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@Newhip_Pol I am at 7 months and I can still overdo it. Just returned from vacation in Yucatan that included a lot of walking, lots of uneven stone stair climbing (walled city), not to mention 2 hotel beds so vastly different from our own (1 too soft, 1 too hard).

Friday's travel day was 6 hours sitting in terminals or onboard with long walks to connecting flights, then an hour taxi ride home, way past my bedtime :sleep::sleeep:

I felt fine on Saturday, did chores, laundry, made dinner. But today (Sunday) I am stiff and sore, here and there. Basically out of sorts. This was our 2nd vacation in 4 months and I felt the same upon our return from that one, too! Took 3 days to be back to 'normal.'

Mi esposo who is 1 year out from his THR never gets the aches and pains that I get after overdoing it....everyone's different!
Hi @Ruth123
Thanks for your input - clearly I will need to be more careful over the next few months!
The operated leg is still more uncomfortable than it was prior to our mini 'expedition' but I am moving about the house more easily, able to drive and to walk about 500 yards with my crutch. Resting and icing in between times. It must be getting better as I forgot the paracetamol today!
Looking forward to a vacation in the sun before too long.
Best Wishes.
So here I am, RTHR was 8 weeks ago today and progress is definitely slower than the first time around. Eight weeks after LTHR I was swimming and driving on holiday with family at Centre Parks although I did hire a mobility scooter to avoid the long/hilly walks. I was able to walk around the shops, the park and local streets without crutches and do 5mins on cycle and on cross trainer at the gym.
Hey-ho. Current difficulty is soft tissue discomfort / heaviness / pain around the wound site and elsewhere around thigh and hip plus struggling with knackered left ankle. Presume much of this difficulty is because I have been walking around on a damaged right hip and incompetent left ankle for almost five years and my muscles don't know how to cope.
So, slow and steady does it - a dollop of patience and back to the jigsaws! Aiming for 300 steps/yards in the garden today with one crutch - managed 250 yesterday as well as normal daily activities without crutch.
Best wishes to all.
Happy Two Month Anniversary. I am sorry its slow progress this time, but it's steady.
Presume much of this difficulty is because I have been walking around on a damaged right hip and incompetent left ankle for almost five years and my muscles don't know how to cope.
I would assume the same.
Keep giving yourself the TLC you need and watch it all get better. Soon you'll be on that vacay in the sun. :SUNsmile:
Getting stronger every day! Sometime in the last week or so my soft tissue has decided it's over the worst. At physio on Tuesday (9 wks post op) and progressing well although undoubtedly slower than with left hip. Now doing regular chair squats (no hands) and trying to do repeated step up/down without too much reliance on hands and arms. Definitely getting better and sleeping position is much easier too. Still too early for foreign holiday so have booked a 2-day spa break at the end of the month.
Best wishes to all.
:wave:You sound like you are doing very, very well!
I think putting off the big vacation was wise, but good for you for giving yourself a mini reprieve.
I hope today is a good day @Newhip_Pol :flwrysmile:
Here we are - 12weeks ago today since my RTHR and things are progressing slowly. Mostly taking paracetamol just at night and I've stopped the codeine tablet - keeping the remainder for emergencies only.

The sensation at the wound site changed from a brick to a firm pad and now seems smaller and perhaps less firm. I get the occasional short-lived burning sensation or itch along the wound line but only if I do too much. Similarly I can get the occasional groin, shin, thigh or gluteal ache (in either leg) but nothing I would class as real pain (maybe a 1 on a scale of 10).

Lots of things are easier, no raised toilet seats for weeks now and the incontinence has eased off although I still can get some urge incontinence (esp. after drinking gin :heehee:) Getting in and out of bed and in and out of the car without worrying about the operated leg is easier to the point where sometimes I forget about it, ditto when moving short distances. Occasionally I can put on briefs or trousers whilst standing and not holding on!

When walking, I have changed to using two walking / trekking poles for balance and am careful to use them outside for any distance, especially if the pavements are uneven (as most of them are here these days).

