Ankle PTTD-Second Try with Subtalar Fusion


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Jul 15, 2023
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Hi all,
Had Posterior Tendon clean up and graft 10 months ago. Started having more pain 5 months in that my surgeon could not figure out. He literally told me he didn't know why I was in more pain. Went for a 2nd opinion with a podiatrist recommended by my PC. New Dr told me I had sinus Tarsitis and a new MRI showed post surgical scarring of the ligaments. I got a steroid injection in the sinus tarsi, and he told me that my PTTD (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction) needs to be fully addressed. He recommends 1) subtalar joint fusion, 2) pt tendon advance to and 3) FDL tendon transfer. Also, possible metatarsal cuniaform fusion and calcaneal osteotomy. It's all so overwhelming. I am now scheduled for the 5 hour surgery in September. I'm tired of the pain and at 53 am not ready to give up on being able to walk. Anyone have experience with this type of thing? How much function will I lose with the fusion? Is all of this worth it? Should I just accept that I'm getting old and will be in pain?
Soooo looking forward to any responses.
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@SuprmomRo Welcome to BoneSmart! Sounds like you are facing some pretty complex surgery. I do hope it addresses your issues!

No one can predict how much mobility you might lose. But I would think it definitely worth getting this corrected. You are far too young to live in pain! What does your surgeon say about post op mobility?

We are here to support you through this surgery and recovery.
Thanks Jaycey. I appreciate your response. Yes, I think I'm too young only be able to walk 2 blocks without wishing I'd never left the house, as well. I have a 14 year old, and I'll only have him for a few more years, so missing out on being out & about with him is heartbreaking. The best the Dr. can say is that I'll loose side to side motion, and have difficulty on uneven ground, each person is individual, so "results may vary". If anyone has gone through this type of surgery; any of the ones I mentioned, I'd really appreciate hearing your story.
So sorry to read this, @SuprmomRo. I can understand why you feel overwhelmed. While I don't have experience with this surgery, I want you know that I'm send positive thoughts and prayers in your direction.
Thank You so much! You can discuss it with your family several times but unless you're staring at it for yourself, it's not the same. I get questions like "are you sure you want to lose function in your ankle?!" Well, no, I don't want to! But the question becomes one of what you want your future to look like "do I want to be in pain forever?". The answer is no.

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