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Pre-op interviews - what's involved?

Discussion in 'Pre-Surgery Information' started by Josephine, Aug 30, 2017.

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    A pre-op interview or medical is usually carried out about a week or two before the surgery date. The purpose of it is to ensure the patient is fit and healthy enough to undergo both surgery and anaesthetic. Usually they are carried out by specially trained nurses.

    The tests involved will most likely include the following:

    First you might be required to fill in a health questionnaire which will look something like this

    Then the nurse will carry out an exam will probably include
    - a discussion of the health questionnaire including an appraisal of any drugs being taken
    - blood pressure, pulse and temperature
    - weight/height/BMI
    - ECG/EKG
    - a urine test
    - some basic blood tests for things like haemoglobin, urea and electrolytes, liver and kidney function and glucose levels
    - swabs from nose, throat and perineum to ensure you are clear of MRSA​

    Then the nurse will explain the entire routine of being prepped for the surgery and what is involved with that.
    You will probably also be given a bottle of special wash and instructions on how to use it and why.
    There will be ample opportunity for you to ask any questions you want in connection with all this.
    At a later date, the surgeon might have an interview with you to go over the results of all the tests.
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