PLEASE: Limit the number of "social" posts in pre-op or recovery threads

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Jun 11, 2013
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The BoneSmart forum is dedicated to helping people who are having joint problems or facing surgery. It is not meant for the type of social exchanges which occur routinely on today's social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites.

The majority of our members use the site appropriately, but every now and then some members create a series of off-topic posts or engage in more than just a few casual, personal posts that have nothing to do with their joints. These social exchanges are fine in small doses, and we want our members to feel comfortable as they get to know one another.

But please do not allow conversations like this to get too carried away. When there are enough of these social posts, especially in someone's recovery thread, it becomes very difficult to find information about their recovery, which our staff frequently must do to provide help and advice for a member.

Posts which are just fun, light-hearted topics such as discussing pets or sharing photos, are welcome and are often an extremely helpful diversion during recovery, but please NOT TO EXCESS. Good wishes to another member about to undergo surgery are welcomed and encouraged.

We have a Social forum that is designed for discussions on non-medical topics. The only requirement for threads in the Social Room is that each thread must be about a specific topic. We don't permit general "chat" threads anywhere on BoneSmart.

We request your assistance in keeping to these guidelines in order to allow us the time to focus on helping you and the others who come to BoneSmart.

----Thanks from the BoneSmart staff
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