Spine Right Sacral Iliac Joint Fusion

@kayak59 So sorry for your loss! A tough time for everyone. I hope you Dad finds comfort in some good memories. Meanwhile, do look after yourself. It's good you have help lined up. We will be here for you!
My heart goes out to you with all this on your plate at once. I'm sure you've already thought of this, but I'll mention it anyway. If you haven't contacted a Hospice agency to have their help with your Dad, you might want to look into that. I found they gave me incredible strength and assistance with both my parents and my husband at the end of their lives. They somehow manage to life much of the mental load that goes along with this situation. Take care of yourself first. Make and relive as many memories as you can with your father. And know that I'm praying for you both.
Hi @kayak59 and everyone!

I am tentatively scheduled for early December for these surgeries: "Sacroiliac Fusion" which sounds like yours as well as "L5s Posterior lumbar interbody fusion" - I could not make out the "L5S" part of my doctor's handwriting. I had him write these down so that I can research these procedures. So I am looking for answers as well. I have had no previous lumbar fusion surgeries-(but did have a triple cervical fusion last year). They want to do a diagnostic bilateral sacroiliac block first.. and I also do not understand that but they say I need that for diagnostic and insurance reasons???

I am looking for a place to grumble a bit now and again too or just compare notes as I am in a lot of pain most of the time.. just walking or standing longer than 10 minutes, etc.

Hello @Trailgirl Did you have your surgery? If so, how did it go? I'm finally having mine in 5 days
edit...I wanted to say I am so so sorry for your loss!!! :hugzz:

You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you have a super speedy recovery.. and your nicknmame has definitely inspired me.

I did have both surgeries on December 23rd and still recovering. They did the SI joint fusion using.. I believe the "iFuse Implant System".. and they also did the PLIF.. posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF) - think that is the correct name. My husband said they had me under for 7 hours! They did both surgeries as my neuro surgeon felt I would more than likely have to come back and do the SI joint after having the lumbar fusion anyway. I was having a lot of burning pain in my hips and when sitting.

I am just past the 5 week mark. I am sure everybody is different but recovery was the most difficult for me (and as far as pain levels) the first 2 weeks. I am still feeling fatigue a lot after activity but am up walking (with brace) and not having the same pain I did before--(before I could only make it a block down the street and I reached level 7 -8 pain level in my back/hips). The best thing I did was bought me a really good recliner chair and I slept in that (still do some nights). Last week was my first time sleeping regular in the bed with home health assisting me learning how to log roll in and out of bed.:hugzz::hugzz:
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Helloi @Trailgirl The fatigue may be because of the anesthesia and how long you were under. Another effect of the anesthesia on me at least, was short term memory problems. I had to tell everyone who wanted to tell me something that they'd better follow it up with a text, email or voice mail. Great excuse anyway!

I was told that a lot of people who have spinal fusions of one kind or another end up later needing SI Fusions too. If your spinal problems were already advanced, I can see why your doc would want to do both. I will be needing a 6 vertebrae spinal fusion eventually but am hoping this will give me a couple more years before I have to do that.

Looking forward to the surgery tomorrow so I can then look forward to getting back into my kayak, onto my bike and hiking in the woods!
Looking forward to the surgery tomorrow so I can then look forward to getting back into my kayak, onto my bike and hiking in the woods!

Maybe so with the anesthesia..I am glad mine are both over with :thumb:

I am with you on the bike and esp the hiking in the woods activities. Best wishes for your big day tomorrow and recovery towards an active future!:loveshwr: :bicycle1:

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Post surgery now. This is definitely not as bad as a hip replacement although granted, I'm still coming off the hospital pain medication. Will be taking my oxycodone absolutely on schedule for the next couple days. Bad news -- this really will be a pain in the butt. The hip pain was on the side so I could put my weight on the other side. With this surgery, you have to be level. But good news: my surgeon does not believe in non weight bearing so its partial -- basically like the hip replacement so I'll be using a walker. My major concern was the non weight bearing so I'm quite pleased at this.

Bittersweet news: apparently the Covid Pneumonia that my Dad had has had a resurgence. Its not Covid, "just" pneumonia but had to call the ambulance for the 2nd time in less than a week and this time he was admitted to the hospital. Good for me because I don't have to worry about him during these first days of my recovery. He is allowed one visitor per day and my siblings are taking care of that. He should be in the hospital at least until Friday to hopefully get this under control. Mentally he's okay -- doesn't like the hospital but he's okay. The doctor is recommending hospice care and we all knew this would come -- especially if and now, now that my Mum has died. He doesn't want to live without her and we all understand that. Hopefully he can stay at my house until the very end. I don't have a problem with him dying in my house because he will be happier and my house is decorated very much like his and Mum's. I hope you don't mind me sharing this journey with my Dad along with my surgery recovery.
@kayak59 Welcome to the other side of surgery. Please take if very easy. It's easy to over do post spinal surgery. My experience was the major pain was gone but activities seemed to happen in slow motion. I stupidly tried to push through and paid for it!

So sorry your Dad is poorly again. My heart goes out to you! I hope you have help when he comes home. Recovery is tough - but having to care for someone else really complicates things.
I hope you don't mind me sharing this journey with my Dad along with my surgery recovery.
Not at all. We are here for you through all of this. Please take care of yourself!
Day 4. Still feels like someone is hitting me across the backside with a baseball bat but not quite as difficult to get up and down. The pain isn't THAT bad -- but still taking the oxycodone -- but being that the pain is right in the middle of the rear, well, there is no way you can't aggravate it. Very paranoid about overdoing and hurting something since the screws are horizontal vs vertical. Trying to walk around with my thighs together like I have to go to the bathroom so I don't pull anything.

My Dad is continually confused as to why I am using a walker too but I told him I just had a spine fusion and when I'm better, we'll have a walker race.
Very paranoid about overdoing and hurting something since the screws are horizontal vs vertical.
Were you given any restrictions post op? I'm sure the screws are in there good and tight. They would not close the wound if they weren't. Hang in there - recovery like this happens at a snail's pace. But there will be better days!

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