PKR Patriciad Left PKR Recovery

My left knee is fantastic and I am no longer aware of the replacement.
That's awesome news! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of the future for us in the earlier stages of recovery.
Wonderful news!!! I am at 6 months and knee improving more each day. I am looking forward to being in your position when I am 10 months out. Might consider having right knee done if all come good for left PKR.
@Carol Anna - the Recovery with my PKR has definitely been more straightforward than with my Total so I am left with the takeaway that I should not have procrastinated and left the right knee to get to the state it did but addressed it sooner. Looking back I waited far too long and I’ve been told I have a high pain threshold so that didn’t help. That would be my only advice to you as you think about your other knee. Good luck with your continuing progress you’ll achieve the same in a few months more of healing.
@patriciad Very interesting to hear your progress TKR vs your PKR. My surgeon cautioned me that if I procrastinated too long I risked missing the window for a PKR when he diagnosed my right knee. Since I had great success with my left PKR, I didn't want to take that risk. The difference was that I was limping with my left knee (so no thought of procrastinating) but not yet limping with my right knee so it would have been easy to procrastinate had he not cautioned me. He didn't pressure me but missing the window worried me. Glad you are doing well.
@partialfixFeb - I was having to use shopping carts as walking aids before I had a first consultation so totally missed the boat on my right knee! I did learn from that mistake as my surgeon said the left had the beginnings of arthritis so I was much more aware going forward. When it was impacting my daily life I decided I wanted the Conformis joint for my 2nd replacement so sought out a surgeon who performed them as a 2nd opinion. I was told I was an excellent candidate for a partial. So consider myself fortunate given the results so far. You have a good surgeon who gave you good advice. Wishing you a great recovery. It’s a journey that’s for sure.

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