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Oh, no! You are way too early in your recovery to be doing all you are doing, especially driving. Would you have been able to slam on the brake if you had needed to? I doubt it. Were you able to bend your knee enough to comfortably get in and out of the car and keep your foot on the accelerator? Bless your heart no wonder you are in pain and increased your swelling.

Please stop treating your knee like it's 2-3 months old instead of only 3 weeks old.
Yikes, Mutti, I am so sorry! Sadly, we often have to learn the hard way. I hope your stay in the ODIC is short-lived and you're back to where you were soon. Rotton old ODIC!:groan:
Sending a healing hug your way. :console2:
My type A personality is getting in the way of my recovery. Yes, I can get in and out of the car. My ROM is good, and have the strength. But I am still too fatigued to properly function.
I tried my best not to join the over doer club, but the fine line is very easy to cross.
30 POD
Tomorrow I see the OS for my one month follow up. Have a list of questions to ask. To help me remember, I am using my IPhone! My previous replacement, I had no questions because previously it progress better. As we say, no two knees are alike even on the same person! This time I have more discomfort and especially nerve pain. My ROM is acceptable. Also have more fatigue! I know what he will say, you are older than the last time! My OS is retiring at the end of this year. He has been our family OS for 26 years!
Sounds like this op may have been more complicated. As you say, it's not unusual to have a totally different reaction to surgery. And I really don't think age has an impact. In any case, you are only one month out - still early days.

A list of questions is an excellent way to prepare. Please let us know now your appointment goes!
Your new knee also had almost 5 more years of added damage. This means your OS probably had to do more repair work inside your knee than he did your first knee.

I hated it when my previous OS retired. He was the best!
Hi Mutti,
Good luck with your one month follow up on Thursday. Let us know how it goes.
After 26 years, I'll bet you're going to miss your OS when he retires.
Hopefully if you need another, you find one you like just as much.
Happy One Month Anniversary!:yahoo:
POD 31
One month follow up appoint with OS. Answered all my question’s throughly. Was very pleased with my progress, and agreed that PT wasn’t needed. Discussed the “zingers” that is irritating me. Overall a very good visit. Hubby was with me, and had to discuss his knees as well. He replaced both of hubby knees years ago. Now I have a matching set of knees!
Today I went to the pharmacy for flu and Covid vaccination. I ask the pharmacist about opioid disposal. I want to share this information. If not allowed, admin can delete this post.

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7 weeks today ! I celebrated by going back to the gym. I stopped formal PT a month ago. Haven’t noticed any difference from first replacement compared to now. ( has a “ ton” of PT the first time). Did recumbent bike, and treadmill. It felt great to get back to normal activities of life!
The knee has recovered very well! But my energy level will improved with time! :treadmill:
Wow, 7 weeks already? It seems, to me at least, you just started that pre op thread about your second knee! Best wishes, you’re doing great!
I did very well with both knees. Didn’t do anything special. If I can elaborate these factors :
No previous knee surgeries.
Naturally very flexible. Able to sit crossed legged.
Physically active as age appropriate.
No co morbidity.
The most important: skill of the surgeon. He only does knees and hips, no other body part.
Lastly to keep myself focus on daily recovery. Nutrition, hydration and mental health.
It felt great to get back to normal activities of life!
It's the best!
I recall being over the moon I could walk around the grocery store without quickly grabbing only what I absolutely needed as I leaned heavily on the shopping cart...and I don't even like grocery shopping!

Happy Seven Weeks! I hope you have a wonderful week!
A fine milestone!!!!
Now that's an accomplishment. I'll bet that made you feel good!
My surgeon didn't even allow swimming, baths, hot tubs...none of it until three months post op. He was a stickler! Boo! Where's the stick out your tongue emoji when you need it? :wink:
I am not a “ soaker” in a bathtub! But it was a nice accomplishment! I will have my two month follow up with my OS on Thursday. That will be the last visit. Doing very well, he will forgo the three month checkup.
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