TKR Rob's Knew Knee

Glad things are better for you! I am looking at the under desk elliptical as well. I put it on my Amazon wish list. Not sure yet, but it sounds like it would make sense to have some activity built into my sedentary desk job. Let me know if the Sombra proves worthwhile.
I was issued the same ultimatum - get to 115 or face the dreaded MUA Monster. Well, my PT told me that as long as you show the potential to reach a certain number - which seems to vary by doctor - even with help, the doc will be satisfied. During my intensive PT sessions, I would always lose between 5 to 10 degrees over the weekends, and regain or exceed them by the last PT session of the week. I think you will be fine once you reach your doc's number, either assisted or on your own.
Was your pt serious about the 115 number? You could walk steps and ride a bike with less!
I too have the pt tell me the flex and it varies. But I think it has some subjectivity to it also
Sorry to post late, but at least it's not never, right? Had 3 month anniversary Monday, saw OS Tuesday, and he was pleased with the progress my knee has made. Released me for normal activity, and confirmed my thoughts that "real" tennis is about 3 or 4 months further out. But I can go out and hit a bit on the court, which I'm doing today with my local Knew Knee friend who got his Genesis back in April. We can compare scars and shots simultaneously. Doc wants to see me again in a year, then every 3 years thereafter. My goal now is to keep that schedule intact by babying the other knee. Hope all my July buddies are firmly ensconced in their recoveries and preparing themselves to enjoy the good life.

And by the way, as a bonus we now have barometers in our bodies. Yet another mixed blessing, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone.
Hit tennis balls for 90 minutes, and it felt wonderful. My friend had his knee done in April, and he said I was moving as well as he was. Don't know if that's true, but I wasn't far off. Starting to think I can still play this game.

Icing down the knee now, just to be safe. And I should sleep well tonight, since I haven't done anywhere near that much since the week before surgery.

Enjoy your weekends, friends and neighbors.
Hi Rob,

Not sure why I haven't come across your thread until now. I'm about a week behind you. Sounds like you are doing great. Ninety minutes! That's great. It's nice to hear how well people are doing. I'm going to do at least a 10 mile bike ride this weekend maybe more.

Again congrats on being okayed for your activities and having a good day hitting tennis balls.
I'm so far behind you guys in my recovery. Riding a bike, lol. My ROM varies from 100 to 105. My extension, well that's a joke. I'm happy that you are doing well.
@Lacy21 - Hey Lacy. One thing we've all learned is that everyone's recovery is unique, just as we as individuals are. You'll be fine; just listen to your knee and do what it tells you. @Wanttobebiking - Thought I knew all the July Sparklers, too. Glad we finally met. Hope you are making good progress in your recovery. Seems like the 11 to 12 week timeframe is a turning point for many of us. Keep your plugging away. Oh, I like Sombra, too, but I use it more on my shoulder than my knee. Imagine that.
@Rob 68 Hey Rob, for the most part I am doing well but I still have a couple of issues that keep me tied to my knee. I have pain walking down steps, which my PA told me was scar tissue at the top of my knee, and I am having trouble accepting the knee feel. Other than that, I'm back to normal, sleeping, working, swimming, biking, curling, and I just bought a new pair of cross country skis. I even forget to take my Tylenol Extra Strength every so often.:spin:

@Lacy21 Hi Lacy, I agree with Rob. We are all different but we are all on the same recovery road. We just get there at different times.
@Wanttobebiking what do you mean by the knee feel?
Mine feels crinkly if I stand on it too long like 15 mins. The knee cap gets swollen too
Had to post a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rafa, 4 months young today. He seems to be settling in with his older brother, Rick (short for Rickety). Everything going peachy. Take one Aleve in the a.m., one at night. Hitting tennis balls with my machine about 3 times a week, walking our puppy Fiona around a mile and a half every day depending on weather, and riding my bike about 3 times a week (25 minutes). No complaints and no regrets.
@Rob 68 Just found you! I'm another July 'baby' . Glad your doing so well. I'm a little behind you in some ways but overall doing well. Reading your posts made me laugh. Keep up the good work!
Hi Rob, Glad you are doing so well. I'm not 100% at the "glad I did it stage" but I do get there sometimes, and it seems more often this past week.

Congrats on doing so well!
Looking very fine, sir! Cannot wait until my newest knee catches up with my less new knee and I can spread my wings. You are an inspiration!
Hey @Rob 68 those are some sexy legs there! Looking good and glad you are felling so well! I was a couple of weeks before you. I feel great except for the pain behind my knee. I just had an ultrasound yesterday and it was determined that my IT Band is inflamed and that's what's causing my pain. Once that's gone, I should be feeling just like you. Can't wait!!
Okay, I know I promised to stay away from competitive tennis for at least 6 months, but my regular Saturday morning group had trouble getting 4 players for today, and I agreed to fill in for a set or two. Ended up playing 4 sets, played better than expected, and even ran down a couple of balls I probably should have let go. Bottom line: much fun, no pain, and one very happy tennis camper. Yea, me!! :tennis2:
Wow, Rob! What a success story!

I felt proud of myself that I had a nice, leisurely walk with a friend yesterday, and now I hear you and your new knee were out there playing four sets of competitive tennis. I'm glad for you, since I know how much you love the sport, but please don't make Saturday competitive tennis a thing until 2016, OK? Wouldn't want you to reneg on your promise, now... ;)
Fantastic! So happy for you that you were able to push yourself. I am finding that now that I am able to do a little more, it has been so long that I get tired ridiculously quickly. But each week I feel my body building itself back. Sounds like you are already there!

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