THR Rt. THR Dec. 30, 22, N. Little Rock, AR

Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for sharing your recovery journey here. Hope to hear more soon! :)
Thank you!! I've enjoyed the information - it's helped put my mind at ease about some things!
I do have a new question: is it odd that I have chest pain (front and back) on my left - it hurts when I lay on my back and has felt like it was rib or lung area, and if i take a deep breath it hurts a little more, but it feels like it's muscle or rib sore-type pain, not lung-type soreness. I'm usually a left side sleeper, but have been sleeping only on my back for 4.5 weeks except a little on my left side (with pillow between my legs - my OS's PA said to do) the last few days. When I change to my side, it seems to help, but sometimes the side position is uncomfortable for my replaced right hip, so I move back to my back, and then my left front and back chest hurts again - sometimes wedging a pillow under it helps. So I haven't been sleeping well the last few days. Since I use my cane with left hand and put a lot of body weight on it often, I'm thinking it's related to that. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
Hi @Sgk, I've just caught up with your thread. Given what you say about left chest/rib muscle type aches & pains I would suspect you are correct suggesting your use of the cane is a factor. I was advised to try to put more weight through the operated leg and to use the crutch or cane more for balance. That certainly helped relieve the pressure through my hand wrist and arm. Think it might help if can focus on being upright rather than left leaning too, even if it means still using two crutches at times. Good luck and be kind to yourself.

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