TKR Recovery from September 1st TKR - 2nd knee.

I played 2 hrs of Pickleball on my 8th week anniversery. No pain and no serious after effects. I find the knee gets a little uncomfortable when I go to bed. I now take 1 Tylenol at bedtime and that helps me sleep. So far, so good and I put it down to the Bonesmart way of recovery.
My next target is to play soccer before the end of the year. My club has an organized indoor tournament on Boxing Day.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
Recovery is obviously going well for you. Enjoy and stay safe!
Its 11 weeks out for me and I am now playing Pickleball 3 times per week. I played non-stop for 2 hours the other day, with no issues. Pickleball is addictive!
My next stage recovery will be Squatting at the gym. I will start that Wednesday, as I now have 4 days of Pickleball to enjoy.
I still take 1 Tylenol at night, before bed and just stopped needing an ice pack, to help me fall asleep.
Wow, I wish we all had recoveries like yours! Well done! My PKR was still trying to figure out what happened to it a 11 weeks.
Thanks- yes I have had great recoveries for both. My GF had a Partial, then had to have a full. Her recovery has been horrible. I helped her and put her on to Bonesmart and the ideas here. I really understand the pain of a bad recovery. Her recovery has taken a year and only now, is doing well.
#3 months out and I finally started walking normally again. I was out yesterday and walking to a store, when I suddenly realised I wasn't favouring or nursing my new knee. A great feeling. I am also playing better Pickleball. Whe I started 4 weeks ago, I was just taking it easy. The other day, I was very mobile and even slipped and went down on my new knee. No worries it is made of titanium?-lol.
I remember walking into a store from the parking lot one day and thought to myself, look at me, walking like a normal person!
:dancy:I LOVE an update like this!!!!!
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
I hope you have a nice Christmas and end to 2023!
Four months out and I played indoor soccer today. To be fair, I didnt run much, but it felt good to be back out there. This is the reason I got the TKR, so I am progressing well. I play again next week and will run a little bit more then.
For anyone that wants to be a bit more active, while recovering, I recommend Pickleball. I started 7 weeks out and was able to start playing doubles and learn the game. Yesterday, I played my first games of "skinny singles"and felt really good.
Dude, you're my new "poster boy" for awesome recovery from TKR!!!
I hope your GF is doing well with her newish knee as well. Best to you both for 2024!
Happy Three Month Anniversary, wilsonma!
What an update...thanks for sharing. Soccer and Pickleball...look at you go. Pickleball has certainly become popular. Enjoy! Happiness and great health to you in the New Year!
Thanks! I really think that Pickleball could be the "go to" for any Bonesmarties wanting to get active. When I started, i was very limited in movement and could still play. I have since progressed as my mobility has increased.
Anyway, same to you and yours. Happy New year!
Well @wilsonma I think you’re going to be my new role model for my upcoming LTKR on Feb 13.
I too am 67 and have already “enjoyed” a RTKR on my other knee in Sept 2018. I started playing pickleball in 2021 and have become addicted. I used to play 6 days week up until last fall when my L knee made me cut back.
I’ve been getting by with cortisone shots in this L knee for 3 years now, but they stopped working:gaah:
I still play pickleball 2x week but my mobility for short serves, and wide shots has decreased terribly. Plus I play in pain but the fun numbs it somehow.
So I’m committed to being back on the court in April. My orthopedic promised me I would be. But like your GF I have found us ladies have a slower recovery. I was walking 2 miles by 4 weeks after last one but the progress was very slow and I wasn’t back to my full activities for 5-6 months.
Meanwhile I keep up with my Barre and yoga classes and force myself to play pickleball as much as I can then hobble home to ice and NSAIDS.
I can’t wait till this one is over and far back!
Thanks for listening!!
Wish me luck
Of course- luck and more luck!

We are certainly alike in this journey. I had my right knee replaced 5 years ago- that one was cemented. This left knee was robot assisted and cementless. I have read that cementless might take a bit longer for rehab. I am 5 months out and I think a little behind my RTKR recovery time.

We are both addicted to Pickleball- there should be a Government warning on PB...
I started a month before my LTKR and obviously had a break for my recovery. I started plaing again at 7 weeks out, although very slow and careful. I am now 5 months out and playing in 3.5 groups. (that was a learning process).

Before my RTKR, I forced myself to do lots of weight training on my legs. I think that helped me recover quickly. It is so easy to lose lots of muscle mass. During both recoveries, I really followed the Bonesmart way and had zero PT. I just did daily activities and went back to the gym, when I was able. I cringe when I hear people tell me stories about how painful PT was for them. Some in agony afterwards!

Anyway, good luck with the recovery, take it slowly and in PB, 3rd shot drop is key!
Its 5 months out and I am back to Squats. I am taking it slowly and stayed at 140 on a Smith machine. I also played Pickleball for 4 hours on Friday, at a pretty decent level.

I intend to push a bit harder now, in order to get back to regular soccer games. I only have the tiniest bit of swelling left on the knee. Recovery has been excellent and I think similar to my cemented knee.
Congrats, sounds like things are going great!

I was never one of those where the PT pushed on me, or hurt me, but in hindsight I think I was always doing just a little more than I would have liked, staying sore and recovering just in time for the next session. Felt so much better when I stopped a couple of weeks ago. On the other hand, they WERE making sure I kept up with my exercise, now I have to do it myself and I’m not always compliant…

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