TKR right knee *my first* Date of Operation 3rd October 2013

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Happy new year 2014 to everyone xx
Update Im nowhere near my 1 year anniversary yet have to wait till October for that. But Im reasonably pleased, although some days I still get flashbacks of that torrid two weeks in hospital. However, I do wish that there had been a longer wait between me getting my plate removed from my thigh oesteotomy and my TKR. because the quad thigh muscle got cut right through twice in 3 months and I believe it was still weak when I went in for my knee replacement.
It is very helpful to me hearing your reports as it gives me a benchmark. I have been walking a fair amount the last two months with very little pain just tiredness if I walk more than 2 miles and my ankles swell of course. I also need to loose about 30 pounds. Im thinking to start swimming. Theres a municipal pool I can take a bus to. When I last saw the specialist in April he said my quad is weak and I must do more exercise but 3 hours a day seems exessive I hope it will naturally strenghthen as I walk more. I still go down stairs one at a time! I will try swimming, perhaps thats the anser although I do prefer breaststroke and they say you shouldnt do that rather do crawl stoke so onward and upward. Thanks for sharing very helpful to know how others are getiing on. I guess im doing OK .
Daj, you can do some physical therapy in the pool too. I used to walk across the pool with the water at breast level, maybe six times, then backwards, then sideways and sideways again--the other side!! Then, I would walk across the pool lifting my legs high so that the knee is almost out of the water.

Then I would put on a flotation belt--or use a pool "Noodle" and "run" in the pool in the deep end. I could run with short strokes or long--fast or loping. I did this quite a lot in the beginning and my knee did not get swollen in the pool. So, I could do a harder work out and not get swelling--the pressure of the water helped the knee, so that it did not get swollen.
You will be amazed---the pressure of the water actually makes the swelling go away.
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