THR RTHR Recovery - UK - 65 year old woman

I received a 6 month questionnaire to fill in from the hospital where my op was carried out. It was a pleasure to fill in and really reinforced how far I have come.
The only slight negative is the limp and using a stick and a general lack of fitness and I’m working on overcoming both of those and my confidence is growing as I do. So not quite perfect yet, but getting there.
Have a good day everyone. :loveshwr:
I had my 6 month appt. yesterday....I asked him why I was so wiped out after a 2 miles walk. He said "You are only 1/2 way there to a full recovery" He told me I am not 30 yrs. old anymore, and to go slow:) I'm doing pretty good if it wasn't for the angry bursitis. Getting an injection at some point.
So glad you are doing well. It is frustrating to be fit, have a surgery, and have to climb the mountain to get back into shape. I'm not very patient, but am trying to learn to be.

Take care, and enjoy the day!
I battled bursitis during my recovery, it did finally subside but boy is it painful and I experienced it on both sides, good hip and replacement.
It really is a full year recovery for many of us. I had a little setback in April going back to work and thinking I was 20 but happy to report I'm back to my old self!
Don’t know what’s happened the last couple of days but I seem to be completely lacking in the energy department. No obvious reason that I can think of. :sleep:
It’s my 7 month anniversary tomorrow. I am unfortunately still limping from time to time so I am still using a walking stick when I go out but there are times when I am not limping so at least I feel that I am getting there. My walking stability has now crept into the OK category from Low and before that Very Low. Step length is longer, walking speed is faster. Averaging 5000 steps a day so sometimes as many as 8500, other days not so many. After an aqua aerobics session I am knackered and don’t feel like walking as well so it’s not as though I am not exercising. Only residual issues are- tenderness around the incision area which only really affects my inability to sleep on that side. I wonder if it is bursitis rather than muscular (lateral incision), general lack of fitness and stamina. Still building up to joining a Pilates class and I can get up and down off the floor more easily now. Clams are still challenging so something still isn’t working properly, but they are improving. I have to remind myself sometimes that generally speaking this recovery is expected to take up to a year or more so I have no complaints, just sometimes lacking a bit of patience. Thank you fellow hipsters, your wise words over the last few months have been invaluable.
I am a Gloucester gal , 8 month knee replacement anniversary coming up and still in significant pain after any activity. Have a triage physio appointment coming up on Friday to see what is going on as I cannot move my leg pain free without supporting it's weight. Driving is very uncomfortable so am about to exchange my car for an automatic. Frustrated that trying to climb stairs alternately is too painful, as is riding my exercise bike for longer than 5 mins with no resistance. My ROM has regressed over the last few months and the constant pain makes me want to stay home with my leg up! Am thinking of paying for a private physio course but am worried that it's scar tissue and I'm too late.
@alija Sorry to hear things are not going well for you. I guess you need to find out from someone what is going on and making you so uncomfortable. Good luck.
Ok Gloucestergal,
Quit those clam shells...
If you are reading here you know that this recovery is up and down. And the older we are I'm sure it takes a little longer for us to get to the finish line.
So take it easy on yourself, it's not necessary to do 8500 steps, or 10K steps everyday and nothing wrong with using your assistive device. I had to go back to using my cane for about 3 weeks this past April after attempting return to work. It was more my back than hip but still unsteady and I'm not falling if I can help it.
So I just take one day at a time and most days my days are very full. Others I give in to some laziness for no other reason than I can.
I wish you the best.
My physio did some pressure point release in the tender areas which hurt a little bit but the whole area feels so much better for it. I have managed successfully to do it around my knee area when I get a bit of discomfort but I haven’t really tried around the incision area because I thought it felt to tender to try by myself. Still not quite comfortable enough to sleep on that side but getting there. Slowly.
New thing for today - managed to climb into the back seat of our car (a 3 door Yaris). I haven’t been able to do that in a while, since long before the operation. At least that allowed my 86 year old mother-in-law not to have to it again. It wasn’t a very smooth or elegant move in or out but I managed it relatively easily.
Small steps forward. :egypdance:
My 8 month anniversary today and everything is going well apart from a slight limp which is ever so slowly going away I think so I am still using one walking stick. There is still a slight tender patch near the incision site which doesn’t seem to affect anything I do, I just know it’s still there because my granddaughter kicked it a day or two ago by accident when she was wriggling around on the sofa next to me.
I didn’t get on too well with Pilates but I’m keeping up with walking an average of 2+ miles a day and I also do short bursts on the exercise bike at the gym, swimming and I love the Acquaerobics class I go to.
Although nothing hurts any more (big bonus), I seem to lack stamina these days (or is that just my age, coming up to 66 in 10 days)?
The sun is shining here in the UK today and I’m looking at a beautiful blue sky through the window. I’ll spend the day looking after my two year granddaughter and I’m meeting friends this evening for a glass or two of wine and a chat. Life is good. :cheers:
Hi @Gloucestergal65, I keep losing count too! Today is the 11th so my 7 month anniversary must have been yesterday. There's been a lot going on recently with family birthdays and looking after grandchildren before they go back to school next week - that's my excuse anyway. You are far more active than I am but I'm enjoying visits to the swimming pool - although I do prefer the quieter pool rather than the leisure centre full of noisy children! Stairs can sometimes be a struggle but any limping is now related to my ankle rather than the hips. Onwards & upwards!
Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the day at the Cotswold Sculpture Garden with my partner, my daughter and my granddaughter which was lovely.
I am now officially an OAP and looking forward to free bus travel and receiving my state pension. Lots of adventures to come.
No pain, a small limp, lacking stamina at times but generally all good. I can even sleep on my operated side now. I still haven’t tackled the bath but hey ho, with a walk-in shower I don’t have to tackle that any time soon. :flwrysmile:
Family time is so precious - I celebrated my birthday with family locally and have since had a short break in London where we were able to see our son & his family.
Go well @Gloucestergal65 :egypdance:
Belated birthday wishes gloucester! :)
Sounds like a fun day with family.

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