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Jun 13, 2019
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Sorry if this is not the correct place to post Layla and change it if you want. I just wanted to mention to anyone that is looking at having THR down the road that after my 1st THR I was cleared to start a Pilates Reformer class (which I had never done before) at about 18 weeks out. I knew nothing and was overweight and (still) do not have a lot of flexibility but I was an athlete as a child and this looked like a great activity.

From that time up until this 2nd hip got so bad it was painful to stretch or weight bear. I did 2-4 classes per week in a group class (Club Pilates). During the pandemic I did their videos online, chair Pilates and pool Pilates. And for me this has been excellent and I’ve learned so much about my body, muscles, flexibility but mostly inner focus and concentrating on my own needs. Plus the instructors always remind everyone “work at your own pace” which I now find myself repeating this PostOp as my mantra

The consistency of attending has allowed me to slowly gain more muscle tone in my arms and of course my core. When I started I could not even hold my knees up in the air for more than 10 seconds at a time so I would put them down. Take a breath and put them back up. I had no idea what a big benefit this would be this 2nd THR.

I have lost weight just by sensible, interval eating, walking and consistently attending class. I LOVE getting to lie flat of my back and work on isolated body parts. And I can’t wait to return after this 2nd THR. The nurses all commented that my core strength was really helping me w the leg lifts and my arm strength has been a blessing for the 50% weight bearing. In addition the breath control that goes w Pilates is also helping as well as the slow, isolated movements.

I’m amazed that a workout that is enjoyable for someone who has always had to workout, but not loved it is helping so much in recovery. I encourage anyone heading into surgery or not to take a look at this. Even if you aren’t able to do all the exercises bc of pain, you can do pieces and parts. They teach 90 degrees and other terms that help you learn the specific movements in Post Op recovery. It’s calming and mild but effective. And I’m not a granila, cult kinda Yogi either so it’s not weird. Everyone just does there own thing. And hey you start off each class cost of your back laying down, what’s not to love?

There are so many ways to learn via You Tube w Springs and straps to go over door facings that are not expensive even if class is not affordable. It’s good training for your mind, body, and breath. And can be done in less than an hour. You won’t regret it and for me has just become a way of life. Good luck on prehabbing. Thanks.
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I think it’s okay here, Lupyhippie, since you’re sharing pre-op info that was beneficial to you and hopefully will be for some others also. If Admin (Jaycey & Jamie) view it otherwise, they’ll move it accordingly.
Anything to make the whole process easier is definitely worth sharing. Thank you!
It sounds like you’re doing well and hopefully this recovery is even easier than the last. Best Wishes!
I thought of another item that helped PostOp and that was a (faux) leather Chaise lounge that is on the stiff side and has small arm rests. Ironically we purchased this fr a model home sale during my first THR. As it was not quite tall enough we put folded quilts at the seat part. But it’s long and just right width wise. I’m able to use the “pillow stack” method here and keep the ice on with soft pillows crammed in to make it nice and tight. It’s easy to pull walker where I heed it and my booty can just slide right to the end or side across that slippery surface. I’m able to have all my things in reach in a back pack on the right. Table on my left. It’s positioned in a sunny window w curtains easily pulled to w my reacher. I’m also to do some leg lifts and heel slides right ob the flat surface or off the side when that little “Move Buzzer” goes off on my phone. It works so much better than the lift recliner w THR 1 and I feel just like Baby as it fits “just right”
Good luck and Happy Monday!!
Good Morning :wave:
Sounds like the perfect set up for you, Lupyhippie, and comfort is our aim early on.
Happy Monday to you...hope this week is a good one!

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