THR Please tell me this gets better

I had a fairly easy recovery from my right hip replacement surgery in 2018, but I still remember the pain in my bottom when I sat, and the feeling that I was sitting on rocks. I simply couldn't get comfortable for a few weeks when I sat. I would shift left and right, and all over the place on the right side of my bottom, trying to take pressure off.

I bought a special pillow to sit on (from Amazon) which helped some, and sat on ice as well. Sometimes the ice helped--others not so much. If you do ice, be sure to do it for at least 20 minutes at a stretch in order to get optimal benefit. I didn't have a lift chair---just my regular recliner, so I have no idea how I would have felt with a lift recliner.

Recovery is so individual to the person, and it's great that you are aware of that. I was able to walk, get up and down off the floor, and do many things more easily than just sitting on a chair at times. But just easing into daily life activities and not worrying about "exercise" was what my surgeon recommended. I will be eternally grateful that I had my hip replaced----best decision ever, but there were a few times right at first, I did wonder!

Take care, and if the rock sensations continues, do consider an air pillow. Plus there may be other devices that have come on the market more recently.
@Chigirl hope you’re feeling a bit better today, sitting was difficult but once my staples came out it was a relief and sitting was definitely better. As for lifting your leg don’t panic, you will suddenly do it by yourself. I used a yoga strap to help me, but you can use towel or dressing gown cord, it does get easier.

tip for sleep that I discovered - I found some guided sleep meditation on YouTube, I was out like a light.
Thanks so much for the advice and encouraging words.
I have another question about recovery. In 2 days, I will only be 4 weeks from surgery, so I’m probably jumping the gun here. But my husband is doing all the grocery shopping right now. Just curious about other THR‘s experience. At what point in recovery, were you able to do a full grocery shop? Not with one of those moterized chairs, but actually walking. Crazy, but I actually like doing my own grocery shopping. Thanks for any and all input.
Hi Chi girl, I will weigh in with the reminder that we all heal at different rates, for various reasons.

I walked into the grocery store unassisted, without pain, to grocery shop for the first time at one month post op. It wasn’t one of those fill the cart with a weeks worth of food trips, but I was in there long enough to comfortably walk the entire store grabbing what I needed. Whole Foods, so a regular size store, not a small grocer. Consider having hubs accompany you the first time to see what you feel capable of. That way if you get tired, you can retreat to your vehicle and wait for him, then try again at a later date.
Have a great rest of the week!
Agree with @Layla - I'd aim for a month. Could be sooner, could be later, but that seems about right for me.
I was grocery shopping as soon as I could drive to the store which was about 2-3 weeks. I used the store as my walking rehab. Walking with a shopping cart was the best walking, walking slow and with good posture. Only problem I had early on was lifting and carrying bags into the house. Since the store was my walking rehab I went almost every day so I never bought a lot at once some days I didn't buy anything, just walked. I did my recovery in winter both times so the store was comfortable walking. Works good in the heat also.
At what point in recovery, were you able to do a full grocery shop?

Hi there! I just want to reach out and say my surgery was June 22nd. I'm still using a cane, and can just feel that my hip flexors are still very weak. I had the anterior approach, and my hip flexors were a mess to begin with. I could probably do the store if I went first thing in the day and used the cart, but then I would need to come home and ice. It wouldn't be a full trip, and right now I just go with my hubby and ride in the cart. :). I'm with you right now. :)
I agree with @Eman85 that walking/shopping with a cart is actually a good way to get some quality walking time in. Having a shopping buddy go with you the first time might be a good idea, just to provide you with an extra confidence boost. Start small to be sure you don't overdo, in terms of walking time and be sure you either shop "small" or have someone to help you unload when you get home. It feels so nice to be able to get back to a full, active life! :)
Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. I actually used the shopping cart pre-surgery when I was in pain. And it sounds like a good idea to do so again. And since we’re retired, my husband and I always do the shopping together. The only problem is, he’s always trying to steal it away from me. I guess it’s a guy thing. lol
I used my cane to help lift my leg onto the bed. Worked great for me. Best of luck with your recovery.
As you hit this two month post op milestone, I hope you're doing well. Let us know as time allows.
Wishing you all the best and a Happy Two Month Anniversary!
Thanks so much. Actually, I’m doing great. At my six week check-up, my doctor said I had a perfect x-ray. I’m able to climb the stairs and sleep in my own bed again. I’ve been in the pool and hot tub a few times, and I have driven the car. I’ve done a few Wallmart runs and I’m averaging about 7,000 fitbit steps a day. And I “graduated” my physical therapy appointments, although I still do the exercises at home. I’m pretty amazed myself considering I literally wanted to die the day after my surgery.

My next goal is to be able to lift my left foot up to the running board on the truck, (Using a small stool in the meantime.) And regain my stamina. I’m easily exhausted. But I know that will come with time.

I’m so grateful for this blog, as reading the different posts have really helped me in my darkest hours.
Another question. How soon after THR is it safe to travel? Any travel we do during the next year will be by automobile. I’m just a little leery being in a hotel room a few days drive away and have an issue. Would like to know about other THR alums experiences with “road-trip” travel. Thanks in advance for sharing.
@Chigirl You should be good to travel now. The issue will be sitting for long periods of time. Being in a hotel should not be a problem either. At this point things are very sable for you. Time to venture out and start living again.
Sitting for long periods of time especially in a car wasn't enjoyable in the first months. Some cars were worse than others and it also was good to stop often and walk. I don't think I've ever stayed in a hotel but staying different places can be a challenge with bed heights and lack of a comfortable chair. Also showering can be different if you're used to a walk in shower and have to step into a tub.

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