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Penciling in November for Right TKR


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Nov 3, 2021
United States United States
This will be my second time through this process, almost exactly two years to the day (Nov 15 2021) since my left knee. Left knee went great, so expecting (hoping?) for a similar outcome. Right knee pain has been sharper and more localized on the medial side than I remember my left knee. I've had a cortisone injection (day before Thanksgiving 2022) and gel injections (late February, early March 2023) with limited effectiveness. Many nights it bothers me to sleep. Simple things like walking the dog cause it to flare up. Riding my bicycle is fine while I'm doing it, but causes some pain afterwards. I did the Bike MS event near me a few weeks ago (75 miles day 1 / 82 miles day 2) though, with no serious lasting effects.

Planning for mid November for a variety of reasons: the holidays provide a good time for recovery due to accumulated vacation time and easier time away from the office; my insurance deductible will be met, if not my out of pocket max; somewhat of a downtime for bicycling season; out of the way of summer vacations and fall planned trips; etc.


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Sep 5, 2021
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Welcome back, @dnhTX87! Please do let us know once you have your surgery scheduled, so we can update your signature.

Even though you've been down this road before, I will share BoneSmart's helpful pre-operative guide.

Score Chart: How bad is my arthritic knee?
Choosing a surgeon and a prosthesis
Longevity of implants and revisions: How long will my new joint last?
Recovery Aids: A comprehensive list for hospital and home
Recliner Chairs: Things you need to know if buying one for your recovery
Pre-Op Interviews: What's involved?

The website and app My Knee Guide can help you stay organized and informed. The free service keeps all the information pertaining to your surgery and recovery in one place on your smartphone. It is intended to be a personal support tool for the entire process.

And if you want to picture what your life might be like with a replaced knee, take a look at the posts and threads from other BoneSmarties provided in this link:
Stories of amazing knee recoveries

So feel free to ask any questions you have about this surgery and recovery; our members will be happy to share their experiences with you.

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