TKR Post-op Spasms

Please don't wait and go ahead and go to the emergency room.
Just heard from the surgeon. He said that I should continue with the oral antibiotics for now and that he’d prescribe celebrex for the pain. He feels like we need to just wait another day for the antibiotics to work and so long as there is no drainage (which there isn’t now) that I can remain at home. If things get worse or I cannot bend my knee, then I need to come into ER.

Honestly, even after all the issues with my right knee replacement, I hadn’t ever felt so scared about the risk of deep infection. I truly trust my surgeon, he has been amazing, so I’m comfortable waiting it out as he suggested. If anything gets worse though, I will be going in to have blood work done.

Thank you for everyone’s responses. The nurse mind can come up with many worst case scenario with this type of thing.
Just be careful. Sometimes your gut feelings are the ones you need to listen to. Please let us know how you are during the next couple of days.

So after several days of high fevers, my husband started getting sick and tested positive for COVID. Im testing negative but I think my fever was driven by that virus and not the SSI. I rarely get fevers - like I can count on one hand the number of times in my adult life - but last time I had COVID I also had a raging fever to go with it.

Now that the fever has broken and several days have passed, the incision appears to be healing well with the antibiotics and there is not redness or drainage present. Thankful for that.

There’s something else though that I wonder is a universal experience with TKA and that is spousal conflict. This past weekend my husband and I hit a boiling point after he told me that all I talk about is my health and that he’s going through just as much with my knee replacement as I am. Literally like we have suffered the same amount. I had no words at the time because I cannot wrap my head around him thinking our experiences are equal. I spent that night on the couch to be away from him. It seems like these surgeries are really testing not only my mental and physical strength but now also my marriage.

How do people cope with conflict between you and yoru spouse regarding this recovery? Had I known in advance the challenges I would face, I probably would have just suffered with the pain for longer than to have surgery. The toll it’s taking may not balance out with the advantage of having new knees in the end.
I am sorry for all you're experiencing, BionicMama. Thankfully you're negative for Covid, but hubs wasn't as fortunate. Hopefully his case is mild and he's feeling better soon.

I think it is difficult for our significant others to see us in a needy vulnerable position due to joint replacement.
Discussion of the topic (joint replacement) and the ever increasing need for assistance, or the need to alter plans and activities often begins long before surgery / recovery occurs. As difficult as it may be, try not to be offended by his words and realize in a completely different way than the way you were feeling, your decline may have taken a toll on him also. Try your best to do all you're able by yourself and once he's feeling better encourage him to get out and engage in the things he loves to do...for his own mental health. I am sorry you have to experience this while you're trying to heal. Please come here any time you feel the need to vent. We're good listeners and will advise as best we can. Remember too, this is temporary and will improve with the passage of time.
Chin can do this! :console2:
It seems like these surgeries are really testing not only my mental and physical strength but now also my marriage.
Statements like these make me so glad I am divorced and recovered mostly on my own. I did have a wonderful neighbor who helped some the first week in the evenings, other than that it was just me. We can do this alone!

I suggest you try and do things for yourself only by yourself, but things for your husband, only by your husband, not you. You are healing from a very traumatic surgery, he is not. He is sick, but so are you in a way. He, hopefully, will be well in a week or so. You will not be. As wives, we are so used to taking care of our husbands and children, but now it's their turn to take care of you. He can do that by taking care of his own needs and letting you heal.

Please try and ignore his hurtful statements and realize he isn't used to you being 'down' and is probably worried about you. You can always send him here to read about others' recovery. Maybe he'd be more understanding. Even if he doesn't come here, you can come any time you want. We are your 'family' and emphasize and sympathize with you and we are here 24/7!
I'm so sorry that your husband said those things, @BionicMama. Let's hope it's just that he was feeling lousy because of his Covid infection and took it out on you.

When our spouses (especially men) are used to us be the caretakers, I think they find the role reversal difficult. Plus, people who haven't been through these surgeries really don't understand how long a recovery we face -- and get "tired" of hearing our complaints.

My husband became angry/depressed during my first major recovery. Since he's a cyclist, I told him to get out and ride as much as possible. He'd come back in a much better mood and was much more patient with me after those rides. Does your husband have a sport or a hobby he enjoys? Perhaps once he has recovered, you could encourage him to spend time focusing on that?

Meanwhile, we are here for you!
Another thing to consider is that men are usually wired to be the “fixer” a relationship. They tend to want to identify a problem, figure out what will work to make it better, and then do that. I’m sure he feels bad seeing you taking so long to heal. Recovery from a TKR is a long process and it takes just about everyone by surprise. He may be unhappy that there is nothing he can suggest or do to make things heal….a bit of a helpless feeling. Guys don’t like that.

I don’t have any magic ideas about how to make him less argumentative. One thing might be sleep. If you are at all restless or getting up during the night, it might be good to sleep apart for a while so he can get all the rest he needs.
Oopsie daisy....I forgot to wish you a Happy Two Month Anniversary last time I was here.
I hope today was a good day! :friends: A flower for you :flwrysmile:
Hi Bionicmama!
How are you doing at this three month post op milestone?
I hope you enjoyed the holidays and the new year is off to a good start for you.
If you have time, please let us know how you're doing next time you're on the forum.
Happy Three Month Anniversary!

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