TKR Pescara's Recovery Thread

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Excellent that you could kneel without pain. I got a surprise today when I walked across my office without pain. It was the first time in so long that it took me by surprise. Didn't last long but it was great for a little while.
@SaraJane, we are in rainy season and more for the next week. I need to order my rubber boots! My back and knee are feeling it. I will think of Rose every time I have to get up. I'm sure all the bending over and sitting on the floor doesn't help. The puppies are doing great and will stay at the Vet all day tomorrow to give us a break and run some errands or sleep. Madison also needs a little time off. What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving ? I hope someone else is doing the cooking so we can all take the day off. We are going to our neighbors and I will make the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. I'm hungry already.:curtsey:
Thanksgiving is one of the times I appreciate the new(ish) knees. Holiday cooking used to be miserable.
Maybe I'm getting old but what is happening to Thanksgiving? There is already Christmas Movies and Music. We never had Black Friday, shopping was after Thanksgiving, stores and malls waited to decorate and ads didn't come out until after Thanksgiving. Oh, the good old days. I am Thankful for friends and family.
I'm with you, Katie! I refuse to listen to the stations playing Christmas music until after Thanksgiving! Although, I did watch a Hallmark sappy Christmas movie one night this week. DH was watching something where everyone was getting blown up or shot. Couldn't take that, so tuned in the Christmas movie instead! Lol! I spent all morning baking and freezing pies for next week. I've realized that I have to spread out the preparation. And rest between!
thinking of you ... bet you're tired being grandmother to two beautiful puppies who need to be fed all round the clock. hope you and your family -- two legged and four legged -- have a great Thanksgiving.
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