TKR ROM issues

The visibility was 10-20 feet and only a bit green, far better than it has been most of the summer. I was pretty happy hauling myself in my 80 pounds of gear across the parking lot, down the stairs, across the soft sand beach, and into the water with no assistance. The swim out was ok at first then tiring for my relatively unused muscles. Diving went slower while my daughter took lots of photos. I exited the very mild surf and under-water sand ripples (big hidden steps) and got back to the car without assistance. Yeah!


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Awesome Birthday! I love SCUBA diving too! Weightlessness and serenity. Taking pictures and leaving only bubbles.
You are one amazing lady! Did you have any repercussions?
Yes, dinner and wine tasted really good! There was more than just a birthday and good company to celebrate. I have waited all summer to go diving.

The next day I walked along the ocean front to the coffee shop using the compression pants. It is about 3 miles round trip but I remembered wrong, thinking it was 1.5 miles. My leg ached a bit by the time I finished. I also took the dog to Carmel Beach and added another mile on sand.
As I said before, you are amazing!
Unbelievable…well almost, but still incredible!
New accomplishment - I rode my mountain bike 5 miles. Earlier I was only riding my electric bike. There is no assist on my mountain bike; the rider does all the work!
I am so envious of your bike riding. I have an inner ear problem impacts my balance so bike riding isn't possible now. Well done on your ride!
I have a friend who rides a tricycle because of balance issues. He recently added electric assist for the hills. He is 86. It is not like the trikes we used as kids; he sits in a recumbent position with the pedals forward of his seat. It is very cool, but heavy, hence the assist.
@skiforever I have looked at tricycles and would really like to get one. But if I do, that's admitting that I will never ride a two wheeler again. Getting old isn't for sissies!
Doctor's office sent a message that I am half way through the healing and can resume activities. So I hiked Shirley Canyon, 3.2 miles and 2036 feet climbing, rather steep (also 6-8000 ft ASL). The knee worked well on the giant steps, but I am tired.
The knee did not swell, either right after hiking or overnight. That is really nice. It is still a little red and a little swollen all the time, which will hopefully some day change. I lost a degree or so in extension and did a few degrees better on flexion in my measurements this morning after the stationary bike ride, so there seem to be no ill effects. Both the dog and I are very tired. My husband won't admit to such things.
My ROM is not good, something like 10 to 105 degrees, maybe 8 to 110 on a good day. I get my 3 month visit soon and have no idea what they will say.

My personal doc looked at my knee yesterday and said the hamstrings were like piano strings and were keeping my knee from going straight. He suggested a stretch that I had previously been doing but was doing wrong. Seated you lean with straight back over the extended operated leg. I asked if the tight hamstring was due to my back and he suggested using a vibration device on the L5 pathway to interfere with the nerve signals from the back.

He said my flexion would be fine because nothing was interfering with that movement. He advocated knee bending together with both hips and ankles, such as doing squats hanging on to something like TRX gear.
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Have you tried the one where you lie on your tummy on a bed with your lower leg hanging off the bed, to improve your extension?
I improved my extension by walking with a longer stride, with a heel-to-toe gait. If you try this, make sure you have something to grab hold of in case you lose your balance. I used my walker. I could really lengthen my stride while holding on to that! It didn't happen over night, but it did help my stretch them out without a lot of discomfort.

Those large tendons in the back of the knee take time to stretch out, so be patient with them.
Yes, but I have stopped doing it regularly. Time to change that. Thanks!

According to my iPhone my stride length is the same as before surgery at about 22.8 inches. I will try to extend that. Do you know why these muscles tighten up sometimes after surgery? My first physical therapist said mine were the tightest she had ever seen.
Do you know why these muscles tighten up sometimes after surgery?
Stiffness/Tightness is a normal occurrence after this kind of major surgery. Your surgeon did major carpentry work and disturbed every millimeter of soft tissue in this area. You aren't tight because your muscle is underused and needs to be stretched and rehabbed. You're tight because your tissue has been disturbed and is healing...and full healing takes a full year or more.

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