Knee Infection* Revision #3 Journey

I cannot believe the lack of attention to your situation. It's appalling and at some point I hope you can address it with whoever manages that facility where you are.
Monday Update;
Finally connected with OS and they spoke with facility to make sure plastic tape stays in place. I should be good until the appointment on the 14th. Since they cannot replace the tubing, they may cut it at the hole and it will just be very short.

Also finally connected with Admissions at the other facility and they have open beds in the rehab unit (private rooms with private full baths) as well as a menu style food service. Social work at current facility will send package over in the morning. The new facility will review and if they accept me, they’ll run the insurance. My goal is to transfer after doc appointment on Thursday or Friday.

Since I can’t leave my room until the drains are out, my next best chance for a shampoo is the new facility UNLESS I order some dry shampoo from instacart. I may do that anyway.

PT had me stand and shift weight (we’re practicing for the one step I have into house). The cast has slipped (as expected) and rests on top of my foot. This makes putting full weight on foot painful. At my appointment on Thursday, I am going to ask if they can cast the foot as well and foot and pad the bottom (almost like a walking cast). I think/hope this approach will keep the cast from slipping. One can hope right? :rotfl:
I cannot believe the lack of attention to your situation. It's appalling and at some point I hope you can address it with whoever manages that facility where you are.
I’ve spoken with the Director of Nursing who was all hands off and just repeated their mantra of only emptying drains not supporting them. GRRR
I would expect that from the Director of Nursing.…defending their turf. I was suggesting talking to someone at their corporate level - above the medical staff at the facility. That would be where you might get some attention. Hopefully all this will be in the past once you get to the new place. I sure hope that happens for you.
I am going to throw this thought out there. @celynda. After your last surgery did your team (md, case manager, etc….) evaluated for after hospitalization for post acute care. Was there discussion of LTAC ? As well as SNF? By what you have posted you post hospital care was too complicated for a SNF.
I can’t imagine a floor nurse not being responsible for ALL drains and reporting malfunctions to the medical team. For what you have endure quality care is the expectation. Should be reported as a sentinel event.
Friday AM Update…
All stitches and staples removed yesterday with a small amount of gnashing of teeth and whimpers. Steristrips applied and leg recasted. The cast tech used a bunch of ABD pads to build up a flared edge at the bottom of the cast. This helps keep the cast from slipping and so far so good. I can actually put my foot flat on the floor without the cast rubbing anywhere.

The drains stay in until the 26th when I see the flap surgeon. They cut the tubing right below the cut on the upper drain, the tube is now very short but I‘ve figured out how to attach it to the cast so it doesn’t dangle. I’ve been cleared to walk short distances (to/from bathroom) with the walker. Need to practice a bit more before I actually try this. Using the wheelchair is still faster.

I’m having trouble keeping the donor site covered and it’s a superficial yet open wound and sore. I need to see the PA today to get an order for the nurses to bandage it. I may just order large bandaids and do it myself. :)
what a difference a day makes. One of the administrative nurses stopped by after the appointment yesterday. She asked a bunch of evaluation type questions. in talking with her, I shared all of my complaints: the food, not getting a shower, or having my hair washed, etc. She was a miracle worker.

Breakfast was the requested Rice Krispies and Lunch was PBJ and Chips.
Actually had a shower and washed my hair for the first time in a month. OMG, being clean is such a great feeling. Showers are twice a week which is a bit of an adjustment but I'm okay with that as I can do a wash-up at the sink on the other days.

Uber Eats and Door Dash will still be the go to for dinner and I may still order lunch too.

As all of my complaints have been addressed, I won’t change facilities. the only open question is how long insurance will approve my staying. My goal is 10/6 which is when the PICC should come out. I think the facility will work with me on this. I’ve met the PT/OT goals since I can use the walker for short distances But no ROM until October.

Some of the questions the nurse admin asked were about emotional state and I was honest about the depression I’m feeling with all that‘s happened since May. I’m already on Effexer 150mg so the NP is adding Trazadone to see if I can get back on an even keel.

Many thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers.
18 Sep Update: I’ve been using the walker to/from the bathroom. With the new cast, I can place my right foot flat on the floor. The cast does slip but the flare at the bottom means the cast hits the floor instead of my foot.

Medically, I am doing as well as can be expected. The donor site for the skin graft is healing well from the outside in. It is still moist in the center but the PA says that’s good.

Mentally/Emotionally, I am struggling. I am so lonely and isolated here. If someone asks how I’m doing, the tears start. When the PT saw the paw prints cast, she asked if I had dogs and the tears fell. I was able to get under control. It’s so easy to cry these days. I’m currently on 150 mg Effexor (been on this for years). The PA added 50 mg of trazodone twice daily to see if it makes a difference. I started on Saturday with 1 dose. The twice daily starts today. The downside of the trazodone is I sleep so deeply, I may not wake up to go to the bathroom. :tantrum2::censored::gaah:

I did ask to see the staff psychiatrist who comes to the facility once a week. Maybe they’ll have some coping strategies. Considering the flap surgery will take months to heal completely, I figure I might need both meds for quite awhile.
You are wise to seek help with what are likely temporary depression issues. I would say that‘s to be expected given all you’ve been through. Plus you’re away from your normal support network. I hope time and perhaps some suggestions from the psychiatrist may help.
I know it's not like having your friends with you, but you have people here who really care about you and about what you are going through. Come here whenever you are feeling down and someone will be here to listen. Bonesmart is full of loving people!
More hugs for you, Ceylinda. You are having to deal with a lot…it’s no wonder you are emotional. I’m glad they’re giving you some things to help and I hope the depression eases soon for you. We are all here to support you when you’re feeling down ❤️
Thanks all, for the kind words. Y’all have helped so much through this horrible journey. I am counting the days until the PICC line is supposed to come out (10/6). I hope to go home that day or within a day or so. The knee immobilizer should be off by then as well so I can start ROM PT. The facility PT is impressed by the way I can use the walker. My fingers are crossed that insurance doesn’t try to force a discharge before then.
The knee immobilizer should be off by then as well so I can start ROM PT.
When I had each kneecap removed, I was in an immobilizer for 6-8 weeks and I was worried about my bend. But, it came back fine for each knee without PT. All I did was use my legs daily for the things I needed to do. I also found it helpful to take a hot bath and then scoot my butt back and forth causing my knees to bend. Never did I do this to pain. (Do not ever get into a tub of water until every single wound is completely healed!) There is no need to work to get your ROM back. It comes naturally.

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