Bilateral THR Roemadison'e Recovery Thread

As far as sleeping on your stomach or sides for that matter I would definitely check with my OS, especially for stomach. @Eman85 is right, those first two weeks are usually the pits and since you're bilateral it may take a little longer. Right now sleep whenever possible, your body does it's best healing when you sleep. Icing is wonderful, even if you don't see any swelling be sure there is some inside. Right now just take it slow and easy, getting up to go the bathroom and maybe a snack or drink once in a while is pretty much all the walking you really need right now.
:ice: :banana-santa:
Hello! I am one week out and feeling better every day. Ice, elevate and rest have been my only goals this week. I have decided to start getting up and around every hour at the beginning of my second week of recovery. This was not something I was worried about the first week.
I am still using my walker and plan to until my follow up next week. I wish my gait was a little smoother, but assume this will come over time. I take Tylenol in the morning when I wake up and before I go to bed.

I am open to any tips anyone has to share in a BTHR in this second week of recovery.
Thank you!
I think you are wise to stay with your walker for now...i did also although I did realize I had a death grip on the handles and suspending myself while advancing as to not put my weight on my legs which was causing some real stress on my wrists and shoulders not to mention my palms of my hands.:groan:
I had to practice relaxing and gain confidence in the strength of my new hips.
I walked more the 2nd week..but found this also increased the soreness so I also had to ice and elevate often.
An extra stroll up and down the hall when getting up for necessities and a few solo cruises by week 3 along the back of the sofa.
My quads were very tender so better to stay on flat surfaces these first weeks.

Let your body be your guide as incremental progress will keep you out of the ODIC, Overdid It Club.
Hope today is a hood day, my double hippy pal.:tada:
Hello Double Hipster @Roemadison

Wow, sounds like you going remarkably well. That stiffness will fade once you are more mobile. Ankle pumps getting blood flow going when you are laying down. Swelling for me took a while to resolve. Be sure to drink lots of water. This helps tissue and blood volume in your legs. Ice baby ice. Helps to manage pain without all side affects of narcotics.

Healing wishes!!
Hi @Roemadison
Hope you are hanging in there and settling into a recovery groove.
You WILL be happy to have this done though sometimes I couldn't quite see the forest for the trees.

Recovery can be Boooring!

Next New Year's Eve, you will be double hippy happy :chuckmarch:
Hi there @Roemadison - you are doing great!
The key to the recovery is to go slow and not push yourself.
Yes, we all want to be our old ourselves... jump, squat, run... but to get there we have to be gentle to our bodies and not force anything.
I am now 4 weeks after my second THR and still using walker and canes to go around. I am not concerned, I know it's only temporary.
Patience is the key.
Just checking in! I am two weeks and one day out from surgery. I have transitioned to a cane and continue to feel better and better every day.
I am wondering when other BTHR patients have been released to drive? When have others been released to swim? I continue to ice, rest and elevate, just not as often.
I am excited and looking forward to getting back to doing things I love!
You sound as if you are doing extremely well, my double hippy pal!
I'm assuming you have a follow up with your surgeon soon? Definitely ask your OS, but you will need to be off pain meds, obviously, before driving and those incisions will need to be closed up tight before you go swimming or immerse in a tub.
Typically 6 weeks is the answer I hear given, but I gave it a bit longer as I had one stitch spot on one leg that looked a little sketchy (it was fine).
I drove short distances at 4 weeks but I was nervous.
Not about my driving, about everyone else.
And to add to what @Mojo333 said, you also need to be able to move your quickly to react in the event you need to slam on the brakes. Also, you need to have the strength to press the pedals correctly.

You definitely want to make sure your incisions are totally closed before swimming. Just a note, be careful when you do go back to swimming, super easy to overdo as you don't notice the workout as much until you're out of the water. Take it very slow at first.
@Roemadison :wave:
You seem to be managing very well and it’s a bilateral no less!
I found when beginning my return to driving that you leg muscles would tighten up and tire easily. For that reason, I tried to keep my driving to shorter distances until it felt safer and secure.
Just knowing that I had the option seemed to help cool my jets.
Speaking of cool, ice will be your friend for many more weeks, especially as your activity levels increase. Many of us used it as a precaution and not just for the swelling aspect of the recovery.
You really do sound great- congratulation! Double Hippy status overnight :froggies:
Hello! I am 3 1/2 weeks out from BTHR. I am walking without any aid- no cane, etc. I am still limping a little bit and am considering asking for PT. I think my limp might be a strength issue.

My hips still feel a little swollen. Can anybody give any info on when swelling will be completely gone?

I am hoping to get cleared to start swimming soon! I am pleasantly surprised at how smoothly this has gone.....
@Roemadison Still very early days for you. This can be a process that takes one year or more. Please don't be in a rush to ditch the walking aid. If you are still limping continue to use it.

There is no timeline for when the swelling will end. Are you still icing and elevating? Ice for 45-60 minutes several times per day.
My surgeon cleared me for swimming after my 6 week appointment with him. He told me to use the steps to get in and out of the pool, and to build up the distance slowly and carefully. I had one THR.
You should wait until your surgeon gives you the ok.
Agree that it's very early on, especially for BTHR to be walking without an assistive device. Your body is still trying to heal and the limp is letting you know it still needs a helper. Plus, when you walk, with or without a device, pay close attention that you are landing on your heel and rolling up through the toe. Sounds easy but requires concentration and really helps to correct your gait.

I think it was around 6 weeks or so when OS said I could go in the pool. Really wanted to make sure the incision was really healed up. When you start back in the pool take it very slow and stop before you feel like you need to. You don't really notice how much of a workout you're getting until after you get out. I started out with 15-20 minutes and then just kind of floated for another 5-10 minutes.
A belated Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope you're having a great week :)
Stay in touch and let us know when you get back to the pool. :swim:
All the best to you :wave:

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