THR Question - One year after thr

Maybe 2 or 3 pounds net, because after bone removes there is a loss there.
I got my info from the Beaumont Hospital site. Plug "how much does a prothesis weigh" into any search engine if you want more information.

These sites stating maybe a 1 pounds, thus I thought 2 ponds or so total.

But it varies per person, male female etc. They say
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Thank you @Ric A and @Jaycey. I have found the 1-2 pound reference for all the parts together, which would only result in a small change. I did not find any information from Stryker or Delta.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a winter boot just for general walking and errands outdoors? (not too heavy but warm)? I know everyone is different, but since having my hip replaced, there are more shoes and boots that I cannot wear. Orthofeet is not quite right for me.
I don't have a particular boot to suggest and I will watch your thread with interest to read the suggestions offered for myself. Great question!

Since THR I have found myself gravitating to brands such as Clarks, Vionic, Naturalizer, Skechers.
Not super duper cheap, but usually more comfortable with better support. Accessing shoes with ease (I favor slip ons) and naturally comfort also have been my prerequisites since surgery. I hope you receive some solid recommendations here. A great day and holiday season to you!
You might want to visit a speciality shoe store, or winter sports store, they may be able to help you find the right snow boot.
@HelenaM If you're ok with a more utilitarian style boot, rather than cute and fashionable, look at Ariat Terrain Waterproof boots. They come in several different styles and colors. I find they work well with jeans, but I have a black pair that is slightly more 'nice'.
Most have either lace up or zipper if you can manage that, but there is a model called 'Ease' that is a slip on.
Good support, decent traction, flexible, warm, waterproof. Not inexpensive but not over the top either. For me, going down a half size from my other footwear works with Ariats. There are lots of sources online, but if you want to see them yourself, try Tractor Supply or a horse tack store.
Happy boot hunting!
I'm also in the function over fashion camp. My go-to "boot" has been a hiker from Cabela's/Bass Pro. It is their "Redhead" brand. It took a couple of walks to "break in" but not too uncomfortable in the process, just stiff. Once done I was even able to wear them my entire 12 hour shift on my feet when I forgot to bring my work shoes. These are very affordable and I think much more comfortable than the double priced Columbia hikers I bought, although you'll want to waterproof them for better winter weather conditions coverage. I wish I had just stuck with my tried and true but a gift card has a way of talking you out of common sense sometimes. Lol. This will be a fun thread to follow.
Merrell's jungle mocs are incredible. Great support and traction. Not exactly a boot for sure, but the support and traction are great. Not cheap but doable.
Thanks for then suggestions. I will try some of these!
I dont have a recommendation for boots but I just got some Sketchers and with my old shoes I was having to really try hard not to limp. With my new shoes it comes natural to walk without a limp. I didnt really think it looked like I had worn them to my old limp but I guess I did. Thanks for suggesting to get new shoes
My feet, legs are a bit picky post hip replacement...I got these croc boots for sloppy weather last year and really like them. Screenshot_20221107-064010-906.png
Thanks. Those look great. I will try to find some to try on. Hope you are doing well!
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Hope they work... a bit bulky but
I work and walk on concrete a lot all day and these provide me good foot bed support (Cushion) and traction for wet days.
:wave: @HelenaM
So good to see you on the forum reaching out to give some suggestions and present some hope to a struggling hippy.
So glad to see you are doing well.:egypdance:
It is good to hear from you, and I hope you are doing well. Your encouragement helped me so much!
Thanks again.
Doing tremendous on the hip front...which certainly makes life's inevitable hiccups more doable!
Still Grateful!
Ready for some Autumn weather (we don't like to say Fall:heehee:)
That is great news! I am also waiting for Autumn and cooler walking days!

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