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Oct 5, 2021
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The amount of RESEARCH I'm doing is TREMENDOUS.
I want to 'walk the walk and talk the talk' of my medical team.

BACKGROUND: Probable cause is 20+ years of teaching step aerobics. Everything below is what I have personally experienced.
  • Pain started Fall 2019.
  • Doctor visit late December 2019.
  • Couldn't do PT because of COVID 2020.
  • Orthopaedic doctor recommended hip replacement surgery when 'the pain gets too bad'. I was stupid, I put it off until November.
  • Sporadic cane usage Spring 2020.
  • Bought and used a groin/hip brace for going out (helps a LOT).
  • Bought a knee brace (just a wraparound thing) for the popping in my knee. The popping is caused by the patellar tendon going down into the shinbone, and it's moving, so that's why you hear popping. The knee brace is to keep the muscle/tendon from moving around too much. It helps with pain too, if you have front knee pain just below the knee bone.
  • August-Sept 2020 2/3 cane usage.
  • Sept-Oct 2021 full cane usage & walker when I'm home, for balance.
  • 1st week of October 2021 consult with Orthopaedic doctor, arranged for all the stuff that goes with it. Blood test, and PA medical background office visit that same week.
  • November 2021, lots of pre surgical office visits, such as nurse pre admission 6 days prior, PT ''pre-hab' 2 weeks prior, surgeon pre-op 1 week prior.
Interestingly, Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital health (Whittier area, CA.) has something called, "Joint Venture classes" that both my Recovery Coach and I have to attend/watch withing 2 weeks of my surgery. There are 4 different videos. The vids are:

Part 1-Surgery Prep & Expectation
Part 2-After Surgery
Part 3-Physical and Occupational Therapy
Part 4-Going Home!

For pre-op activities, I'm already starting on/checking on (because I'm kinda bored, going out of the house & driving HURTS!):
  • Getting a Disabled Placard. I filled out the online form for California, had my Primary Care Provider (or you can use your orthopaedic doctor) to fill it out, take it to AAA (if you have it) and get a placard that day! In CA., you can get a temporary that you can renew for 6 months at a time for 4 more times after the first. I think. Check your state/DMV website or your doctor.
  • Movement without hip rotation-I do full torso rotation without involving either hip, or a pivot on my good leg. Not really a problem, because if I even LOOK at my hip and think about rotating it, it starts hurting! Behaviorally, I won't rotate the painful leg inward or outward because I've LEARNED not to.
  • Pre-and-post op PT INCLUDING some bicep/tricep work and isometric (non-moving, just tummy muscle contracting), because I'm gonna need those muscles to push myself up and raise up!
  • Looking at posts on my Facebook Hip Replacement group to see what's going on, things I'll need.
    • Some are or aren't covered by insurance (which, I found out, since it's Open Season, my insurance secondary carrier will be changing providers on Jan 1 2022, so THAT info is helpful!) I let my pre-op PA know what to order and I know what my insurance will and won't cover. Things are covered, such as
      • Cane or walker or crutches. My PA says the walker is best and my notebook says 'every patient must use a front-wheel walker when first learning how to walk with the new hip. I can see that, because it's the best for balance. I already have a cane & I don't want crutches. Just one more thing to gather dust in the garage post-recovery.
      • Bedside commode OR raised toilet seat thingy with arms. Sometimes it's covered, sometimes it's not. I think with my insurance it is. It is said you can use it in the shower, but to get INTO the shower I'd have to go outside the recommended hip flexion to raise my foot.
      • Various adaptive equipment i.e. reacher, a long-handled sponge, sock aid, long-handled shoehorn which is actually plastic and won't last very long. The hospital el-cheapo ice packs will be given to me, but I want to get a GOOD one (actually, 2, so I can switch off) from Amazon or WalMart or someplace.
    • NOT COVERED but will be extremely helpful are
      • 'Depends' incontinence panties that have side tabs, because there's lots of times in the beginning that I heard I won't be able to make it to the potty and I don't have room by my bed for the bedside commode. (Facebook friends recommended because they were caught not being able to make it and their recovery person had to change the bedding.
      • Incontinence pads to lay on the bed underneath me so nobody has to change the bedding.
      • GOOD ice packs that cover the hip incision AND provide compression to the upper leg, below the incision. Plus it gives support, like my hip/groin brace does.
  • Entering and exiting my bed,and realizing that the bed is high enough to avoid >90 degree hip flexion, but the sofas AREN'T! Hey, go sit on a sofa now, pre-op, and try to get out of it. See what I mean?!!
    • Want a tip, if you're in pain when you get into bed? This is PRE-OP, or perhaps post-op if you have an Anterior (front) surgical incision: Put the painful leg on top of the good leg at the ankle, and raise the good leg up with the painful/bad leg going along for the ride! This avoids painful lateral (sideways) movement of the painful leg. I found THAT out from a Redditor, on a subReddit that had NOTHING to do with hip or joint stuff!!!
I'll be posting more stuff that'll be specific to a topic, like surgery questions (type of unit), recovery, Occupational/Home Health visits, Physical Therapy, what kind of activity I can expect to do, stuff like that.
Again, this'll be stuff I've found out about pre-op, and I'll be sure to copy and paste the post-op stuff into the post-op forum.
Cheers on having a good surgery, you'll come out GREAT, it's SO worth it to not have so much pain anymore, not have to ask people to get stuff for me, be able to go out and DO things, and NOT feel like a <say it softly> cripple.

I'm not going to go into the different types of pain I'm feeling and where they are, because I think you all KNOW where the pain shows up or pops up in your pre-op journey. Let's say it ranges from 2-9 on the physical pain Richter scale (0-10).
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Oct 17, 2021
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Great post Aquainst1, you have described the pain I am having in my knee perfectly.
I put a post on here a few days ago about my concerns with my knee pain, got great advice and recommendations from fellow hippies and bought a knee brace like you described and it has eased the pain a lot.


Jan 27, 2010
United Kingdom United Kingdom
@AQUAINST1 Welcome to BoneSmart! Thanks for all your tips - helpful for our pre-op members! Not long now for you!
Put the painful leg on top of the good leg at the ankle, and raise the good leg up with the painful/bad leg going along for the ride!
Note to members - please do not try this post op if your surgeon has given you the restriction to avoid crossing your ankles.


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