TKR Pescara's Recovery Thread

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@SaraJane I think I have most that is on your list. Thanks for reminding about a few things I forgot. How are you feeling?

About 12 hours ago I was zipping down 75 and trying to send positive thoughts to you - I said out loud that Katie is around here somewhere in Bradenton, and may her day be full of peace and restful energy and nothing but good things. Unfortunately I was only chanting that for a minute or so (I had intended on repeating it all the way through Bradenton) before there was a truck going really slow in the left lane and a Border Patrol SUV trying to get it to pull over, and then various law enforcement vehicles with lights and sirens because the truck and trailer wouldn't pull over. So, I had to return my attention to driving, but the intention of sending you healing thoughts remained....
Glad you are getting some rest. That will make everything better.

I want @SarahJane to come set up my bedside snack table. That stuff sounds delicious!
Sorry to hear that your health care aide has gone. I was hoping that would work out well and make things easier for you. I like @SarahJane's nest idea. I had my husband home for the first two weeks but after he went back to work he would make my lunch in my usual lunch bag and all I had to do was to hobble 20 steps into the kitchen to take it out of the fridge. That was closer than the bathroom.

I hope you get some relief from the back pain. Then you can really test out that new knee, but no falling this time!
My worst nightmare has come true. Last night before bed my husband noticed the wheezing and my blue lips and nails. Off to the ER again. I should get frequent flyer miles lol. After blood work and oxygen I found out I had a bad case of bronchitis. They want me to stay for a few days and try not to cough.(are they kidding). They had a room ready for me but since I was in the hallway I noticed a young girl in great pain and would not have a room ready until today so I gave her mine. It was a very busy night so since I don't sleep much I was entertained for the night. I feel I got better care there than in a room alone. Pain meds on time and someone checked on me every hour. I am still in the ER but ok. I sent hubby home to sleep and take care of Madison. I'm trying not to cough but I have to sometimes. It really hurts my back but grateful for the wonderful care. I keep giving my room away to people who are sicker than me. I will survive and my GP stopped by. Hope everyone has a great and healing weekend
Sounds like you are a truly compassionate soul, but don't forget to take care of yourself, too.
Hope this latest wrinkle goes by easily and that you feel better soon.
Katie, dear Katie!

Sending hugs and TLC. While you're there, try to get some rest and sleep. Your poor body needs as much sleep as you can manage to get so it'll be strong and able to help your immune system fight off that baddie bronchitis. Maybe you could request a nutritionist consult -- gotta get all the good guys on your side as you fight off opportunist bugs.

And I have one request:

Please, please, please

Don't tell us that your PSA levels show an enlarged prostrate! You've got enough medical challenges.

Hope you "enjoy" your stay in "Hospital California" (you can check in, but you never seem able to leave).
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@Pescara I'm sorry to hear you're back in hospital again.
I hope you soon start to feel better.
It must be time you had a room by now.

I understand that coughing might be bad for your back (and it probably hurts) but you do need to cough, to prevent your bronchitis from getting worse.
Katie, have any of your care providers ever talked to you about an incentive spirometer? I had one when I was in the hospital after the TKR. I'd had general anesthesia and my OS wanted to make sure I wasn't risking complications by spending so much time lying down and not breathing deeply because I was still drugged by the GA. I posted about it early on here and I was told that some OS recommended them and others didn't.
I finally got a room. Because I gave mine up 3 times I got a private room in the new tower that isn't open yet. There is 1 nurse per patient right now. So far there are only 10 of us.I have had 3 breathing treatments and my bed is keeping me on an incline so I can cough with no pain and ice packs for my back. Just got sleeping meds so I hope for sweet dreams
@Pescara, your adventures never end! Hopefully this will be the end of the medical stuff and the healing will be next. You seem to be such a kind and compassionate woman, I am in awe. This truly has to be a sign that someone is watching over you and you are in the right place to be healed. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Get well soon, Madison needs you to cuddle with.
It sounds as if things are improving for you, Katie.
I hope the good care continues and you soon get on top of the bronchitis.
1. Cannot believe you are back in the hospital!
2. They should put your name on a room plaque for future visits.
3. Do unto others REALLY worked for you!
4. Praying God blesses you.
Concierge service! Just like the high mileage frequent flyers freebies. I hope the care and attention bring you to a level of comfort and health fairly soon. I know you miss Madison like crazy, and she probably really misses you, but I like the fact that there are watchful, medically trained eyes on you right now. Coughing without pain is just what you need right now. That and sleep, blissful sleep.

Before or during your discharge planning, please request a visiting nurse to come to your home the same day or the day after your discharge. S/he will evaluate your set up and make sure that conditions there are good for you to continue on your recovery. I'm thinking of things like the angle of your recliner, bathroom access, tripping hazards, etc. I'm glad you are getting breathing treatments. Will they discharge you with a something to continue breathing therapy at home? Will you be getting occupational therapy, too, before you leave? A nutritionist consultation? Don't forget to ask for them to run a PSA test to see if your prostrate is acting up. Just kidding about that last one, Katie.
Oh my goodness, you have been through so much. You seem to be in the best possible place to look after you and I hope that they do. You are so kind to give up your room but I'm glad you are settled in to a room on your own. Sleep well dear Katie and I hope you feel better in the morning.
@Pescara just caught up with your posts. I hope you recover soon and have good luck from now on
Keep will help your chest even though it hurts
@Pescara ots funny when you wrote you would have hit your os. Because I wanted to do the same when at 8 weeks he told me to go play tennis

I hope that this evening is better than last night, and that you get rid of the bronchitis. You've certainly had more than your share of issues since your knee started getting better. Did you get a spirometer before your TKR? I was given one when I went for pre-op at the hospital, and had to show that I could use it correctly. I was told to bring it with me to the hospital, and after the TKR asked several times if I should be using it, but no one ever answered (just like everything else in that stay), so I brought it back home with me at discharge.
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