TKR Recovery #2

Having a blah kind of day. I think I'm in that limbo period where there's no improvement to the knee, just the same tightness, dull ache. Tired of dragging this leg around. I know its temporary.
Sad when you miss going to the grocery store :rotfl:
I want to ditch the pain meds, but still need them at night and occasionally a dose during the day.
I'm making easy meals, doing a load of laundry here and there. Making the bed. Lots of I&E. Totally sick of tv LOL. Hubs doesn't need much, if any, help. He's actually taking the beast out for quick business trips.
That's all I have for today.
How is everyone else today? Who is having big improvements? Who is kind of stuck in the marathon?
Just keep in mind that I had no tears or complications.
Hey Beachy! You’re a day ahead of me I believe. I went off meds about a week ago other than Tylenol and 300mg of Gabapentin at night. Sleeping is still a problem as the inside of my knee is very sensitive to any touch; even from a bed sheet. My knee is still swollen somewhat and tight but I am moving around without any assistance. My ROM is less than it was a day or two after the proceedure and both my surgeons office and my PT therapist seem overly concerned. But I’m convinced rom will improve as my swelling goes down and my knee continues to heal. Has that been your experience?? I have a few light exercises to do along with stretches but I continue to feel a little better esch day. And I’m not going to stress about my rom. I am now able to fully dress myself including putting on shoes and socks! That was huge. Keep posting your experiences. It will help me for sure!
Will from Arizona
The quote you used was related to a shoulder replacement discussion with EalingGran .
Didn't want you to think it was knee related.

Everything you're experiencing is par for the course. The knees have swelling and tightness for quite awhile. Everyone is different. The swelling and tightness is driving me crazy right now. You really don't need much PT now. Definitely not aggressive pt and no therapist should be that concerned about ROM. Ain't happening til swelling is better.
Your daily activities will improve your ROM.
Sounds like you're doing great!
We could use some Arizona weather right now. So darn cold here.
Having a blah kind of day. I think I'm in that limbo period where there's no improvement to the knee, just the same tightness, dull ache.
Sorry to hear that but it is early days and you are doing really well. Know what you mean about missing just going out. Is there a shopping area/ coffee shop you can get to if you are driven? We managed to find an Odeon luxe cinema nearby with recliner foot rests and a car park once my husband could drive after his operation. I could then walk a short distance with crutches. It was a life saver to just go to a movie- even not so good ones!
I am now able to fully dress myself including putting on shoes and socks!
@ WillB that is great! Well done. That took me a good few weeks to do. Can't remember exactly how long but I remember my husband and daughter helping me in the early weeks.
I've come to the conclusion that I cut back the pain meds too soon. I wasn't taking them during the day. Just 2 in the morning and 2 before bed. I need that midday dose and will take them.

For anyone that has to have a second tkr....
Journal your recovery of the first one.
Yesterday I went back and read my first recovery where I was at this point. That's when the lightbulb went off and realized I need the midday dose.
Great advice, beachy! Glad you journaled, Lefty, for reference and the realization :idea: reflecting back brought.
I hope you have a more comfortable day and a great week!
@beachy I recommend journaling anyway but it especially was helpful for my joint surgery. It allows you to keep things in perspective as well as give you useful information in retrospect. It was so nice to be able to look back a few days or a week or so to see that I actually was making progress when I thought I was stuck. It's good to get your thoughts down so you don't get stuck in your head, as well. Well done.
. It was so nice to be able to look back a few days or a week or so to see that I actually was making progress when I thought I was stuck
@beachy Agree about this already. I find it helps to check back to see progress.
I wish I had started sooner as I am already forgetting things. Was reading a blog here where someone says they can now put their socks on themselves and I can't remember when that happened. It would encourage me more if I had done it earlier. Can also see that it is super helpful to have a record of previous surgery progress. Hope I don't have to do that but suspect I might...
I don't have any post op instructions about leg shaving. Before I call surgeons office, does anyone know when the deforestation can happen????
I need something to look forward to :rotfl:
I purchased my first electric razor, ever, right after THR. Bought myself a pretty pink one from Target. Reason being, I wouldn't have to worry about accidentally cutting myself. Thankfully with lighter hair growth, as aging, it worked well.
There used to be a razor called, The Giraffe, possibly you heard of it? I believe Amazon sold it, I'm sure other places also, but last time I looked it was unavailable. Also, one of my BoneSmart recovery buddies taped a hand held razor to a wooden paint mixing stick, lol. Us women can get inventive when it comes to vanity. Hairy legs...not a good look.
I'll be 4 weeks post open on Wed. Is it too soon to shave.....avoiding the incision area?
I have a therapist. She rehabbed my shoulder replacement. And I did tkr pre hab with her. She knows how I feel about gentle PT and said she will never push on my knee or do anything to force it. I told her if she tried I was out of there.
Its a small, private practice with individualized care. Like the last one for first tkr.
That’s great!!! Apparently hard to come by sometimes. So are you doing pt on your knee yet?
I don't think its too soon as long as you stay away from the incision area, beachy.
I had 1 PT session last week and scheduled for 1 this week. I'm really only doing this so they have something to report to doc. I don't believe PT is all that important. I had a great recovery after first tkr with very gentle PT starting at 4 weeks post op. There are very informative articles about the Bonesmart way of PT in the info everyone is sent when they join.
Its as though my thigh won't cooperate.
Yep, your quads aren’t firing….PT.

I had the same thing and I too was concerned, frustrated and eventually aggravated and fearful. But my first four weeks were accompanied with indescribable and writhing pain, PT was out of the question. Once I was able to begin PT, and I had a stationary bike delivered to my home, I started exercising the quads (and other areas of course) and soon I was able to lift my leg under its own strength….! No problems at all 6+ months post op. Just the nagging and annoying tightness remains. Is that ever going away?????

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