THR Roseanne in recovery

Happy Three Month Anniversary, Roseanne!
How are you doing almost a month since we last heard from you?
Hopefully all is good in your world. Let us know when you have time.
Have a beautiful Autumn!
Hope it is going well Roseanne! I was watching a “Bob and Brad” video re walking and they were advocating heel and toe but advising against slapping the front of the foot down too much and transitioning gently. I concentrated on this and things improved. I’m
Also doing some gentle calve stretches to avoid plantar facilities as I am somewhat flat footed. No Barbie-type arches on this Barbie sadly :)
Hope things are now going well
@Layla and @SurreyGirl, sorry for the late response to your replies in October, somehow I missed them. Have to say things have gotten WAY better than they were 2 months ago. Getting around now without the walker, cane or walking sticks for the most part. With the rainy weather comes slippery leaves on the ground so grabbing the walking stick for balance on some days just to be safe. Other than that pain is minimal with still a bit of difficulty getting into the drivers seat of my car and needing to take stairs one at a time. Once in a while have pain in the groin area but I think that is from stretching a bit to much to reach something on the floor or under the bed. I do get some of those zips and zaps in the outer thigh area that feel like an electric shock. Weird sensation that only lasts for a few seconds but from what I have read on this forum is most likely nerve regeneration. Pretty amazing how my quality of life is returning after 18 months of constant pain, fear and frustration prior to the THR.

By the way, one of the things I did during my first two months lying in bed was to go back and read posts on bonesmart from years ago. If I remember correctly there are over 300 pages going back many years of folks who had THR and how it turned out for them. It was a great way to pass the time and very enlightening as well. No time for that now as I am back to work and still taking care of our 3 year old granddaughter. Feeling so grateful to have my mobility back. Really appreciate this site and all the support and encouragement I received over the past 4 months.

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