TKR Polyethylene Disease

I am almost 3 weeks post spacer exchange to larger one and still working on flexion and some extension. Going to P.T. and last week I was at 118 degrees of flexion and almost 0 degrees of extension. It is sore with exercise, but very tolerable.
I am 6 years out from TKR. Having pain and swelling. MRI showed poly spacer wear particles. Surgeon wants to do a poly exchange. Implant is secure and not loose. Everything I read says this procedure is very unsuccessful and should be replacing all components. Surgeon also says recovery is shorter than original TKR. Surgery done at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, Can I ask about your surgery and recovery
Thank you for your reply. I see you have had 4 right TKR revisions - 2 after the spacer replacement. Can you tell me what those were for?
I had a partial knee orginally that the components became loose and I had to have it replaced by a TKR. Then the knee became lax due to loose ligaments and I have had the spacer replaced 3 times because of the loose ligaments causing me pain and falling quite a bit.

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