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Reverse Shoulder Replacement right reverse replacement


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Oct 10, 2020
United States United States
I used this site for my knee replacement 3 years ago but have forgotten alot and now am facing a reverse replacement scheduled for April 20 2023. I have little idea of what to expect and hope i can learn the details of coping with recovery here. thanks ahead of time. Leonberg14
Hello and Welcome back! I am sorry it's under the circumstances, but hopefully you will find the same great support you found here when you had your TKR. While I do not know a lot about shoulder replacement, I am sure others will stop by. In the meantime here is a link to threads of those that have experienced RSR themselves.
Reverse Shoulder Replacement
Best Wishes on your journey!
My questions at this point are mostly about what to wear for shirts, adl ideas and what to expect for timing like how long my right arm will be immobile. I thought maybe i could start practicing by putting my arm in a sling so i could gauge what things i need to move about for post op. Anyone have any ideas about such things? My husband will have to do the dog walking for our 2 big dogs but how restricted will i be and for approx how long?
@leonberg Everyone's experience with shoulder replacement is different. How long your arm will be immobilized is up to your surgeon. For each of mine (which were standard replacements not reverse ones) my arm was in a sling for about 3 weeks. But I could take it off to shower, dress, and do some gentle swing the arm exercises. Also was able to use each arm to hold on to other things .... such as undoing a jar lid or spreading mayo or peanut butter. It was more difficult having the right shoulder done as that is my dominant side but not so awful that I needed lots of help. As for clothing .... easy on button up shirts worked best though I could also put on short sleeve tee shirts fairly easily (put surgical arm in armhole first then get head through neck hole and finally get "good" arm through appropriate armhole). Also easy on slacks or sweat pants worked better as doing up buttons and zippers usually needs 2 hands.

It does help to practice being one armed prior to the surgery. Also after surgery for me did not start (other than the above mentioned exercises) until about 4-5 weeks post op. And it took me about another 3-4 months to get arm fully rehabilitated. Reverse replacements, so I understand, have some extra concerns and may be slower to get to full functionality.

Best of luck to you!
I also have another complication and that is with pain. I have had chronic pain for a long time and went through many trials of different types of treatments. This mostly was for my spine. I have had failed spine surgery sx since 2005.I have had 3 spine surgeries, 3 knee surgeries and foot surgery all before my LTKR. Now it is one shoulder. Bottom line is i am the patient Drs. dread. I am lietrate for medication therapy and when i had my knee done, i had a hard time controlling pain. I can take alittle Motrin but it causes GI issues and Tylenol has not been terribly helpful. I also have Fibromyalgia ( another favorite for Drs!) so i am trying to plan ahead. I know swelling was a big issue for the knee so is that the same with shoulders? sorry this is long.
I have another question for anyone who has already had surgery. What type of wedge pillow and or height did you find to be most helpful? Thank you

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