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THR Reclaiming my Future after THR

Many of us are Type A personalities here, myself being one & I was thinking after my surgery in 30 days I'd be back to doing all the stuff I love doing.
Thank goodness I found this group cause w/o it I have no idea how I could have learned to RELAX!
I also have a wonderful partner & he has seen me through two surgeries in last 5 years. I'm fiercely independent & have always worked & paid my own way, I've never depended on a man. I watched my mother wait for my Dad to hand her a $10 bill once a week & I just remember thinking that will never be me...NEVER.
But never say never because I tried going back to work & couldn't do it. I have my own income but enjoy the "extras" for grandkids & like to pay for a vacation for us here & there.
I am truly sorry for your losses, especially the loss of your 16 year old daughter, it's something as mothers we should never have to experience.
I, too, am concerned about the tylenol dosing. I was just put on 5mgs of Crestor about 2.5 weeks ago, so I hear you about the liver enzymes. To be honest, my hip joint pain is quite bearable-- not horrific at all. I can see going down to once a day tylenol now. Yesterday I eliminated the 1 midday tylenol and I was ok with that. My worst time is evening onwards and the final climb upstairs to bed is like the Bataan Death March. Once I'm in bed with my legs propped up on my lounge doctor, I'm pretty good. I'm grateful for the honesty when I'm told that I'm not ready to turn a corner yet. It'll be 1 week post op tomorrow, so maybe I'm 1/3 past the worst part? The pain is truly minimal-- its the stiffness and swelling. And the @#%$* raised toilet seats! How in the heck do you men wipe your behinds from the back, LOL? It's just weird...
And the @#%$* raised toilet seats! How in the heck do you men wipe your behinds from the back, LOL
Ugh, men...please don't tell us. :eeeuw: :heehee:

Sense of humor intact, proffrench, that's a good sign. :wink:
Hope you have a Happy Tuesday!
Question for everyone-- my son and his wife are expecting their first baby sometime around May 5. They live in Valparaiso, Ind. and I'm in the SW suburbs of Chicago-- so about 1 hour away, more or less. Do you think that I'll be able to sit in the car for that drive by then? I'll be almost 1 month post op if she goes on time. Fingers crossed she'll be a little late! The surgery was originally planned for early May, but I wanted it out if the way by the time the baby came.
1 hour away, more or less. Do you think that I'll be able to sit in the car for that drive by then?
Probably? Sitting upright was tough for a long time, could feel tight and painful after that much time in one position. But I bet it’s doable if you plan in a couple of rest stops to stand up, get out, stretch, and walk a bit, instead of doing an hour straight thru. Good luck!
:rofsign:Comme professeur ancien de français et toute à fait francophile, J'ADORE les bidets! Every home should have one! As Americans, we are a little behind :heehee: the French and other Europeans... but my husband in a beret and fake mustache coming at me with the hand held shower head and waving a baguette :heehee::heehee::heehee: will have to suffice. As you can see, I'm feeling a little better today.
about 1 hour away, more or less. Do you think that I'll be able to sit in the car for that drive by then?
Are you doing roundtrip the same day? Or driving down one day and returning the next?

It will probably be manageable for one way if you have ice, put your seat back and use something to elevate your legs.

A trick I used early on when I wasn't comfortable sitting for the whole drive, was to move to the back seat where I could lie down and elevate.
Well, my son phoned about an hour ago to say that his wife's blood pressure was up and they were considering inducing by Sunday, if not earlier. Things never go as planned for us.... my son has struggled with depression and anger issues since his sister's death (he was 9 at the time), so I can just imagine the train wreck ahead.
Well...it sounds like your DIL is far enough along if she's due in a couple of weeks? Hopefully all works out perfectly and baby makes a safe entrance into the world. I'm betting you'll feel well enough to take the hour car ride soon and meet that precious little cutie. :loveshwr: Since becoming a father is an important life event for men also hopefully directing his focus on the baby will help bring new meaning to your sons life.
Best Wishes for all!
@proffrench you are very determined (I recognize the personality) and should feel better in week 2. Pack a cooler full of ice, find a way to elevate your leg in the car, bring pillows, wear really loose clothes, and just suck it up and go if you need to. Folks drive further than that home from the hospital. More power to you.
@Freyyes, im very determined, but i find myself humbled by the difficulties im encountering after the surgery last Wednesday. Im fast becoming a realist. Ive already laid it out there for both my son and DIL that it may be a few weeks before i can travel by car for an hour. I have to be honest with myself and them. A few weeks won't make any difference.
On another note-- PT switched me to a cane yesterday and while I'm fine with it most of the day, I need to use it to take the pressure off my right rotator cuff. It has been SCREAMING in pain for a week and making it hard to sleep. I obviously put too much pressure on that shoulder and arm in the beginning while getting up and moving that walker. I don't want to exchange one problem for another!
Im fast becoming a realist.
I can relate -- and I think this happens to most of us following our first experience with joint replacement surgery. I was shocked after my THR at the pain and swelling. I don't know why the surgical teams don't warn us about this. Thankfully, the BoneSmart community lets us see we aren't alone.

Good luck with the cane. I hope it relieves some of that shoulder pain. :console2:
I sure hope it helps. I pulled my rotator cuff in a skiing accident about 20 years ago, but that time I couldn't even raise my arm. It took 6 weeks of PT to recover. I'm grateful now for small improvements, even though my surgeon is telling me to "keep walking farther!" I walked across my living room and dining room this morning just holding my cane in the air, unassisted, but he did not seem impressed with the video. Darn it anyways! And I was so proud!
It IS a milestone... :SUNsmile: :flwrysmile:
but we want you stable and not limping before you make a habit of it!

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