TKR Pescara's Recovery Thread

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Oh Katie,

I wish that somehow we could all collectively magically erase all the pain and the sadness you're going through. May you and your hubby and Madison have a calm and peaceful weekend.
Katie, I hope weekend will ease your mayor pain and your next message will come in very soon to let all your friends here know you are fine. Hug, and sending best wishes.
I know I have been MIA for a couple of weeks. I am trying to get over this back surgery. My knee is fantastic and not even a limp. I regret everything I ever said about it lol. The knee was easy compared to the back. I'm still in the recliner for everything. Ahhh how I would love to sleep in my own bed. Widget1, do we now have to say "we knew her when". I am so proud of you and have already looked at a few things but with my medication I have the attention span of a Nat .Staples came out yesterday but it's in a place I can't see without twisting and turning. I will still be down for another 3 weeks. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind and giving me the time off to heal a little bit better
Oh Katie,
I'm so glad that your knee is behaving! The back is a really tough one, but you've made it through two grueling back surgeries and so much pain for the last couple of weeks. I'm so glad that your staples were removed, and that your life is slowly improving. Today is week 19 for me, and tomorrow will be week 19 for your TKR - can you believe it - 19 weeks? The next three weeks with your back recovery will pass quickly and don't you feel you've now turned a corner? Please take the pain meds as prescribed, because I'd be so sad if you had to chase the pain to catch up. Hugs from further up I-75 :)
Last night I got tired of sleeping in the recliner so when hubby got up @ 5 I decided to use the bed with the dog. As long as I slept on my right side without my knee uncovered I slept really well. My first good night's sleep since my knee surgery. This weekend hubby is getting me a Sealy Foam Mattress. The same as our master king. I only need a full since I sleep in the spare bedroom due to his and the dogs snoring lol.I can finally say I'm glad I had my knee done. I can wait a long time for my right knee to be done. It seems like a long time since I had my left one done. Maybe I can forget about my back and behave. ( I doubt it) . This time no falling!!!:chuckmarch:
Thanks for the update. Very good news that your knee is "fantastic" and without a limp. I bet it must feel wonderful to have those staples out! And getting your first good sleep since knee surgery. Priceless!

Rest up, be gentle on yourself, and don't worry about keeping up with all your Bonesmart correspondence. Your first priority is your recovery.
@SaraJane, it is hard to keep up with everything. So much I want to say but I have no energy at all. Getting the staples out only took 1/2 hour but exhausted me . It seems like just going to the bathroom and back can make me sleep for 2 hours. Poor Madison, I only have the energy to let her once a day around noon. She spends all day with me until Daddy comes home. I had to let the Home Health Aid go( a long story) so I am on my own. I manage to get diet coke or Gatorade once or twice a day
@Cairistina60 I am feeling better today. I just go day by day. The Home Health Aide is gone so I am on my own until my husband gets home. I have the dog to keep me company. The staples in my back were removed on Wednesday. I thought it would give me some relief but made it worse so back to the ice packs. Hope everything is going good for you.
Sending hugs and TLC your way, Katie.

Take care of yourself and take all the time you need to rest in between tasks. Especially now. I want you to be cautious and err on the side of resting than pushing yourself when your energy feels like it's about to fade. (In other words, do what I say, not what I've done -- to my belated regret -- a good portion of my life.)

I understand it if you have no appetite. But, I hope you are paying attention to good nutrition. It'll help your healing.

Maybe your could share this next paragraph with your husband, in case he wants to stock up on
healthy, healing snacks for you.

I needed to take my pain pills with a bit of food, so I set up a little "surgery recovery cave" near my bed, with stuff I might need in easy reach. These included: snack packs of nuts and lfruit, individually wax-enclosed mini baby belle cheeses (I think I'm messing the name up, but you've probably seen them), crackers, small cans of V-8, fruit juice boxes, nutritious energy bars (Zone, Kind, Detour -- reading the nutrition information panels carefully to make sure they're good sources of protein and not full of too much sugar and fat), liquid breakfast drinks (Ensure would work, too) with the same attention to nutrition information. A hard boiled egg or two, kept in a bowl of ice, would be good for lunch time munchies. (I also kept my medication journal, phone with charger, address book, laptop, etc.)

With loads of love and healing energy to you!
@Pescara it was so good to hear from you. You have been through so much and yet, you may not think so, you are such an inspiration to so many of us. I am so happy to hear that at 19 weeks your knee is feeling great. It gives me such hope. As for Madison, dogs adjust to us, don't they? When I need to sleep late, my Sammy sleeps in with me. They always seem to know what we need and Madison is giving you the time you need to heal.

Sammy.jpg Now, you could have my Sammy who not only steals my chair, but cuddles in my blanket because here in New Hampshire it was rainy and cold today, only 48 degress most of the day. Hopefully this made you smile.:)

Rest and relax and know we are thinking of you.
@momweb here in Florida it's raining on and off and made it more humid. Right now 48 sounds perfect. Madison is my baby girl. She is my little shadow. She was a gift from my husband on our 20th anniversary 3 years ago. I always wanted a little lap dog all my own. She is great company and doesn't argue lol
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