I had no restrictions from the start and am now able to stand straight and to touch my toes again without effort and PT has started in the pool. We're concentrating on strength building although I have cheated and done a slow, gentle length or two. As before, I use a slow, head-up sort of breaststroke but nothing too strenuous. Hoping to gradually work up to (and maybe improve on) the 400 metres I could do in 25 mins pre-op. I did the diabetes challenge swim last year in honour of family members with diabetes but only completed a total of 8 miles (goal for competent swimmers was 22 miles) over the 12 weeks, but I did raise £200 in donations.

My main remaining difficulty is with stairs - as @Layla (I think) said elsewhere, getting out of the habit of toddler style two feet on every step is difficult. Even holding the banisters, going upstairs is hard work for the operated leg - I can feel the muscles pulling after a few steps and of course it's worse at the end of the day. PT has advised step-up / step down exercise which I hope is helping.

So, it's onwards and upwards! Best wishes to all fellow hippies, we will get there.
I was where you were at with stairs. I was surprised because I was doing well in every other regard. Cant remember when I could do them the normal way but I remember distinctly that at 12 weeks I was still having trouble. I think you use all the muscles around your hip when you go up stairs.
The two night spa/hotel break was a great success. The place was so spread out I walked 4000 steps or more each day! During the one full day I managed a brief swim before breakfast and another late afternoon plus a 50min Pilates class in the morning with the wall for support if needed and only a couple of rest points. I avoided the bridge work. Pleased I was able to get up and down from the floor using 'roll down - roll up'. The only after effect was aching shoulders!
Hip feels much stronger and easier and the limiting factor now is definitely the left ankle. Plucking up courage to speak to the surgeon about it. Don't really want another surgery but the hope of being able to walk more than 200 yards pain free is very enticing.
Anyway it's holiday time - Happy Easter everyone!
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
What a great update. Lots of progress during your spa / hotel break. It sounds like you had a good time.
I hope your left ankle doesn't require surgery any time soon. :fingersx:
Best Wishes for a wonderful week and Spring 2023!
In pool exercise and a gentle few lengths went well on Tuesday with no ill effects.
However, since then I've done very little activity over the last two days (except sitting too long without moving) and today I have muscle aches and stiffness all around my pelvis and lower back, including both (replaced) hips. Hoping gentle exercise will improve things.
I'm still struggling with stairs and hills. Some of my difficulty is with the arthritic left ankle which definitely hates any incline but trying to save the ankle puts pressure on the recently operated leg so I try to use two sticks when walking to keep me balanced, only occasionally getting my feet tangled in them! :heehee:
Just over 15 weeks postop now and visit to physiotherapist at the health centre/ gym yesterday went well. He seems pleased with my progress. I still use one walking pole when out and about to support my dodgy ankle and to make others aware of my limitations. I use two poles if walking any distance - my goal is 2000 steps per day with any more than that a bonus. If I don't complete that I call it a rest day
I walked up the stairs at the health centre without any problems although I still struggle with stairs at home ( think the steps are steeper?). Three minutes on the cross trainer was exhausting but I made it and then we did some sit-stands inc. with weights and some step-ups. Had a gentle 10min swim afterwards and no after effects today. Feeling good.
I'm planning to continue the exercises at home as well as visit the gym and the pool at least twice a week over the next month.
Hope you are all having a good day!
Happy Four Month Anniversary!
Sounds like you’re happy and thriving.
Keep up the good work and enjoy the progress you’re making! :)
Wonderful to hear how well you are doing...and
Such a worthy cause to contribute your exercise to...

Hope your weekend is Sweet:SUNsmile:
Happy Friday Newhip Pol!
Good for you completing "Walk 31 Miles in May"! Not only a wonderful cause, but great exercise for you. :walking:
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
5+ months since surgery and today was my review appointment with my consultant. X-rays look great - I now have matching hips :happydance:

He has signed me off with a good to go message and to find him if there are any problems! He did say he'll be around for the next five years but after that I'm on my own! (presume he has retirement plans) :heehee:

Movement is excellent, I'm able to open both hips fully but still struggle to get up from the floor - will keep practising strengthening exercises.

Now I have to work up courage and decide what to do about my ankle - I have an appointment with the foot and ankle man next month.

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