:So sorry to hear you are unwell. You know the drill, drink plenty of fluids, take paracetamol regularly at full dosage and rest / sleep as much as you can - you can get through this and then curse the gods!
Sorry to hear that just when things were going so well, you've caught something unpleasant ! I seem to remember my surgeon saying I would be more at risk of getting Flu or Covid after my op, and I normally decline the flu jab but I might just get one this year - I hate needles so normally I try to avoid them unless absolutely necessary.
Hope you feel better soon :flwrysmile:
@Gloucestergal65 your travels are inspiring! So sorry you are feeling unwell. At least the weather is cool enough that hot soups are appealing again. Hope it is just a cold.
@Esmeralda there may be guidelines about jabs and thr. Please let us know- when I return to work I will be surrounded by students. I have stocked up on elderberry as an immune booster.
@Hippie Chick I think you're right, I have a vague memory about jabs and either having to wait before the op or after the op. I have a few phone calls to make next week so will run it past my surgeon's secretary and my GP practice.
Covid confirmed today even though I’m already on the mend. A rough three days, my ribs ached from coughing so much. Energy levels rising so I did manage 4000 steps today. Appetite also improving but I’m hoping I don’t put back on the three pounds I’ve just lost. I just hope the testing positive goes away quite quickly - I have plans! Thanks all for the positive thoughts.
Ten months tomorrow. My energy levels are still a bit low after Covid. I’m getting 8-9 hours sleep at night and still falling asleep in the afternoon. Otherwise life is good.
I still have a slight limp so I’m still using a stick when out and about to try and get rid of it. The sports centre I was going to changed its timetable and no longer suited me. I tried to join one that is more local to me but I got no response. Later that day I heard it had closed with immediate effect. So the swimming and acqua aerobics have fallen by the wayside at the moment while I work out where to go next!
Autumn is definitely here now with all the beautiful colours of the leaves and conkers to find. The squirrels are madly hiding walnuts in the garden. I’ve never really figured out where they’re getting them from but we regularly have walnut trees growing in the garden from their efforts.
Take care all. Thanks again for all the reassurance and support especially in those early days when everything is a bit unexpected and scary. :angel:

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