Rotator Cuff Repair Questions on shoulder

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I saw the PA again last Tuesday due to increased pain. He put in an order for a MRI. Last Friday, I had injections of Toradol in my shoulder and AC joint In hopes of calming things down until after the MRI. Those we SO painful. I thought I was going to cry. There’s some improvement. Still waiting for insurance to approve the MRI.

No idea if anyone is reading but I have my shoulder MRI this coming Monday morning & will see the PA for results the following Tuesday.

@InkedMarie Of course we are reading your posts. We do try and get to every corner of BoneSmart daily so please continue to post about your shoulder experience.

Please let us know how your MRI goes!
The MRI was yesterday morning. I’ve had MRI’s before so the “banging and clanging “ doesn’t bother me. They put a sort of cap on my shoulder and had my arm in a certain way, using a weight. That was painful! I was glad it was over.

Unfortunately, my shoulder seems to be heading back to how it was prior to the Toradol shots. I go a week from today to get the results. I’m still diagnosed with bicep & rotator cuff tendinitis and AC joint arthritis; I’ll be curious to see if that changes.
@InkedMarie Ouch! That positioning for the MRI does sound very uncomfortable. I hope it gives your surgeon an excellent picture of what is going on with your shoulder - and that he can suggest a good way to fix it.

I don't wish surgery on anyone! But if that is what you need, we will be here to see you through. As the happy recipient of 2 "not original equipment" shoulders and 2 hips, I can say that I found the recuperation from shoulder replacement to be some what easier to manage than the hips. At least shoulders are not weight bearing!

Do let us know what your surgeon says. :friends:
Thanks, @djklaugh ! Two new hips & two new knees here so I’m all about fixing, if that’s what is needed. My problem is timing…..I’m done work for the summer next Thursday. IF a surgical fix is recommended, it will have to be done within a couple weeks after my appointment next week. If not, then I’ll have to wait a year.

I got the results of my MRI yesterday: partial thickness tear of my rotator cuff. The PA I’ve been seeing wanted me to see the surgeon in 1-2 weeks. At checkout, they had an appointment in mid August. I explained that I’m done with work for the summer starting Friday & go back on September 5th. She found an appointment for July 20 something….I said that doesn’t work due to work. All of a sudden, an appointment was available this morning.

I mentioned my three numb fingers; asked if that is my carpal tunnel or the shoulder. He said, it’s not the shoulder. He suggested getting that fixed while I’m under anesthesia. Fifteen minutes later, I met with the hand surgeon.

I am having both the shoulder surgery & carpal tunnel release on July 20th, unless they get an earlier cancellation.

@InkedMarie Wow! That is so great that you were able to get to the right surgeons so quickly!! And also wonderful that the surgeries can be schedule soon and on your schedule! I am sorry you do need more surgery - that's never a fun way to spend summer vacation.

So they are going to do both those surgeries during the same surgical session? Impressive!
@djklaugh yep, both at same session. One anesthesia. Makes sense. It’s a debridement of the shoulder, doesn’t sound like much fun. It doesn’t fix it; they fix a full thickness tear but this should make it feel better.

@djklaugh can you update my signature?

It‘s left rota cuff repair.
It’s left carpal tunnel release
(both July 20)

I had right carpal tunnel release in June 2020

Earlier this week, I got the approval letter from Cigna for shoulder arthroscopy. Nothing yet on the carpal tunnel yet.

This afternoon, I got a call from the nurse, going over my history, meds etc.

I guess it’s really happening!

I got a phonecall today, letting me know that the carpal tunnel release has been approved as well. Yesterday, I ordered a wedge pillow set, shoulder cuff (May need it but it’s here & I can return if not needed), a couple tube tops. That was recommended to wear under clothing for awhile. Hope they fit! Over last weekend, I bought a really big button up shirt; was told I need that because the Ultra sling goes under the shirt for my ride home.

I think I’m ready!

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