Hip Infection* problem

Merry Christmas, Kind lady.
I wish for all to merry and bright....:carols:
Happy New Year dear @clodaghcov
Hope your Day is Sweet.

I'm going with Emerson this year
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us -
Hello, sweet clodaghcov
Wishing you health and happiness in 2022! Hope you’re doing well.
Things are not so great so i need you again,a month ago i had my first bath and rubbed bio oil into my dry solid wound,the next day i had 2 jelly bean like things on the outside of my scar ,they are fairly firm and draining,so back to nurses twice a week. The pain is like othing ive had before,maybe just forgotten,anyway called to surgeon thursday and i guess i know what that means.Thank you listeningxxxx
@clodaghcov My goodness this is not what you wanted at all! What does the nurse say? Please let us know how your appointment goes!
Oh, dear! What a roller coaster ride! I am so sorry that this is happening. Please keep us posted. Prayers and blessings coming your way. ❤️
I’m so sorry to read this and learn you’re in pain once again. Prayers for strength and healing. Please update us when you’re able. We‘re here for you always. :console2:
Hello there,
Wondering how you’re doing and if you have an update for us. Hopefully things have improved, or resolved since you last posted. Keeping you in thought and sending up a prayer for healing today. Hope to hear from you soon.
Hello girls, well this hip is cerainly giving me the run around! It has been so painful,the consultants say it is granulation which is muscle that pops out getting rid of debris and infection,well im not sure i was so near to letting them operate then i kept saying let me walk the dogs and see how i feel!,anyway these beans got big,then 2 weeks ago as the nurse was dressing it,they fell off!! not sure who was most surprised her or me! Anyway it has drained alot the last week but is looking almost like my old scar now with only little drainage I dont think the nurses have seen anything like this but the pain is going, not gone by anymean but better,the pain has been in and around the big muscle right round the top of my leg!!,which is suppose could be quite relavent. What a run around,the Prof wanted to operate and clean out but i have held back knpwing the problems i have with healing! Anyway we have started talking about Crete so I cannot feel too grotty!!

Icannot remember if i told you Mike bought me a toy puppy lap dog to make me sit more,she is gorgeous and at 4 months not many problems she wraps herself around our necks to sleep---glorious her name is Poppy,all the others have been so welcoming so no problems yet!!

I will let you know more after my next visit to surgeon on the 7th!!

Lots of lovexxxx
Hey there, sweet forum friend. :friends:I see some rays of sunshine peeking through those clouds. So very happy to read your update today. I am sorry you’re still dealing with pain, but the “getting rid of debris and infection” sounds very positive. It’s good to know whatever it was that was draining, dried up and disappeared. Next I hope the pain eases so you can really enjoy talking about Crete.

Poppy sounds like good medicine for you. I’ll bet you love cuddling with her and she brings you lots of comfort. Wishing you the best of luck with your appointment in two weeks. Please let us know how it goes. Until then, sending love and a big hug your way. :loveshwr:
I'm glad the pain is lessening, and you have a new "baby" to comfort you.
Hope you continue to feel better:loveshwr:
Bom Dia2.jpeg Long time no speak and then I discover you are being naughty and inviting infections into your life again!!! :no-fin:

Seriously speaking, I am so sorry to read you are still suffering and I have no words to soothe your pain. xx

How is your family up North here? I hope they are keeping well and free of the virus. We are fine down here in the South and being in the country keep away from crowds.

How are all your four-legged friends? And you have a new one to amuse you ... picture. :puppysmooze:

Take care and I know you will do what you feel is comfortable and right for you.

Hugs Sweet Friend.jpeg Izzy xx
Oh hon you have certainly been through hell with this! Hoping they can get things cleared up and your new hip in soon! I know how much those spacers hurt! ❤️
Hoping the drainage ends and the pain continues to improve. Poppy sounds like a sweetheart! :puppysmooze:
Hi Everyone I am still here,on holiday in Crete for 3 weeks,yes.i still have the hip no pain with it as such but continued drainage of serum,so dressings etc,but being allowed away and Mike and doing the dressings can only be good,actually it is very strong it is my lead leg on stairs etc because my right knee and hip have really had it!! but life is fun and good and although i could have clean out i prefer not as may still have problem with healing,and quite honestly i am terrified of more surgery,so as long as i stay well they are happy!!

Covid got me and i was positive for 21 days and felt very poorly,but all in the past--now sunshine,beach,scrummy food and drink and my lovely pink crutches1!

Love and hugs to you,i do pop in and see if anyone is needing helpful words!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi @clodaghcov
So excited when I popped on at this ridiculous hour to see you on the forum.:loveshwr:
I think of you often, and am so happy to think of you in Lovely Crete having fun.:) :-) (:
I'm glad you recovered from Covid....I'm sure that was scary as we here so much about those with compromised immune systems which with your healing issues...you would think would be super serious.

But, that virus is no match for the strong clodaghcov I have come to know.:yes!:

Thank you for checking to see if anyone, especially those who have struggled with infection, might need some kind words.
Your recovery story is of the toughest sort but to know you are living your best life in spite of the struggles makes me So Happy.
Hugs, my friend:friends:

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