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TKR post op- surgery 4/12/24


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Apr 10, 2024
United States United States
I believe I am staying overnight after the procedure but my worry is when i come home will I be able to
do my stairs? All my bedrooms and the full bathroom are upstairs. I don't have a recliner downstairs- only couches and it's a bit of
a winding travel with a walker to the 1/2 bathroom downstairs as well. Out of all the worries this is my biggest concern, where should I best "park myself: for a couple days after the surgery. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you!
Yes, you will be able to navigate stars as they will run through that with you before you're discharged from your surgery site. Best place to park yourself will be where you're most comfortable and have easiest access to all you need. You may be surprised at your ability to get around and accomplish the necessities such as trips to the bathroom or even the kitchen to get a snack or drink. You're getting close now. Relief is on the way! :yes:
Happy Wednesday!
thank you Layla! I appreciate the input!
You're welcome! Stay in touch...betting you'll do great! :)
Wherever you decide to "nest" during the day, it's helpful to set it up so your priority items are in reach: phone, meds, note pad and pen to record meds and activities, beverage, snack, reading matter etc.
Once you determine the place in your home where you'll be most comfortable
I found it handy to have a few small toiletries such as lip balm and small hand lotion close by as well as a water bottle to stay adequately hydrated, chargers for your devices and a power strip if you feel you'll need it. A variety of pillows and cozy blankets and whatever else you find comforting while trying to rest. There are phone apps that you can use to keep track of meds. Also, what may come in handy are hand wipes to use after meals or snacks if you're not feeling energetic enough to make a trip to the sink.
Hi MaryLynn,
Thinking of you and hope you're all prepped and ready to roll tomorrow.
See you on the bright side soon where we'll share some Recovery Guidelines with you.
All the best!

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