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Jun 26, 2023
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I'M a widow living at home with support from caregiver. I'm having difficulty arranging for nighttime help when I return from hospital after THR on Aug. 16th. . . I have home care arranged for during the day thru dinner...caregiver shifts + friend to do shopping. Rehab isn't an option

What would I need to cover in event I cant get nighttime help?
I'll have a bedside commode nearby.
I'll set reminders on phone for taking meds, with water on bedside table.
I have after hours phone # for my surgeon.
What else would I need to prepare for nighttime if no one is available to be there in person?
Many thanks
If you have someone coming in during the day through dinner you should be fine. You won't be discharged from hospital until you can move around on your own. You probably won't need the commode as you will be fully mobile. Phone for medication reminders and in case of emergency is great.

Just put items that you use regularly within reach. Get yourself a couple of grabbers to pick up items you may drop. You'll be fine!
@SRQsassy I found that the heavy duty pain meds I took during the first couple of weeks post-surgery really knocked me out and I slept through the night while I was taking them. (In honesty, they made me sleep through most of the day, too!).

As Jaycey recommends, just have items within reach so you don't have to go up if you don't need to. :flwrysmile:
Some members have used a small cooler, bedside, or nearby overnight, to access a fresh ice pack, IF ice packs are what you’re using as your ice source. This may be easier than making a trip to the freezer, unless your Kitchen is conveniently close by.

Wishing you all the best and hope you’ll share your recovery journey with us. :)
@Jaycey, @benne68 & @Layla,

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words. Gives me confidence to tell family that I plan to do it on my own at night.
The Physicians Assistant I saw today asked how I manage at night now...I said fine with TV & cold drinks in bed, with TV. ( a recent purchase). He said that's what they want me to continue to do once I learn how to handle my new hip. .
I plan to use ice water circulating machine . My caregiver will load the ice water circulator before she leaves, & set me up with ice, drinks& snacks.
I also hope to do what @benne68 said...sleep!
. I met with surgeon & PA today for Pre-Op meeting. They arrange for home nursing, PT, & OT services to start the day I come home. My concerns & questions were answered well..
My next post will be in a week when I'm recovering overnight...or longer if the hospital. Looking forward to it.
I wound up not needing the ice machine, so I don't know how it would have gone with me personally.
However, the machine was used by both my son in law & daughter for their respective knee surgeries,
& they needed it refilled with ice during the night.

You might want to have a cooler with a few ice bags handy, especially for a couple days in when the
swelling will probably get rolling.

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