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Mar 22, 2023
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Im post opp 4 1/2 Months from a TRSR. The implants feel okay...Its the muscles over the shoulder im having trouble with...The top of my bicep, If move the wrong way gives me a sharp pain and in front on my shoulder...I was changing sofa cushions last week pulling up on the cushion and hurt my shouldder...It was really painful...Im hoping just muscle soreness? Im making an appointment today but Im a bit worried...The surgeon said he saved 1 rotator muscle in front? Im hoping I didnt tear it..Anyone that can relate Im all ears and thank you!
@Restoguy, I moved your thread out of the Shoulder Preop area into the Recovery area since you have already had your surgery. I'm sure someone will be here soon to talk to you. I have no experience in shoulder replacement but will tag Jamie who has. @Jamie
Hi, @Restoguy .... congratulations on your new shoulder! But I'm sorry to hear you're having biceps pain when performing certain movements. This is something your surgeon is going to have to diagnose for you, as he is the one who knows how things looked in your shoulder during the surgery. You indicated the said he "saved" one rotator cuff muscle in front, so that tells me you had some rotator cuff damage prior to the surgery.

Did you have a standard shoulder replacement or a reverse one? That makes a difference too when talking about how your shoulder works after the replacement.

All that said, it is not unusual to have biceps pain during recovery. I did and it lasted in some fashion for a year or so. In my case, one of my biceps tendons was either very thin or completely detached due to an overzealous radiologist during a mammogram. But things eventually healed, the pain stopped, and at least most of my strength and movement returned. I hope the surgeon gives you a similar prognosis. Please do let us know how the appointment goes. We'll be here for you!

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